Dove Body Lotions

Friday, January 04, 2013

Soft and enveloping mousse for the body, for a redefined silhouette and skin hydrated. Its application smoothes the skin giving a feeling of comfort. The formula has been enriched with functional ingredients that regulate the hydration of the skin for a prolonged effect and act synergistically to activate the fragrance.

Giving harmony to the Dove body. The key is Scented Technology, discovered the unique cosmetic signed. The active firming and toning act together with the density of the texture, the color and vitality to the stimulant properties of fresh fragrance, pink and flowery to turn the application into a unique and engaging, able to make sound and energy. The mousse instantly gives a radiant, soft and smooth skin.

Soft, fresh, bubbly foam. A live product colors, the fragrance and the effect on the skin. The mousse provides an intense sensation of freshness, which gives relief to tired legs and tired. Vaporous substance, has an application lively. His writing, smooth and crisp, makes the skin fresh and relaxing spring notes which help to give an immersive experience, in all senses.

Its unique crackling action on the skin helps to stimulate the superficial microcirculation and is enriched with Scented Technology, found the cosmetic signed where the fragrance on, the effect of ice and the colors work in synergy with the ingredients vessel -protettivi to support their decongestant.

Body Scrub exercises on dry skin dermal esfoliante action that removes dead skin cells, encourages cell turnover and stimulates microcirculation surface. The convenience of its compact texture ensures a perfect adhesion to the skin, encouraging the application. In contact with water, the consistency becomes creamy to facilitate the removal of the product. Caffeine is known for its effects against cellulite, completes the treatment. The skin appears smoother and renewed, ready to receive subsequent treatments.

Specific formula for rapid absorption through active unpublished combined with Caffeine and escin improves skin microcirculation, promotes the disposal of excess fluid and reduce fatty deposits. High technology: Silhouette Design acts as a true gym non-stop acting effectively at rest and promotes the natural fat metabolism during physical activity, adapting perfectly to every lifestyle.

Intense moisturizing and nourishing body cream, special dry skin. Highly nutrient rich formula that fights skin dryness.Enriched with sweet almond oil and shea butter, place remedial action on delicate fabrics, typical of the skins dried up. The selected active also stimulates the activity of aquaporins, proteins delegated to the maintenance of proper hydration in the dermis.

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