Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

What news guys, that news. Quentin Tarantino did a double confession in these last hours. After confirming that his next film as director will Hateful The Eight, second in a row after western Django, the two time Oscar winner has announced that in 2015 will finally come out in the hall version of Kill Bill. The real one, free of cutouts desired imposed by Weinstein and initially conceived as a single long and wonderful film for nearly 5 hours.

Among the parts cut off from the version then landed in the room there is above all a crazy sequence souls entitled The Whole Bloody Affair, which Tarantino himself did not live to see realized. A block all the IG, the Japanese studio that gave birth to Ghost In The Shell, convinced that 30 minutes in the heart of the animated film would be absurd. Time for its implementation, among other things, right there was none.

Less than enthusiastic Tarantino swallowed the bitter pill and let it go, only to find to his amazement that the IG had worked in the short 30 minutes, without even having been commissioned by the director. The result is simply crazy , now says Tarantino, both from having taken the unprecedented decision to bring in the lounge version of 'whole' Kill Bill theaters around the world. With an output limited, of course, but enhanced by this The Whole Bloody Affair , new set of facts.

In Kill Bill - Volume 1, among other things, there was already space for a mini souls inside. In Chapter 3 The origins of O-Ren , to be reviewed with eyes full of wonder and amazement at the head of the post. The two parts of Kill Bill, exits in 2003 and 2004, respectively cashed 180,949,045 152,159,461 dollars and dollars, even without getting an Oscar nomination. When you say the scandalous oversights Academy.

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