The director Anil Sharma in 2001 had offered the actor Sunny Deol a makeover thanks to the huge success of Gadar. Their collaboration was continued in 2003 with the spy movie pretty average The Hero, and later hired the director's younger brother Bobby Deol in Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo. The outcome of these collaborations with the Deol family could take place by bringing together in the same film two brothers and father Dharmendra, actor-star of the 70s (Veeru in Sholay). It's done now with Apne, which wants a family entertainment which the story is set in the milieu of the sport.

Baldev Choudhary (Dharmendra), a disgraced former boxer and marked for life by the workings of the sports business, would like to take revenge against the world of boxing by training a colt for the championship and thus bring to the world championships. But it abandoned at the last minute to work with a prestigious coach. To wash this new humiliation that would require one of the two son of Baldev (Sunny and Bobby Deol) agrees to step into the ring, but the trainer was also somewhat failed in his role as head of the family ...

The year 2007 marks the return of Punjabi actors in Bollywood: Govinda with Salaam-E-Ishq and Partner , Akshay Kumar with a series of hit comedies. The sports drama Apne stimulus and the career of one of the most famous families Bollywood originally from Punjab, the Deol, it is even the first time gathered at the father and son both screen in a film combining judiciously family melodrama and action.

It is certain that the interest is not to be found in the script, clearly inspired by the series of Rocky and its clich├ęs (nationalism exaltation of family values, sport as a means of rising in society and win or regain its dignity). But as a good Rocky, the film functions as kind of film action movie star Sunny Deol, worthy Indian equivalent of Sylvester Stallone, gives without counting in the rugged boxing scenes, very successful, and his book best performance since the 90s, while the imposing Dharmendra, pillar of the film is very touching in bruised man.

This really is the latter that is the soul of the film, both moving and passionate. As for the sickly Bobby Deol, he has not any credibility in the ring with a world champion black American heavyweight, but it becomes endearing scenes in bringing together the three family members, which include time strengths of this naive and poignant melodrama.

As often in the films of macho men Deol, female characters are back here in roles of weeping women who have nothing to envy to the character of Adrian in Rocky , and we will retain only the small part of the beautiful Shilpa Shetty, which continues its strong year after his victory in the British game show Celebrity Big Brother and the beautiful choral film Life In A ... Metro , already with Dharmendra.

On the production side, the film is a quality product. Kabir Lal photography wonders, like the good old days ( Pardes and Taal ) with vibrant colors and careful lighting. The Punjab sets are really pleasant, spaces devoted to boxing (ring, training room ...) are more credible. Reshamiyaa Himesh's music is not one of the strengths of the film. If the title track is very nice, the rest is forgotten shortly after viewing the film. In addition, the choreography is rather simplistic and uninspired.

Apne is an effective melodrama in background boxing. It's very commercial Hindi cinema with his length and his good feelings, but it's still fun to finally see the Deol in a touching family film, enshrining the comeback (at least at the box office) of a legend of Bollywood, Dharmendra, which is found a few months later in the thriller Johnny Gaddaar .


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