Attari Wagah Border Closing Ceremony

30 km from Amritsar best known, is the small town of Attari Wagah, known primarily for folk and touristy closing ceremony of the border between India and Pakistan, which each day in the late afternoon draws a crowd to the stadium. Just before sunset, at Attari Wagah is possible to attend a very special ceremony, a half hour of patriotic pride of India.

First things first and we start with some technical details, you can get from Amritsar to Wagah Attari by taxi. Once you get to Attari Wagah you need to walk on foot to reach the stands from which to attend the ceremony, passing through several checkpoints strictly divided by gender. You can not bring with you bags and backpacks, but cameras are allowed.

The closing ceremony of the border takes about 30 minutes and takes place in several stages. Initially there is a announcement which, with megaphone, urges the audience. At times it almost seems to be in the Super Bowl, then the time of the military in khaki uniforms and hats culminating with a sort of Red Head Gear come marching and performing parading before the public and it's triggering legs high. While the audience continue to clap excitedly.

The same thing happens on the other side of the border, the only difference is that the Pakistani military dress is black. Finally there is an exchange of handshakes between the opposing factions of the military, followed by the ceremonial and closing of the gates. And then all on track start dancing.

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