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Dear brides, we have suggested in recent years every detail to make your wedding unique and especially very glam. We thought about the dress, we have proposed the flower crowns for the hairstyle, the timeless red, black and white combinations, how to set the location and lots of ideas, but we have devoted little space to makeup for the bride!

Indeed every bride does want is to appear impeccable at all times and therefore in each photograph of her marriage. And those of you who want to have a radiant smile that accompanies the permanent perhaps with a long-lasting lipstick in this special wedding day. As you can see, today we talk about beauty and how to create a perfect makeup, even homemade.

Again, our brides can choose according to their tastes or personality and, in particular, adapting to the style of wedding you have chosen. Generally recommend a makeup artist makeup simple, clean and delicate, the most suitable brides and romantic country, to enhance the features and soft pink tones, so we use an opaque powder, a rosy blush and a layer of mascara strictly waterproof, to draw in the eye.

If you love vintage style, breaking the traditional mold of etiquette that want the bride au naturel, without excesses eyeliner, strong tones and brighter, lipstick from red to pink to orange, are the must-haves of this marriage.

This makeup is very simple, but effective: a thread of eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick, do not overdo it. You get a clean style, very elegant and at the same time very trendy.

If you do not want to do less of eyeshadow, we always recommend warm colors for a country-chic style, neutral colors for a romantic wedding colors and high style for tropical. Of course, the colors will be chosen according to your complexion and eye color.

If you opt for a DIY make-up, the necessary steps are the classics: moisturize, the indispensable base with primer, a layer of concealer and you are ready to give expression to your personality. Eye shadow, blush and lipstick to feature your bridal style!


You have always known marriage is important not only intrinsically but also formally, and you want that the two to go hand in hand. Nothing extravagant weddings or alternative marriage for you to be the epitome of elegance. The planning of a wedding elegant takes time and attention to detail. Do you wish your wedding to take place in an impeccable manner revealing the harmonious union of your couple?

All of these ideas for decorating a match particularly well to the theme of cozy and zen marriage. There are several styles that can distinguish your wedding, from the most casual to the more traditional ones. Here we have some ideas for the organization of an elegant wedding.

The choice of location for a classy and elegant wedding, is nothing better than the choice of a castle, which is ideal to start your life together in a fairytale and dream. But you can also opt for the less exclusive locations but just as beautiful and elegant as the villas of which our country is rich. If the weather permits, organize the reception in the park or in the garden under the beautiful marquees and with a setting appropriate for the occasion, able to create elegant and refined ambience. Satin and organza are among the leading elements.

Flowers galore and vintage atmosphere, both in the look of the couple in the decorations, are the highlights of a wedding joyful that are expressed, first, in the radiance of the young couple. Have a wide range of flowers for an elegant wedding . Hard not to think immediately rose, a flower that naturally associate with elegance, classicism and romanticism, in shades ranging from white to red. Beautiful flowers with a touch of class unmatched are also calla lillies, as well as orchids and Anthurium.

Catering and photographer: Leave the field to the experts and there are certain aspects that can not be left in the hands of non-professionals and which in this case just can not improvise. Catering service must be excellent in this area and are not allowed any half-measures. An elegant wedding must also be from the point of view of quality, and catering has to be at your best.

The photographer must be a professional, no one as he or she will in fact be able to understand and make the most of those details that will be the sum of your wedding. This is not the occasion to leave the field to the friends who, although talented, will not return the refinement of the details.

The choice of the groom does not have to wear the tight, one broken or a complete tailoring will be perfectly suited to the occasion. For the bride, the choice is as wide as ever. The dress is sure to be refined. It is not necessary to have a basic style and minimalist, even the most romantic models , large and fluffy, they will be perfectly suited to the occasion. For your set, choose a wedding dress of princess style, which will create a bow at the waist. In a round bouquet that will match the shape of which will come from armor and metal in which the stems of the flowers will be masked by a coating of paper or a fabric of your choice.

For flowers, opt for roses by the great meaty buds that can match the beads. For the hairstyle, choose a romantic wide-brimmed hat! The most suitable colors for an elegant wedding are definitely gold, red, champagne and ivory. The beauty is to be implied, sophisticated and understated. The colors must be delicate. Although silver is a good ally. If you want to be more daring, think about the combination of the colors red and white, you will be surprised with the result.

A new paradigm of elegance, is do it yourself, which is not necessarily precluded in an elegant wedding. If you get married in the winter and you are passionate about the craft you can think of as to create centerpieces using materials as the pine cones, and candles for a centerpiece chic and recyclable.

Among the essential elements elegant, the candy bar, which confirms the trend for the next year. They are more and more frequently the suppliers that offer it already perfectly structured or contain one part of customization that will adapt perfectly to the themes and colors of the wedding.

But simplicity does not mean superficiality, on the contrary the attention to detail should be meticulous even as regards the reception. The classic dining room with guests seated a little 'rigidly will be replaced by a picnic or a brunch for consumption on the lawn, in the garden, on a beautiful day in late spring or early summer, in the shade of trees.

The round shape represents stability and eternity. In Asian cultures, in particular, the circle represents the continuous cycle of life, and symbolizes the union that is created with the bond of marriage and the romantic promise of eternal love. On the other hand, it is undeniable that round shapes are aesthetically beautiful and relaxing, and visually convey a feeling of harmony and perfection.

To decorate the room in which they held the ceremony and reception, can not miss the balloons in pastel colors. These accessories will also be useful when it is time to move on to the photographs with your guests. For the ceiling or outdoor spaces, think of Japanese paper lanterns in pastel colors, and the economic well-defined style. Cover the ceiling with curtains, they'll postpone the shape of the clouds, giving the room a dreamlike atmosphere. For tables, use tablecloths decorated with some cheerleaders.

The tables will be round of course, the symbol par excellence of peace and equality. On these, you will have the dishes that will also obviously round. Inevitable round napkin rings, napkins that will give a cylindrical shape. Even within the plates continue with the round shape. For refreshment, think of appetizers to serve over slices of bread round in shape, with cherry tomatoes and olives for a Mediterranean wedding. If you want to be more exotic, why not think of a sushi buffet? Do not forget to provide your guests some small round loaves. For dessert, expect even small macaron or pop cakes.

