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Nokia HERE Android

At MWC 2014, the Nokia presents the models Nokia 220 and 230 in addition to being low cost, they have very interesting characteristics. The first, available for just € 45, has a 2.8-inch LCD display with QVGA resolution, a weight of 89.3 grams, a camera with 1.3 megapixels, a resolution equal to 1280 × 609 pixels and 3x zoom.

The battery has 1020 mAh and the internal memory is expandable up to 32 GB via microSD, with 7 GB of free storage on Microsoft OneDrive. The second, available for just € 29, has a 2.4-inch display with QVGA resolution, a 2 Megapixel camera and a 1100 mAh battery. Like the first, this too was designed for social , in fact, already has installed, Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia has always looked with great interest at the market Android , in fact, after the many rumors during the past few hours came the long-awaited announcement HERE for our beloved green robot. The navigation application of the Finnish manufacturer will come from the month of October in version Beta on some Android devices.

Initially the application HERE for Nokia will only be available for some smartphones Galaxy of Samsung , only then will be available to download on the Google Play Store. HERE for Android will allow users to make free use of the software and complete maps, even in offline mode for navigation at no extra cost. In fact, the navigation will be done exclusively via GPS, as well as search for points of interest and much more.

The mapping service of the Finnish giant is growing more and more, and also on Android will offer turn-by-turn navigation for precise than 200 countries, with real-time updates on traffic for more than 40 countries and 750 cities. On the occasion of the agreement with Samsung for the arrival of Android, HERE is also perfectly compatible with the latest smartwatch the Korean giant, which is the S Gear will know that the IFA in 2014. We just have to wait for the arrival of the first Android device on board

A beta for Android HERE. Or, rather, Samsung Galaxy , the new app from Nokia, what remains after the sale of the mobile to Microsoft, it will be time for an exclusive terminal Koreans and will be released in beta. The same application had already peeped elsewhere , in particular on the new smartwatch Gear S : in that case the OS is Tizen, but apparently it HERE is compatible with this OS and the directions on the screen wrist are provided by the Nokia software.

The main quality that can boast compared to the classic Google maps on all the Android phones is the availability of information also offline (option made ​​possible recently also from the app to Mountain View): As already on Windows Phone, the app Nokia on local storage can download the necessary information to consult maps and create lists of directions to move from one point to another, and then turn your smartphone into a satellite navigation system in all respects.

An advantage especially when there is all abroad , when the mobile connection can cost you dearly. HERE The maps are available in about 200 countries, and the information necessary to generate the guidance turn-by-turn there for about half of these geographical regions: the user as mentioned can choose to download maps to a single nation on your phone, provided it is a Samsung Galaxy. At that point you can begin your journey, and in case you have also provided the 3G connection will be provided with traffic information in about 40 countries. In addition to navigation in car and on foot, the information on public transport in Transit for Nokia 750 cities are included in the package.

The new move by Nokia, or better to say that Samsung seems to have gotten a deal similar to the one that binds the Finnish maps to Windows Phone, it's clear signal of what the Korean company it takes to free themselves as much as possible from the services Google to Android. has long relations between the two companies have come thesis , the very existence of Tizen proves incontrovertibly the impatience of Samsung compliance with the guidelines that Google have become more and more pressing: it is only a matter of time, probably before that Seoul will not attempt a move to try to break away completely from Mountain View.

Curiously, there is another novelty contained in the package HERE for Android Galaxy: the integration of the functions of the app Glympse, which allows you to share temporarily its position with a group of contacts. At one time even Google had such a service, but Latitude has been withdrawn from circulation about a year ago, and then Nokia has decided to replace him. 

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