Ishq Vishk

Ishq Vishk follows all popular Bollywood formulas and actually has no cinematic Nutrition, But he is charming, staged very entertaining and colorful 129 minutes.

Spencer College: Rajiv (Shahid Kapoor) is laughed at by the cool guys at school a virgin. He must do something and hoping for the beach house party of two school Machos Javed and Danny for his chance. But as you come merely purely with accompaniment why Rajiv and his best friend Mambo (Vishal Malhotra) almost give up hope.

Since Rajiv has still a solution: He says his childhood friend, who decried as stuffy and frigid, but very sweet Payal ( Amrita Rao ), he loved her - and because they also have long carries him in the heart, they are a pair. When she finds out that Rajiv wanted to make it with me you separate. Rajiv swears that he would soon go to the most beautiful girl in school - and prompt the rich Model Alisha love (former MTV VJ Shenaz Treasurywala) in him.

Ishq Vishk follows all popular Bollywood formulas and actually has no cinematic Nutrition, But he is charming, staged very entertaining and colorful 129 minutes. In addition, the songs complacent (VA Aankhon Ne Tumhari) and two main characters are really cute. We're talking about debutant Shahid Kapoor, the whole on the Shahrukh Khan plays splint, and Amrita Rao, who looks like a youthful Kajol.

The two are a cute couple and it's really not to feel like someone should not see right away that the two belong together. Worse Shenaz Treasurywala that is supposed to be the sexiest girl of the colleges so, has no bread to Amrita. That's bad casting. Nothing against Shenaz, but it attracts the actual logic of the film down a little if it is not the most beautiful and for the supposed "ugly duckling" a true sunshine.

A further problem is Rajiv's character: the middle of the film is from the frail, virgin Bubi a real asshole. And as if this were not enough, he is then the well-built top dancers. Just because. The Rajiv the second half is hardly more credible than shy virgin, also torpedoed the internal logic of the film. However, as mentioned at the beginning, this is ultimately secondary. The disguised morality of the film, which appear to work only in the still abundant jammed Bollywood cinema, leaves a bad taste:

Only leaves Rajiv its Payal because she does not want to kiss him, then he says to his new girlfriend, she should not Tighten so sinful. And Payal returns and says he has always been right but kiss her but does not do it. It's just a little uptight. We adopt modern, but when it really matters, you kuscht(s). But this is what makes so the certain charm of romantic comedies from Bollywood only. Would not this crash from a jammed conservatism and youthfully sexy dance and fashion deposits, a contrast to US films would no longer be determined.

So "Ishq Vishk" like many Bollywood film is as ambivalent as the (urban) Indian culture. The film-College as a microcosm in Streitfeldstra├če tradition vs. Progress, Love vs. Eroticism ... but run that would now go a little too far ... sweet movie :) Ishk Actually is a Hindi romantic film, with twist and turns that will leave you at crossroads making choices in love starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Rayo Bakhirta, Neha Ahuja, Ann Mitchai, Neha Ghelot and Siddharth Van Shipley directed by Anish Khanna and produced by Sunny Sharma.

Shankar ( Vikram Gokhale ) lives with his family in Bombay and attended his best friend Usman Nawab (Alok Nath) in Lucknow (... was shot in Hyderabad), because one of his daughters married. With in tow also Shankar's rebellious son Arjun is ( Dino Morea ). The fallen head over heels for the beautiful Khusboo ( Bipasha Basu ), without realizing that it is Usmans daughter! The two begin to flirt, but then suffers Arjuns father kidney damage. He survived only because Usman donates a kidney. This brings the friends even closer together and for Arjun is clear, he has to break off the relationship with Khusboo. Finally, he is Hindu and Muslim.

This could lead to a dispute between the fathers, which he did not want to risk only. He owes both too much. So he dismisses the unsuspecting Khusboo. Instead it easy to tell what's going on - and so to shorten the movie a massive ...

"Ishq Hai Tumse" is perhaps the first film with more organ failure as marriages. That says enough about already made, as designed, the film is constructed. At every possible opportunity someone fails an important organ, all run to the hospital and build the next dilemma for the actor to. What a stupid concept. But innovation or intelligence is not Ishq Hai Tumse's thickness. The film by G. Krishna takes the story of Hum Hain Koun Aapke , spices it up with a lot of credibility, a few sung references DDLJ and much bad music. Yes, the most rotten in the already not very successful film are the songs.

The first, "air de Gayee", filmed in Austria (as far as I could tell), is rustling of the most boring way, which was also filmed hideous. Bad start. It continues with the moderately danced and sung "Ishq hai zindagi" who has at least a decent rhythm. "Chaahat ki Khusboo" is quite sensual, "O Soniya" in Austria is consistently mediocre. And "Dil dil" is simply dull. With these numbers, the film brings really no point.

Not even when the actors. I like Dino, I like Bipasha - and they had in Raaz good chemistry. But in this third collaboration the spark does not jump. The two are like blocks of ice and also when it comes to erotic this time is non-existent. Perhaps this is the far-fetched stumbling blocks in their relationship never really blossoming. Bipasha is moderate and Dino is really good, as long as he does not have to respond. Acting is not just from act itself but also from re act. And therein Dino is a dud:

When Bipasha says something emotional, it stands there as ordered and not picked up, his arms hanging down and nervously waiting for his next line of dialogue. Real weak, Dino. Sorry.
The supporting actors are passable, but not save the work. "Ishq Hai Tumse" is just Bollywood as the retort with unmotivated actors, screenwriters and tired completely dormant composers. The one can save confidently ...

Ishq Click is an Bollywood Romantic musical drama film, starring Adhyayan Suman playing a photographer and Sara Loren his love interest directed by Anil Balani who has earlier helmed Rakht Beej and produced by Ajay Jaiswal and Satish Tripathi.

Ishq Forever a romantic film starring Krishna Chaturvedi, Ruhi Singh and Lisa Ray directed by Sanjay Dayma produced by Shabbir Boxwalla, Ajay Shah, Harry Gandhi.

Lisa Ray is descent Indian and Polish. She finished high school in Canada with suction to specialize in Journalism at the University when he received a proposal for a fashion magazine that he loved as a model, and ended up on the cover. This catapulted to instant celebrity status. The high profile of his career was observed by Indian filmmakers, but she refused many offers until the film Kasoor (2001) received a considerable amount of attention.

The Indian-Canadian cross director Deepa Mehta saw her participation in the cast of the romantic comedy Bollywood / Hollywood (2002), which became a big hit in Canada. He later moved to London to study acting and concentrate on a serious career in the performing arts. After graduating from drama school she met with Deepa Mehta, with whom she worked in the film Water (2005). In 2009 she presented the movie Water and The world unseen, screened at the prestigious festival of India, which runs from November 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lisa was well received, both by his followers as the local public.

In 2007 she starred lesbian themed movie I Can not Think Straight in which partners with Sheetal Sheth actress with whom he had also made ​​a couple in the movie The world unseen.

In 2009 they detected a serious efermedad, multiple myeloma, a form of cancer that attacks the bone marrow. Far from being depressed, Lisa has taken this as a challenge, a battle in which he is willing to use all the resources that may be available to them to exit gracefully. In that sense Lisa decided to open a blog that tells how was the experience with this disease.

Ishq Ke Parindey- Love Surpasses All Borders, a love story based on the Indo-Pak conflict, is a Hindi film starring Rishi Verma, Priyanka Mehta, Manjul Aazad, Yasir Iftikhar Khan, and Monisha Rai.

Ishq Wala Love is a Indian coming of age romantic love story directed by Renu Desai starring actors Adinath Kothare and Sulagna Panigrahi.

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