In the floor of the tables you can write the name of the guests in a beautiful soft handwriting on the paper circles that reproduce the shape of your tables. Do the same thing for the menu and for invitations to the wedding: you can stack the paper circles of different colors and sizes to create a surprise effect. You can also use the concept of the round to give their names to the various capacities.

For the centerpiece, it goes without saying that you will have to create a harmonious composition. You can opt for a tree of red roses, for vessels arranged in a semicircle, or, even more original idea, choose an aquarium with goldfish. You will then have the small round candles everywhere, such as those for food warmers, thus helping to create an intimate ambience.

The weddings in autumn are languid and embellished by the warm colors of this season. A bride autumn will have a proper dress and a bouquet theme. A bouquet of flowers is not mere decoration but a necessary accessory for the bride, which it supplements with the choice set. The colors of autumn inspired this article, which we hope may be useful in choosing the bouquet which will take you to the altar. autumn bouquet to talk about we have selected a color palette for inspiration but there are countless possible combinations.

You have decided that the fall season will frame the most beautiful day of your life? It is a time of year very generous, and inspiring, with its atmosphere that invites meditation and the heat of flaming colors almost make up for a season that will become increasingly cold. Autumn is a theme that can be declined in several ways, from the location to get to the bouquet , the decorations, the thoughts for the guests.

Provide a location that is in close contact with nature, with trees, vines, apples, chestnuts, colorful leaves, the colors in shades of yellow, orange, brown. Why not organize the reception in a castle in the vineyards, or at least in a place surrounded by nature, which take advantage of the gorgeous colors of the season.

If you get married in the fall, started to think about the color palette that you can use. You can choose from a variety of wonderful hues, like that of the leaves: red, orange, gold, rust, burgundy, brown in all its shades and yellow. An interesting pairing for this season is the brown and orange , two colors that seem meant to be together. For tablecloths and napkins, avoid pure white, and rather prefer the shades of ivory, champagne, off-white and cream. Unless you opt for a theme 'Halloween', in which case it will be strictly orange tablecloths.

Among the flowers of the season we have the aster, the sedum, the sunflowers , buttercups and chrysanthemums theoretically, the spectacular flowers but in the West are accustomed to associate with recurrences of a different kind! But you can orient yourselves on other flowers that reflect the colors of the season, the colors are not bright.

Take, for example some roses bloom in autumn, the street from the beautiful orange or chocolate, or red. No colors or flowers typical of the spring, then, but rather to get our bearings hydrangeas, autumn pass in pastel shades to the more burnished. The bouquet can tune in to the season, with hydrangeas, ranunculus, roses, orchids and calla lilies.

A decorative element where pumpkins are certainly not deprive yourself: there are of all shapes and different colors, from orange to brown through green. Use them to decorate the reception hall . You can also make compositions using sprigs of curly chestnut with open leaves, which are showing chestnuts. And yet, the bunches of grapes placed in strategic places will enrich the atmosphere with a touch of the season. If you have a buffet, think about coordinate things with the caterer so that they use the big orange pumpkins as containers for the classic pumpkin risotto. Still pumpkins for the children's corner, decorated, carved and lit from the inside to make the lanterns in Halloween style.

Decorations in the spirit of the autumnal theme, this season of transition between summer and winter can be taken even for those present to guests. The bags or boxes sugared almonds will have the colors of your decorations: orange, red, or brown. Decorate them taking up the theme - or the shape of the leaves, or just with ribbons the color of your wedding. Another possibility is that will no doubt be welcome to offer their jars of honey or organic jams, they also decorated simply with the same tapes. There is no end to the ideas to be exploited for decorations wedding in the fall . Have fun to find them, and to match you with the beautiful colors that characterize this season.

Purple, dark red and green . For an elegant fall wedding, purple calla choose to combine with a dark red roses. Red hypericum berries complement this voluptuous bouquet.

Orange, peach and green . An idea for the bouquet but also for the bouttonnière groom: wildflowers peach hypericum berries combined with orange. This classic autumn color can well with the brown and be taken up in some decorations.

Red-orange, brown and green. Lilium street or nuanced about these colors, from short stalks, in order to obtain as small bouquet trend, and bouquets tied together by brown ribbons will be perfect accessories for dress teal or played on this pitch. A bouquet on fire to dissolve the transparency of the water.

Orange, blue and white. For a bouquet that bathes in these shades can inspire the leaves of autumn, which will also be incorporated in the decoration of the tables , along with blue berries and roses of the same color. A decidedly chic imprint on which also the theme of the wedding.

Yellow, orange and pink. An explosion of color with the complicity of roses, lilies, wildflowers, and hypericum berries in season (clear yellow or orange). The bride does not have to give up the autumn colors and the flowers can color her wedding.

Orange, yellow and red. More soft and refined, the deck will consist of dahlias (orange and yellow) and green gladioli, bound together. This color scheme can be completed with matching or contrasting bows: a combination of classic shades of autumn.

Pale orange, light green, purple . To achieve this effect of color "light" put together pale orange roses and add clumps of purple hydrangeas. The delicate bouquet for a bride who dreams of a fairytale wedding!

Orange and yellow. Dahlias generously open their petals nuanced shades from orange to yellow, paired with joyful gladioli. Echinacea as thread and ribbons around the stems that reflect the colors of the flowers. Well with a country chic bridal look .

Passionate red. For the passionate mono color suggest the red rose, the symbol of passion ignited, while for the most romantic bouquet monochrome can be composed of delicate tea roses. In the two cases prevails the strong character of a single type of flower.

All shades of red. From magenta to wine, the flowers that can be used in these warm colors of autumn are the calla lilies, dahlias, orchids, made ​​with eucalyptus branches and ferns. Perfect bouquet for a wedding theme by woodland.

Magenta. Are many brides fan of this color, which use not only in the bouquet, but also for the decorations. For a nice magenta dahlia that we would end for an alternative, it can also be pink, white, yellow, orange and purple.

Yellow gold and pink peach. The colorful bouquet of roses this year ethers are softened by broche gold. Pink fishing for a romantic bouquet of roses in the middle and a brooch in gold (or silver), delicate and refined gold for the tapes. The bouquet for the bride princess dress frock is ready!

There are many elements that come into play when choosing the bridal bouquet: personal preferences, the type of dress and its color, and why not, even the language of flowers. Everything you need to know to choose the right one. If you do not already have a particular fondness for some kind of flower are you sure that you want in your bouquet, its composition can be guided by the view, from sense of smell, but also the meaning of flowers.

