3G Bracelet

The terror of all parents to lose sight of the children in large spaces, will be solved by technology. For parents more apprehensive you are receiving a bracelet with GPS, Wifi and 3G connection at any time to find out where they are and call them via phone or tablet through an app. To develop it was LG, according to which the device is also ideal for seniors. The KizON has a battery of 36 hours automatically alerts parents when it goes below 25%, is water resistant and can be customized with a variety of accessories and cartoon characters.

bracelet has a button that enables communication with a predetermined number, thus allowing children to call the parents in case of emergency. The children, as well as the elderly, the buyers are ideal for these wearable technology. The bracelets allow us to stay connected without the fear of losing or a device without having to carry a large object in his pocket.

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