Create Photomontages with Photofunia

PhotoFunia became very famous for its ease of use and excellent result which is reached at the end of montage, have many effects, in fact, their database has up to 120 different models to be applied to photo montage. If you want to create beautiful or bizarre montages on the photos of your friends a suitable site is Photofunia it easy to use; the site is in English but is also supported by other languages.

In addition, your work will not be included in the public notice board . Now are many online services that allow you to create photo montages in just a few clicks , but PhotoFunia is the best. In addition to being very easy to use, is integrated with social networks like Facebook and provides the user with a large number of photo effects.

Let's see how it works. Create fun photomontages with PhotoFunia. First we need to connect to the home page PhotoFunia, after which we will have in front of any one of several 120 models to create the photomontage, choose the model you go to the next step where we will choose the photos from our computer.

The image is loaded, PhotoFunia will apply the model to our photos and we print out a final result where we will have the opportunity to save the montage on our computer, share it on the net or send e-mail to a friend. PhotoFunia also allows you to create animated GIFs with the photo you want and also the ability to install the application on your iPhone or iPod Touch. As you may have noticed this site offers the opportunity to create fun photomontages quickly and almost professional, considering it is an online application.

PhotoFunia for BlackBerry 10 is the best way to edit photos, make them special and original. If you play with the photos we have fun, then PhotoFunia is just right for us because in a few seconds and a few clicks we can apply many amazing effects to our images. PhotoFunia is also perfect for the maniacs of profile pictures thanks to the ability to achieve photomontages able to impress our friends.
Photofunia, edit photos and create montages with BlackBerry 10.

Operation is simple. After selecting one of the effects in the gallery PhotoFunia we have to choose which photo to apply it. In a few clicks it is ready, and here we are transformed into billboard, drawing chalk drawn on a blackboard, effigy of a postage stamp, and much more. Once you create the montage you can send it via e-mail to your friends or share on social networks. We expect hundreds of effects and the library is always expanding and every week you can find something new.

Photofunia is available in the BlackBerry World for BB10 smartphone with a free download from this address. All modifications of the images are performed in the cloud therefore requires a WiFi or 3G connection.

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