The view will prompt you to search for combinations of shapes and colors that you like, smell, an element not insignificant, you will be accompanied by a fragrance that maybe you love forever, and finally, the meaning will allow you to leave a message at a level not apparent but deep. We know that the bouquet should be the ultimate gift of her boyfriend to his girlfriend before it becomes his bride, but because his choice is closely linked to wedding dress, which in no way will have to see the groom before the wedding day, there We strongly recommend you to take care of his selection and directly involve the lucky groom only in the final stage!

The bouquet, as well as being one of the most beautiful objects that you happen to handle in life, it is also a work that has been designed and composed specifically for you, a harmony of flowers that you will take with you throughout the day. It is an unique and valuable.

You are not passionate about plants and flowers, and of course you can recognize roses and sunflowers, but if you speak of peonies, lilies of street or go into confusion? Do not worry, here you will find the first indications useful to get closer to the subject and to understand what kind of bouquet is best suited to you and your clothes.

Obviously it is the bouquet that must tune in to the dress and not vice versa as well as is the rule of compensation. A simple cut dress will fit well with a bouquet of sophisticated touches of vibrant color, while in a wedding dress very elaborate or colorful bouquet will agree more easily on a more sober, maybe even one color. Just because the bouquet will strongly depend on the style, the shape and details of the dress, remember to bring with you a picture of her when you will go by the florist for the first suggestions.

Know that a very large bouquet could weigh you down. And it is best to avoid the cascade bouquet if you are not particularly high. And yet, nothing cascade bouquet if the bottom of your dress is the item of greatest impact. However, if you have a dress with a long train , then you can decide to put emphasis on the front choosing a bouquet effect more apparent. One last tip, do not ever hide the waist, the narrowest point of your silhouette: Make sure that the bouquet is therefore much smaller than your waistline.

Flowers, floral arrangements, decorations are the scenery in every self-respecting marriage, giving to churches and town halls a magical and romantic. Very important for the success of a wedding preparation is choosing the most suitable flowers depending on the season : the theme of the wedding and the fantasy of a good florist will do the rest. Look at the collections and find the decorations that best suits your wedding taking into account that flowers and floral arrangements are critical to determine the style of your wedding.

You surely remember the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, well, her bouquet was compact and small in size, and consists of lilies of the valley (to signify the return of happiness), hyacinth (loyalty in love), carnation (symbol of courage and value), ivy (fidelity) and myrtle, the symbol of marriage and love. If you want to emphasize your femininity choose calla lilies or orchids, which are, and if you want to highlight your sincerity, the flower will be suitable for the azalea, while the gardenia denotes joy and sincerity. If you like sunflowers , no problem to use them, since the effect of joyful mirth that give the floral arrangements. Be aware, however, that as they move to follow the sun's course, changing their position according to convenience, represent the falsity!

Avoid flowers that may have an unpleasant odor, such as daisies or some types of lily. Also avoid very delicate flowers, such as tulips in summer. Keep in mind that the bouquet then I'll often held in the hand during this wonderful day and it is therefore preferable that it is not too demanding in terms of size, it is easy to carry, so as not to unnecessarily strain the bride, and it is also resistant, in order to be kept beautiful at least until the end of the day. Although there even bouquets can be made ​​to influence the mode transient, a bouquet successful there will always be one that overshadows, that does not hide the silhouette of the garment and not break the harmony.

On the big day, you want an immaculate whiteness for the decorations? You will find here some ideas for decorations both traditional and original for a marriage marked by white color. White is unquestionably the dominant color of the wedding . Rare are those in which, sooner or later, this color does not appear. But if you want to play with the total look and you are planning a wedding in white, here are some ideas for you to accessories and decorations, from the most classical to the most original!

If you want a totally white wedding you will have to pay the utmost attention to detail. The flagship of the groom, the bride's car, the bouquet , the shoes, the flowers in your hair. It will be all white. With regard to the place of receipt, the goal is to ensure that guests have immediately a feeling of innocence, since the moment will make their entrance hall.

Decorate the chairs with the white chair covers or backs decorated with ribbons, always and only white. Choose white tablecloths. You can use as centerpieces of glass vases containing bouquets of white flowers. The walls and ceilings do not have to forget to decorate them. Of the large white curtains give you a heavenly dimension to the room of reception, and your guests feel like they are in a paradisiacal! Gifts for the wedding guests the same rule applies: Make the right choice then! If you have not provided the confetti, choose them white, and, where possible, apply the same principle by ensuring that this color domains unchallenged.

Delicate, feminine, vintage are some of the adjectives that could define the shabby chic style. For this reason, it is not surprising that, little by little, this you are converting the preferred style of romantic brides. Some claim that the first time you heard of this style was the work of Marie-Antoinette, and later, it was the British who adopted it to decorate their houses campaigns. If you like the shabby chic atmosphere typical of languor, we give you some keys to interpret it to the fullest.

Try to Grandma's house, in the attic, flea markets and antique shops. Definitely do not miss a whole range of cups, teapots, sugar bowls, milk jugs ceramic delicate. The pieces do not necessarily have to be part of the same set, indeed! The cups will be mismatched delicious and highly effective. You can use them as centerpieces by filling them with flowers or can be used together to decorate a particular corner of the wedding where is the book of signatures or the plan for the accommodation of the guests.

The color range of this type of decoration is usually very delicate. Choose colors powder, such as pale pink, sky blue, light mauve, cream tones, peach and mint. Old books as decoration can offer many ideas. They are perfect to decorate tables or as points of call in different corners of the reception room. From distributing a little everywhere. Choose those made ​​in crochet cream-colored or white and the "flavor" definitely romantic and vintage and not be afraid in profusion. Display on the boards of the banquet, the signatures on the table or on the gifts for the guests.

Put a bike in your wedding, look for one that is old-fashioned and very feminine. The ideal is to have a beautiful basket that can be filled with flowers. Use it to decorate a corner of the wedding as original or expedient for the photocall. In this type of wedding flowers play a very important role. Forget the saying "too much of a good thing" and fill every corner of flowers. Ask the florist that the compositions are very romantic and tone fané. Hydrangeas, peonies and dahlias will be among your favorites.

The choice of the theme of marriage is not mandatory, but if you are one of those couples who are looking for the common thread for their wedding, here are hot topics for 2014.

