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Friday, May 29, 2015
Latest Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs 2013 For Brides

Dear brides, we have suggested in recent years every detail to make your wedding unique and especially very glam. We thought about the dress, we have proposed the flower crowns for the hairstyle, the timeless red, black and white combinations, how to set the location and lots of ideas, but we have devoted little space to makeup for the bride!

Indeed every bride does want is to appear impeccable at all times and therefore in each photograph of her marriage. And those of you who want to have a radiant smile that accompanies the permanent perhaps with a long-lasting lipstick in this special wedding day. As you can see, today we talk about beauty and how to create a perfect makeup, even homemade.

Again, our brides can choose according to their tastes or personality and, in particular, adapting to the style of wedding you have chosen. Generally recommend a makeup artist makeup simple, clean and delicate, the most suitable brides and romantic country, to enhance the features and soft pink tones, so we use an opaque powder, a rosy blush and a layer of mascara strictly waterproof, to draw in the eye.

If you love vintage style, breaking the traditional mold of etiquette that want the bride au naturel, without excesses eyeliner, strong tones and brighter, lipstick from red to pink to orange, are the must-haves of this marriage.

This makeup is very simple, but effective: a thread of eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick, do not overdo it. You get a clean style, very elegant and at the same time very trendy.

If you do not want to do less of eyeshadow, we always recommend warm colors for a country-chic style, neutral colors for a romantic wedding colors and high style for tropical. Of course, the colors will be chosen according to your complexion and eye color.

If you opt for a DIY make-up, the necessary steps are the classics: moisturize, the indispensable base with primer, a layer of concealer and you are ready to give expression to your personality. Eye shadow, blush and lipstick to feature your bridal style!


Latest Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs 2013 For Brides
Latest Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs 2013 For BridesLatest Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs 2013 For BridesLatest Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs 2013 For Brides

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012 delete

Hi Kalyan,

Why would anyone with tattoos want to hide them in their wedding day? I could analyse this behaviour, but I lack the time right now. But those brides who choose to show their tattoos are the ones who know well why they had them done, they are proud of them and not afraid of showing them - kudos for them.

I enjoyed reading these tips - so useful, even for us who were brides a long time ago lol. Loved the pictures of the beautiful Indian brides (very rich wedding gowns).