Saturday, December 08, 2012

Android Ringtones

Are you tired of the usual ringtone on your Android phone. Are you going to move on to something more sophisticated, but do not know where you can download new ringtones without having to subscribe to any sites or subscriptions of any kind. Its what we are dealing with today. In this article we will share with you a list of Android apps through which you can freely download new ringtone Android suited to call, sms or other notifications.

For free ringtones, you just log into Google Play Store via your smartphone, search for the app Myxer and download it. Once you have downloaded the application, you will need to open it and press the Menu item selecting Ringtones to access the list of all the ringtones. It will be easy to find which is best suited to your needs based on the options that rank ringtones depending on the most popular music genre or simply going on Categories. 

Have you found the ring tone right for you? Press the Play button to preview, and if you are determined after the short preview, you can download it by clicking on Get ringtone. Once the downloaded ringtone, select the ringtone from the Android menu, click Ringtone> Save as> Save to save it. To set it as your default ringtone click on Make Default, and to set it as a ringtone for a contact click on Assign to contact.

Do you want to experience something new always done and always free ringtones Android? For you there is Sound Effects that offers you a wide choice of ringtones, but also sound effects as you can easily guess from the name. Then download the app from the Google Play Store and click on Accept thereby accepting the terms of use: you are so ahead of all the ringtones and sound effects ready to be downloaded. E 'can hear a preview of the ringtone by pressing the image of the song. To download, simply click on the title and then set it as the default ringtone for calls on Default ringtone for notifications or notification of Default or even for the alarm clock on Default alarm.

The volume of your ringer is too low and therefore can not hear calls, messages or incoming notifications. We strongly recommend the application Loud ringtones this app allows you to install many free ringtones and Android are characterized by a very high volume. It's simple to use just install the app on your smartphone and search for the ringtone that you like. Even in this case, you can listen to the preview while to set the ringtone you have to press the icon for a few seconds and choose the appropriate item from the menu. To set the sound as ringtone, tap on Ringtone; how to set sound notifications, click on Notification; to set it as an alarm clock, press Alarm.

Who is more traditionalist can also download your own ringtones from your computer and then download them directly to your smartphone. There are various websites that allow you to download ringtones without paying and legally. Finally, last but not least, you can create a ringtone from a song in memory of your mobile phone using Ringtone Maker, a free application.

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