The theme of the wedding is the idea which he finds himself in full or in part in the various moments that characterize the path bed. This can only refer to the look of the spouses or the ornaments and decorations in the church, or even the layout of the reception or all of these elements together. Whilst it is true that many themes are repeated over the years - there is no real and proper fashion or an expiration date - it is also true that every year you see new ideas or to bet on some of the issues already known, this varies, among other things, depending on what you see in fashion runways bride.

Today we present a selection of themes in vogue in 2014, and we present our favorites.

1. Vintage. We were surprised too! Yet the vintage is still with us, as early as last year and the previous one. The principle is to add objects to the old wedding decorations, and this year, do so in tone with the colors of the new paddle like teal or beige. Old frames, bags, cages and lace for the dress of the bride are all welcome elements in this theme.

2. Neo hippies. In France they call them again the "bobo" and young couples who are inspired by the spirit of the hippies of the 60s or 70s, transported to the present day. The elements are: wreaths of fresh flowers in the hair of the bride; field flowers for the bouquet, wedding floral elements acting within; decorations "nature" and American cakes .

3. Rustic. The inspiration here comes from nature: vases with branches, pots of all sizes with flowers, ornaments declined in the natural elements of the place of receipt (if it takes place outside). So it will be mother nature to give you the details on to choose and make the best, just look around.

4. Neutral and ethereal. It sounds very simple, but in reality, to match with taste and originality of the elements is not always so simple. This theme is well suited to autumn eai first few months of winter. The colors to use for decorations are the beige, the brown color of the tobacco, combined with those of nature in the current season: orange, garnet, green leaf.

5. Bright and bubbly. It focuses on shades of pink tea and presents at various points rhinestones and pearls, the dress or shoes. Pearls for the bouquet and antique brooches to pin to the hair. The rhinestones in shades of gold or silver can also find themselves in the decoration of the tables in the investments and gifts from guests.

6. Colors Pop. The "all-color" is a bold choice, especially when, as in this case, it is brightly colored and determined. They will be very trendy in 2014, the bright colors of candy applied to the decoration of the room, to gifts for the invite, the flowers, the colored balloons to be used in the hall of reception, the bridesmaids' dresses and bouquets.

7. Garden. It will be another hit of the wedding 2014: to celebrate and celebrate the wedding in the backyard (if you have one!). Well-being, therefore, all references to the fruit, the flowers, the grass you can imagine to integrate in ' dress and decorations.

8. Hollywood & Bollywood. Put an imprint of Hollywood in your wedding is to think of something spectacular arrival by carriage to the church for the bride; fireworks in the highlights or launch into the air than a thousand Chinese lanterns, decorations and investments particularly gorgeous.

Choose carefully your details, and fully enjoy the day that you organized. It'll be a wedding full of excitement, joy and happiness, so many magical moments that will live together with your family and your closest friends.

Because your wedding day reflects the style that the bride and groom have decided and gifts to all emotions and a pleasant memory, the choice of a theme is essential. Not always, however, you can easily find the right one and especially finding suitable combinations we help you find the inspiration and to combine the different elements.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from feelings, emotions and moods . So the idea of a wedding theme can come from a jewel that has a meaning, to read a book that has touched us, from a fruit that reminds us of childhood. From these ideas we started to suggest three décor for the big day .

Inspiration + Jade Turquoise. Two stones color of the sea for free spirits and adventurous. Both favor the matrimonial harmony.

Inspiration Jane Austen. For the incurable romantic, intellectual, educated, full of grace, but also ironic and sometimes unscrupulous.

Inspiration cherries for breakfast. For the girl who is in each of us, who still bears the cherries ear, who loves fairy tales. And who will live happily ever after. Sometimes the inspiration comes from feelings, emotions and moods. So the idea of a wedding theme can come from a jewel that has a meaning, to read a book that has touched us, from a fruit that reminds us of childhood.

Two stones, or rather two talismans that, combined, reflect the nuances of the waves and, worn, protecting the conjugal love.  According to the Chinese medicine, jade, in particular, is related to the 4th chakra, the heart. Confucius said that jade possessed eleven virtues, including benevolence, sincerity and loyalty. What's better, then, to exchange wedding rings of jade?

Turquoise, however, facilitates communication at the expense of conflicts, thus helps understanding between husband and wife, and promotes harmony in the couple. Choose this theme if you and your future husband are free spirits, if you love the sea in all its nuances, if you do not let it affect the mode, if in addition to their new life together, start a career (the turquoise also protects the business and is said to bring money). If you are not afraid to discuss in order to attain true harmony.

To say yes it takes a moment. It is after that it gets long. Because, in short order, you have to focus on: the guests, flowers, location, location two if one is already booked, bouquet , invitations, dress. Women, or rather, most of the women dream of marriage. Always. And there's nothing wrong with admitting it. On the other hand it is the detail that makes the difference, like saying the devil is in the detail.

The life of a couple is not something already pre-packaged, but that requires a constant construction and patience, by both experimenting with the difficulties and sometimes failure where love is not only a relationship but is an attitude, an orientation of character. A relationship can be a source of the greatest joy and also the deepest pain. Often, it begins with passion, enthusiasm, closeness and friendship that can quickly degenerate into a relationship where there is distance, anger and indifference.

Being with means to seek together, plan together, and choose together where a husband loves his wife not in place when he thinks of his wife, but when he thinks with his wife, decides with his wife, and walks abreast of his wife and vice versa. We live in an era of changing social and cultural upheavals. On the one hand there is a need to capture the floating nodes of this reality, and on the other it seems so fragmented and confused so as to discourage the commitment associated to deal with it.

Anyone can fall in love, but staying in love requires a constant effort and awareness. Preserving the intimacy, addressing the major changes of life, maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship, dealing with the education of children requires attention, commitment and assertive communication. My relationship with my other half began with a meeting, a look, a smile, a word. After the first moments, she made the experience of being alive well together, which occurred more intensely with the anxiety of waiting, the joy of meeting, the beauty of being in two.

We develop a feeling of attraction that makes us happy, mutually different from other friends, so we want to be alone, talk to communicate, express our fondness even with gestures than with others we would not. Little by little we realize what we are comfortable with, and gradually feel interested in each other and then we get ready to reveal something of ourselves on to the thought of marriage that is a vocation, a task, a mission.

