Accidental Spelunking

Endless run like rain on the App Store, but the important thing is to try to offer different solutions to not make the formula too boring and monotonous. He tried  Oooweeooo Inc., developer of Accidental spelunking, the sad story of a digger who suddenly finds himself separated from his rope and forced to fall in the mine where he worked. An accident which for us is transformed into a real purpose and goal: to get as deep as possible in our tunnel.

Accidental Spelunking is an endless run on the contrary, neither goes in side scrolling, nor forward, but in depth, towards the center of the earth, going down more and more. To help us make it simple and the operation should be gravity, that no matter how strong can not tackle the obstacles that we will find our way. The whole descent is governed by our accelerometer, with the movement, which can be between left and right swinging through our smartphones. Along the way, as mentioned, you will find many obstacles that prevent us from proceeding rapidly toward our highest score: wooden planks, which will be destroyed when we battle against, but will slow down the path anyway. On the sides, then you will find the stones that come out, forcing you to slip on them or move promptly, and even wooden board and the like.

Bumping into obstacles not result in death, but the incentive and the speeds, because your adventure will end when you'll end up out of the screen, which will continue its inexorable downward path. Needless to say, then, when in advancing the descent of your route will speed up and you battle against obstacles, defeat is just around the corner. It does not end here, however, because on the one hand, this description may make simplistic adventure and experience, it is not so: Accidental Spelunking is a title that lets you play in the dark, with a glimmer of light that comes out of your bob and then illuminates only the area around you. Obstacles, in short, you will not see, except when you'll be close, so it's up to you to be timely to move and swing your iPhone.

During your descent you'll need to find coins, currency more consumable Accidental spelunking, gems, which represent the real quid pluris experience, and treasure chests, which contain additional coins. Speaking of gems, these - as you might guess - representing the element that can be purchased via in-app purchase: 5 gems you'll find them at $ 1.79 the title is completely Americanized and the package more full-bodied, 750-gems , will come to $ 49.99. With gems, as happens in every pay for win, you can avoid the consumption of money, so as to obtain the upgrade more quickly, but expensive. 

The shop provides you with the upgrade of the accessories: it is to enhance the light around you, as well as the duration of the digger. The latter is nothing more than the prize for having traveled a certain amount of road: it will be activated automatically and will allow you to drill anything you'll find on your way, speeding up your race and eliminating the need to be blocked by obstacles scattered throughout the mine. In addition to the drill will also find other accessories that will enhance your experience, as well as the torch that will light up all around for a few seconds, so you can have an overview of where you are going and where you will run into. Same thing goes for the magnets that attract coins and others.

In addition to enhancing the tools, you can also buy new characters: there are 20 in total, from the classics to the most diverse as the Ninja, Zombie, Superman and the Robot. Some of them can be purchased exclusively by mixing gems such as coins, thus forcing you to buy the raw material. It goes without saying that a character is a habit, because it does not change anything to the gameplay, so it's easily avoidable. Finally, you can also buy the accessories for your descent, among them the magnet to attract coins more easily, as you will lose a lot in the dark, or even the anchors that will accelerate your path.

Accidental spelunking obviously supports Game Center for the sharing of results and rankings among all your friends and players in the world, so that you can compare at all times and accept and issue challenges of all sorts. We also note, however, a lack of commitment from the technical point of view: the entire title looks very cheap and poorly designed approximate. Although it may be entirely in the dark, the details are too blunt, as the impacts are realistic and relevant. Definitely a work of revision would be good for the whole development, so as not to deliver something that reveals improvisation.

Accidental Spelunking is available free for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

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