At each stage there are challenges to overcome where life is made up of attachments and separations, where alliances are often fragile, especially when working with the "we" rather than with the '"I" which is crucial, when physical intimacy, relationships within and outside the family, and even simple daily activities are significantly worse and the difficulties seem insurmountable.

The fear of falling is a completely indefinable phenomenon, not translatable in precise terms, and words can express only the effects for it becomes something uncontrollable, spontaneous that channels all mental activities as we aim to break the closed system of our own individual personalities, getting used to the subject to make decisions, to plan, to think and feel, keeping in mind the other personality, aspirations, interests and needs.

Gradually emerges a new reality, the us, the couple. As we know better, we start participating in each other's inner world of our own feelings, so that life everyday becomes more meaningful. It’s a joyful choice, exciting, but also hard and here is the richness of the meeting. We must respect the personality of each other and help each other realize the inner self.

The relationship becomes a choice to be together, to walk, to build a new reality. It is love to offer and the willingness to give oneself to the other, with the obligation of mutual fidelity with the transition to stability of everyday life, to love as a lifestyle choice. All this passes through some moments of growth, which is hearing the conquest of some stages. The overcoming of our positions, our ways of thinking, acting, represents the first concrete step to reach out to each other.

Untying the autonomy from our families of origin, by rules, the manner and customs that apply in it, is a decisive step for the constitution and we live and have to create our own rules, rules that are both recognized and declared by both of us and not taken for granted, which is necessary for us to define and experiment with the basic rules of our relationship, while leaving no stone unturned for improvisation.

Alongside the rules we have of our respective roles and building our own common ground, where everything becomes heritage for both, then the projects, aspirations, actions, choices that characterize us that become a fundamental part of us with constant attention to each other, and before anything else, respect for self and the other, of what we are and not as we would like, of what was and what it is that is an estimate of self and the other, having confidence in our own and the others potential while accepting and agreeing to everything that constitutes the personal assets of both.

The realism of our own and the others ability, calling by name the merits and defects and the transparency in showing in truth, having the courage to tell the other our deep feelings, the wonder of the other as it is, everyday discovering the good side, rejoicing and marvelling at these constant discoveries that revitalize the relationship with the free gift in being continuous and constant to another, showing a willingness to help true and disinterested.

We constantly have to identify, understand and resolve conflicts and improve our connection with mutual respect, resolve unhealthy and destructive patterns, remove the faults without hurting each other, improve affection, have effective communication and resolve disputes, respect, share, cooperate, collaborate and be accountable that fosters communication and help to rediscover the romance and passion everyday.

And then it is to understand the impact of our relationship on children in an attempt to deal with their anger and the myriad of decisions that we must make, not only for our children that can radically change their lives. Even through this is fecundity, it does not end in the child because it is a call to generate a new world where differences are ignored and not grown, met and not clash, where we listen and we do not make war, and not oppress each other.

The mutual attraction moved by love and affection is a sign of a call, it is a call to care for the fate of the other. It’s the first exodus without saying that it is almost a call to take an interest in each other and to live in solidarity, and this solidarity is expressed not so much in doing service to the other, but in sharing our lives.

The love of man and woman can be a way to turn the sense of transcendence. Loving the self loses its sovereignty and omnipotence as we discover the meaning of the limits and then goes out on our own in search of a fullness that comes from outside, from the otherness.

Now it is evident that when the ego loses its omnipotence and not chase ghosts of self-sufficiency it reaches out to the other and not just the other with a tiny, but also the Other with a capital letter. Man is not enough in itself, which needs the other, this port behind which it can open many others, up to the one that leads to the Other.

It’s a going out on our own to go to the other as our life becomes a sacrament, a sign of two people who converse while being distinct, participate and, share our hopes where living as a couple is living, respecting each otherness. Love, is the life of two people who greets each other, welcome each other, but also respects the loneliness, the otherness of the other, of the difference.

Marriage is, thus, the communion of two people who are themselves, however, without opposition, knowingly exchanging their various riches where peace is defined as the coexistence of differences of two people, their cultures, that dialogue without wanting to capture, convert, and dialogue to turn on to each other in our internal capabilities and creativity.

As a couple the first sign of these differences that we welcome and respect, is a sacrament it generates, which is the source of a new world in which, in fact, the differences are spoken, while remaining differences. The relationship between man and woman becomes a sacramental relationship because of this relationship.

As a conclusion the sacrament of marriage is a task, a mission that is expressed which emphasizes marriage, emphasizes love as communion, as being with, where we need to rediscover and live and love more, to serve and to give, and to share and carry on an alive is awesome experience.

In the Vedic period men and women had equal rights and status in society. Women enjoyed great freedom of movement and sexual, monogamy was the norm, but also polygamy and, to a lesser extent, polyandry were permitted and practiced, especially by the rich and by the dominant classes. The female adultery was also tolerated the practice of sati unknown: the widow was instead allowed to remarry. Women in the Vedic society had access to the study of the Vedas and in any case could be educated as men, so much so that many reached a high level of knowledge and culture: there were even philosophers and poets.

That derived from them the right to participate in religious rituals, in fact, no ceremony was considered complete in the absence of his wife. Around the end of this period, however, the woman's condition gradually declined along with the Vedic principles of equality and with the passing of the centuries deteriorated further: women's freedom was limited and their role in society confined within the home, resulting in their removal from 'activities and economic status.

Marriages in India are, in most cases, arranged by parents who place their trades through personal contacts, dating agencies and newspaper advertisements and in the villages the figure of the mediator is usually represented by the barber. In general, even today, young people do not get busy to find a mate or a companion, a task that they are happy to delegate to his parents where love is considered an unreliable basis for marriage and is still a emotion expected to grow over the years.

The acceptance of this costume is based on the absence of those social institutions that promote freedom of choice in the West, that is, years of playing together between boys and girls, custom to go out in mixed groups of friends or couples, greater sexual freedom, the availability of contraceptives and so on. In contrast to India but there was a slow change everything happens as if the sexes conduces each one autonomous and independent life, meeting only rarely.

Wife does not go out with her ​​husband conducts his professional and personal life and spends most of the time with her ​​sisters, relatives or friends. There are couples sitting nearby or cling, to the cinema or to the concert, not in love confused shadow of doors in the evening, entering the classroom, students go as if by instinct to install good good, the girls in their corner, the guys in the other, although no regulation obliges them to this.

All exit, who will meet in the hall of the students, who in that of female students. Courtship, dating, disco nights are still relatively infrequent among young Indians, except in a small, though growing, minority of city boys, middle-class. Many couples meet, even today, for the first time on their wedding day: even in the very course of the long ceremony during which sit side by side it is impossible for them.

The bride, covered with flowers and ornaments, has a strip of sari down over his face, that prevents her from seeing and being seen. In the middle classes and educated is spreading, however, the tendency to know - more rarely dating - before the wedding, but, in any case, this does not mean that it is any easier opposition to parental choice. Opposition, on the other hand, few girls would put in place just because they are in love with that person.

Returning to the ritual of the long and complex process of negotiations leading up to the wedding, it is worth to read this description, which we believe to be particularly detailed and colorful The preliminary part of the wedding rituals is the promise that shall not be considered as binding. Relatives and friends of the boy go in a group to visit the girl's parents preferred having with them some gifts.

Here are received with great deference, ceremoniously invited to sit down and gorged with sought after and expensive sweets, while we agree on the purely financial side of the transaction, such as the amount of dowry and extent of the amount you intend to spend for the celebration of the wedding., for obvious reasons of delicacy, the future husband is absent, and the likely bride, all dressed up in her clothes more showy, makes its appearance only reluctant to last, to provide its guests with the pan betel leaves stuffed rite.

Under the watchful eyes of the onlookers, who weigh like a heifer at the fair, makes her self-conscious around the room and then disappears again into the kitchen. This will cause his brief appearance that friends of the groom can, since he will not see his face if not by marriage ended. Whether guests are satisfied of aspect of the girl and the horoscopes of the couple are compatible with each other, it goes on to examine the terms of the transaction, that is, to negotiate the amount of the dowry and organization of the ceremony. Quest last has a great importance today in India, the two families because it offers the opportunity to flaunt their wealth in public.

The high cost just for the ceremony is mainly the family of the bride and often cause immense debts. To help low-income families, who also feel compelled to comply with this costume, and to try in some way to reduce the scope of the costume same, are spreading more and more in recent years mass marriages. The introductory meet attract a large number of boys and girls who, in this way, they see to increase the chances of meeting the right partner, and simplify the long and costly process of selection.

In the collective marriage all expenses incurred are divided among the participants, and are still relatively low, since the ceremony is concluded in one day, instead of three as the traditional one. It is also a celebration of simple, common to all couples, which leaves no room for any kind of forms of exhibitionism. The temple of Dharmasthala, in Karnataka, following a tradition of eight hundred years of charity and social service, even celebrates mass-marriage since 1972 to help poor families to marry their children in a dignified manner, without borrowing for the whole life.

Marriage, in fact, it costs nothing to the participants, as the temple provides for everything: a saint and a blouse for every bride, a dhoti and a shirt for every groom, music, equipment for the ritual, dinner for twenty invited to couple, even necklaces in silver and gold, which in southern India are the consideration of our wedding rings. The vast majority of brides in India is a virgin at the time of marriage.

The bride's virginity and chastity of his wife were, and still are, the fundamental values ​​of Hinduism. A girl who has been in a relationship before marriage not only reduces itself to the possibility of finding a good husband, but also to the younger sisters, staining the 'honor and reputation of the entire family. The girls are then, in general, caste and confidential, aided by the fact that opportunities to establish relationships before marriage, as we have seen, are rather limited.

They tend therefore to be obedient towards their parents and to have a strong sense of family. Sex is absolutely taboo topic for the young Indian, who usually do not talk with their mothers and have very little literature available on the subject. Consequently, the first report constitutes a dramatic experience for girls, but also, in many cases, for boys. In rural society, often in the first few nights of marriage, the bride is locked up in the room with her ​​husband.

Guys, in turn, have more opportunities to acquire knowledge of sexual discourses between classmates, occasionally by the women of the family particularly complacent or, in the cities, from prostitutes. remains, however, in general, a great deal of ignorance on these issues, for which sexual problems also all inside of married life are very frequent.

This mainly due to the fact that for most couples, the concept of privacy is stranger than to love, spouses are entitled to their own room very rarely all inside of the extended family, usually the wife is sleeping with other women and groom with men. Consequently, a lack of intimacy and, therefore, a lack of knowledge among them, which makes sexual intercourse a mere mechanical act, devoid of pleasure.

This gives rise to the sexual problems that many couples complain. In this regard were raised dramatically in recent years, clinics that offer advice and treatments, as shown by the insistent advertising daily on the pages of newspapers, or even on the walls in the streets. These clinics undoubtedly provide a useful service to society, reducing up to a certain point, the ignorance and thus making it more relaxed sexual life of young couples; but the same doctors often allow themselves to be influenced in the performance of their work from old superstitions and beliefs.

In particular, this happens when advised young people not to disperse their seed, the gem of life, through masturbation. This is actually an ancient belief that the medical literature still follows and indeed supports the so-called science, putting warning young people.

For centuries, arranged marriages were the tradition in Indian society, although men and women have always had the ability to choose who they wanted to marry. Even today, most of the Indians are found to marry a spouse chosen by their parents or other influential members of their family, but with the consent of the bride and groom.

India, incredibly varied and full of contradictions. Incredibly rich in cultural and spiritual level. This file opens with the rites, the colors and floral decorations that distinguish the time of marriage, a show harmonious and unique

To understand the deep roots of a tradition unquenchable, trace a description of the classic Indian wedding, its rituals, its spiritual meanings.

The rituals of the family are a common element in weddings among families Hindu, Muslim, Sikh in any part of India. Of course the prevailing Hindu culture, in which the ceremony was dictated forty centuries ago in the ancient scriptures of the Vedas. Very numerous is the participation of the guests, who can enjoy the grandeur wedding, because an Indian wedding is not just the marriage of a man and a woman, but also the union of the members of their families.

But nowhere else in India can compete for royal wealth in this field with the Rajasthan, home to the finest Mughal rulers. In this colorful and noble territory wedding dates are fixed based on the position of the planets. The ceremony takes place in the bride's home, where the groom reaches accompanied by a colorful and noisy parade to the sound of trumpets and drums. The protagonist is presented on a white horse, caparisoned with silk drapes and harness gleaming, dressed like a prince with a sword or an elephant decorated throughout, or in a car decorated with flowers, lights and crowned by the image deities honored by him and, if he is poor, walk.

As you know the couple and how they get engaged? Love marriage is opposed by orthodox religious, in fact can challenge the barriers of caste, creed, age. Generally it is the family that decides and finds the bride or groom ideal. Among the Rajputs and even among some tribes, using that girls choose the groom among many young people gathered.

Unfortunately, the cost of the wedding party and the heavy dowry that can destroy the economy of many families, are still due to the birth and not even infanticide of so many girls and created the custom of child marriage. Two very famous films are significant on these topics: "Monsoon Wedding" by Mira Nair, who gave us an unforgettable picture of a wedding party and "Water" by Deepa Mehta, who has narrated the dramatic fate of a child bride.

Polygamy in India is not conceivable and is pursued by law: the Indian marriage is considered sacred, not only for the continuity of families in their children, but also the balance of a debt with the ancestors. In the Vedas the male Hindu should support the role of student first and then the landlord.

In India, marriage is considered a sacrament, proportioning not only the family continuity in the children, but also the means to repay its debt to the ancestors.

According to the Vedas of the Hindus in fact life is marked by milestones necessary and desirable , and having done with the stage of the student, the man has to go to the second stage, that of landlord, Grihastha . Marriage is not only an indissoluble union between the couple, but also between the two families of the same.

It is, in almost all, of marriages arranged by families. And 'moral obligation of parents to prepare mentally and financially to fulfill properly the precept to marry their children, when age appropriate approaches. It then begins to look for an ideal partner considering various factors such as caste, creed, birth chart of birth, social status and economic family. Traditionally, the cost of the wedding party are the responsibility of the family of the bride, which is equipped with important kit jewelry and various gifts to impress your future in-laws. Unfortunately this tradition has aggravated greed popular eventually form the terrible trap of the system of dowry , dowry , which destroys the economy of entire families and because the  non-birth  of millions of Indian girls.

The Indian newspapers, as well as today's Internet are clogged with ads aspiring boyfriends. It always specify these discriminating factors, and you can even run into cheaters / and. Normally the family will rely on their knowledge to find the groom / a ideal but there are figures traditionally specialized in the research, now complemented by modern media. To the young people will undergo a series of photographs of the candidates most appropriate and accepted a meeting in public situations so that the kids can see each other quite well. Once you make your selection, you will set the wedding date according to their astral pictures, taking care to choose a date considered auspicious.

The marriage of love is not generally contemplated and is indeed highly opposed by orthodox religious. This is because usually a love can transcend and challenge the barriers of caste, creed and age. Nevertheless, in literature and in Indian history appears the possibility of an autonomous choice now much more frequent than once between castes wealthy. The rite of Swayamvaras, during which the girls choose their husband among many young people gathered, was in use among the Rajput and continues to be so even among some tribes.

In Mahabharat in the greatest epic-religious Hindu, it is recommended that girls, passed three years after the onset of puberty seek during the fourth year in a companion for their own account; and specify that not expect more than that family members so choose for them. This " do not wait any longer "has led to child marriage for girls. Although polygamy was contemplated in the Scriptures, but opposed legally for some time, today it is inconceivable. There have been cases of Hindus converted to Islam in order to increase the number of wives. Today, if demonstrable, are pursued by law.

The Hindu wedding comprises several steps, in a unique and colorful ceremony and festivities that last for days. Of course there are many variations and regional family but following lists the main and the most common.

The day before the wedding the bride's hands and feet are painted with henna, with the technique called Mehndi . It 'a real ceremony, a sort of bachelorette party  attended by her friends and relatives of the bride; traditional music accompanied a time their songs auspicious and allusive, now increasingly replaced by the hits of Bollywood films.

A mandapa, a large gazebo, is assembled and decorated with flowers in the place where we will celebrate the wedding. A fire is lit under the mandapa a witness of the votes of the spouses. Begins the long ceremony of Vedic origin, where every aspect of the future married life will be represented. Baarat . Here comes the groom in procession, in the west of the country often on horseback, accompanied by family and friends cheering and is welcomed by the bride's family.

They begin the rites presided by the Brahmin priest, invoking God's blessing on the couple. The bride offers yogurt and honey to the groom and we will exchange garlands of flowers. They offer coconuts, flower petals, ghee etc. Kanya Danam. The father of the bride to the groom puts her child after he promises to assist the girl in the realization of the three sacred matrimonial purposes,  Dharma, Artha and Kama . The groom repeats three times the promise.

Vivaaha . The priest ties the final edge of the edge shirt Sari bride groom or his scarf gala, in a node . The bride and groom exchange rings and garlands, they join hands and throw ritual offerings, Samagree , in the sacred fire invoking blessings on their union.

Agni Parinaya . The groom holding hands walking three times around the sacred fire reciting Vedic hymns for prosperity, luck and fidelity of the couple. They touch each other at heart or the head, praying for the union of their minds and their hearts. The entire rite is repeated two more times.

Asmarohana . At the end of each lap around the fire, the groom salt on a special stone or a small platform, reciting a prayer for the firmness of their union, after which the bride supports the right toe on the same stone.

Saptapadi . The main part of the central rite, the seven steps . The bride and groom perform together seven steps around the sacred fire or along a path marked by seven heaps of rice, flowers and other symbols of prosperity on which will carry the bride, and at each step will recite prayers and promises for their future married life. After the couple are husband and wife.

Mangal Sutra Dharana . The groom to the bride fastens a necklace, mangalasutra,  containing the symbols of Shiva or Vishnu and that is the sign of a married woman,  depending on the region adding the rings on the toes  or a wedding ring.

Suhaag . The groom puts a red powder, Sindoor , the bride hair parted in the middle and on the forehead, to symbolize his new status as a married woman.

Aashirvaad . The groom's family gives gifts to the bride and the entire assembly throws flower petals to the new couple.

After the wedding : The couple leave for their home, often the family of the boy, bringing with them the sacred fire in a brazier in front of which they married. In ancient times was kept constantly alive.

The bride's family hails from the tears and happiness. The priest puts a coconut under the wheel of the car or wagon or formerly under the hoof of the horse and expects the break at the start.

Arundhati Darshanam . The constellation Ursa Major, Sapta Rishi Mandala, is formed by stars that bear the names of the seven sages who originated the mythological Vedic tradition. The bride and groom to pay homage by naming the seven stars in an octave, Arundhati , to remember the cosmic responsibilities who are called to honor the legacy that lead and the debt that must honor to the wise and the ancestors.

The marriage is a cornerstone of Indian culture. When I tried to talk on the subject, especially with Indian ladies, tradition has always strenuously defense. The most surprising answer gave me a beautiful bride already waiting for the first child and accompanied by an inattentive husband: " It 'like having a puppy dog , "he said," Everyone knows that there are more beautiful or more intelligent and affectionate; but what is yours, and you want him more good than any other "

The knot or The seven steps are in India the common metaphors used to indicate the marriage, as with us, for example, speak of Orange blossom .

The rite of marriage passes through the following stages

The day before the hands and feet of the bride are painted with "henna", following the technique "Mehendi", in the presence of friends singing greetings accompanied by music. So in place of the ceremony is assembled and decorated with flowers gazebo said "mandapa", under which a fire is sacred, a true witness of the votes of the spouses. The "Baarat" means the arrival of the groom with family and friends.

The rites are chaired by the Brahmin priest blessing, while the bride offers yogurt and honey to the groom and the two exchange garlands of flowers. The groom three times ensures the bride's father to watch the girl in the implementation of the three objectives marriage: "Dharma, Artha, Kama".

The priest ties a strip of the sari to the shirt of the groom (Vivaaha) then the two exchange rings and garlands, they join hands and throw offerings into the fire to be blessed by their witness, that is, from the sacred fire (Samagree).

With the ritual "Agni Parinaya" the two holding hands and walking around the fire chanting Vedic hymns for prosperity, luck, fidelity of the couple and finally touching at heart to unite minds and hearts.

With "Asmarohana" groom salt on a stone, on which the bride supports the right toe is a symbol of steadfastness. After the "Septapadì" or seven steps around the fire with its promise, they become husband and wife. With the "Mangal Sutra Dharama" the groom to the bride fastens a necklace with the symbols of Shiva or Vishnu.

With "Suhaag" groom puts a red powder on the parting of the hair on the head of her and the married woman will take forever.

With "Aashirvaad" the groom's family gives their gifts to the bride and everyone throwing flower petals. Now the newlyweds depart for their home carrying the brazier of the sacred fire, which must always be kept alive. The priest puts a coconut under the hoof of the horse or under the wheel of the car, because is broken. The bride and groom pay homage to the constellation Ursa Major, with seven stars, which bear the names of the seven sages of the Vedic tradition. They add an octave to remember the cosmic responsibility that must honor.

These rituals demonstrate the profound union of human life with the harmony of the universe, design inspired by the ancient Indian wisdom. The celebrations usually last five days and involving everyone, with succulent and spicy foods, sweets, perfumes, dances and songs.

Do not forget the role of the jewels, which are precious for separate social class and represent the dowry that the family has to provide for her daughter who is getting married, that is, the jewelry for engagement and jewelry for the wedding: nothing is left to chance or imagination, tradition is inflexible.

The stones are attributed special properties related also to the "chakra", points where the vital energy of the body is more intense. Saints Choudary, owner of Royal Gems Jaipur, capital of the true jewels, informs us that in the history of the emeralds came from Rajasthan, Kashmir sapphires, rubies from Burma, only to be cut by expert hands in Jaipur. He adds that the family must provide the bride, which in turn will make it a gift to her husband, a valuable kit consists of a number of pieces: rings, necklace, earrings, anklet, four rings for the feet, a ring for the nose . All as prescribed by ritual, if not faithfully respected, can seriously affect the outcome of the nuptials.

All that is Vintage is considered a cult both for reasons associated with the culture of that costume. So why not plan a wedding in Vintage Style?

A vintage wedding will forever be remembered as a magical time and free time. Let's start. It starts with the right foot if your family mom, grandma, aunt has jealously preserved the dress of his altar that is not only going to be one piece but it becomes an emotional symbol of affection passed down over time. If the model does not fits, do not despair just do it to adapt to a good seamstress to right size perhaps giving a personal touch by adding details in style.

Once you have chosen the time it's time to read up. Crucial at this point is to find the one that best suits their personality and the cut that you want to give the ceremony, presenting the same style as the leitmotif of the wedding party equipment of the location, the choice of the car, and the Favor so on up to the wedding cake, why not, maybe inviting guests to dress in theme or giving them an accessory to wear that day call time choice. Passionate style twenties or fifties.

There are elements that evoke imagination now a historical epoch, but the great thing about vintage inspiration is in search of unique details that will make your wedding a special and memorable. For you some ideas. 20 years in the inspiration hair is cut short and small cloche hats are worn down to his eyebrows. Wanted dresses, sleeveless and with thin straps, they are light and sheer fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, organza and silk, often embellished with beads and fringes.

The fashion 50s instead enhances the femininity emphasizing the waist. The clothes they buy fluency and elegance, bodices play with draping, pleats and hidden inserts couture in different materials. The hair on the other hand are collected in the famous rolls rockabilly style or let loose waves with well-defined and shiny thanks to the support of lacquer. So many inspirations, as well as the 20s and the 50s, still the 30s, 70s, 80s the choice is yours at the time to which you feel you belong!

No other Indian is able to match for a wedding Rajasthani royalty and wealth. Its unique charm and splendor have captured the imagination of many people, so much so that, in recent years, there has been an increasing number of visitors who return to get married in Rajasthan. Besides the bride and groom, guests also can participate in and enjoy of so much grandeur. In Rajasthan the dates of marriage are fixed according to the position of the planets.

The dates are more favorable fall generally between May and July and between November and February. The ceremony takes place in the bride's house where the groom arrives accompanied by a long procession. The groom, dressed up as a prince with sword, arrives at the bride's house on a white horse. The bride's family must then take charge of hospitality for all guests.

According to Hindu tradition, even in the state of Kerala marriage begins with the compatibility analysis by the parents of the future bride and groom. The compatibility of horoscopes, is fixed a date for the wedding favor. marriage takes place in the daytime. On that same day, just before reaching the site of the ceremony, the groom visit a temple and asks for the blessing of parents and other relatives. The bride's father then gives his daughter's hand to the groom during a ceremony called Kanya Daanam.

The groom then pushes forward the pace of the bride seven times with his hand symbolizing his entry into the family. After the wedding feast is prepared and, subsequently, the bride leaves her family to officially enter into the house of the groom. The departure of the bride from her home takes more propitious hour. The bride, after receiving the blessing of parents and relatives, takes leave. Upon arrival in his new home, held a welcoming ceremony, called Grihapravesh.


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