Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is a film of Bollywood released in India and other cities with population of Indian origin on December 14, 2001 starring Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji as a guest actor. It is the second film from director Karan Johar after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham was the best foreign film in India until 2006, when his record was broken by Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Two weeks after its release climbed to third place in the UK box office, and remained in place for more than three weeks. It is thought that the film was also among the top 10 of the US box office but this could not be confirmed due to lack of information from distributors. It was the first Bollywood movie theaters reproduced in German with German subtitles, and both versions were produced together. Was the best foreign film produced in India since the release Devdas (2002), by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) is adopted by Yashvardhan "Yash" Raichand (Amitabh Bachchan), a wealthy and prominent businessman in India, and his wife Nandini (Jaya Bachchan) just two days after birth. Nine years after Yash and Nandini have a biological child, Rohan (Hrithik Roshan), who becomes the younger brother Rahul. Yash believes in traditions and opposes marriages for love. When Rahul returns home after college in London, he meets Anjali (Kajol) and falls in love with her ​​at first sight. Meanwhile, Rohan friend Pooja, Anjali's younger sister is.

Yash decides to marry his eldest son to the daughter of his best friend Naina (Rani Mukerji). Rahul, however, tells his father wants to marry Anjali. Yash, deeply angry, tells Rahul that has not considered the social status of Anjali, a common girl from a middle class family, as opposed to the upper class of Naina. Rahul regret having offended his father and after apologizing promises to do whatever you ask. When will you communicate to Anjali who can not marry her, she learns that her father has suddenly died and are being cremated.

Aware that Anjali and Pooja have no family to protect them, he marries Anjali same day. Once at home faces the repudiation of Yash, who says he has not proven his son and is no longer entitled to call him father, alluding to his condition adopted. Rahul, hurt by the words that have become a stranger in his own home, share a sad farewell to his mother, Nandini, who asked Sayeeda ( Farida Jalal ), nanny Rahul and Rohan, accompanying his son wherever you go so you always have the love and care of a mother. After seeing Rohan one last time, her school, and say goodbye, Rahul leaves with Anjali, Pooja, and Sayeeda.

The Rohan child, devastated by the breakup of his family, ignores the reason for the departure of his brother because it makes him promise never to ask why or where it went. Ten years later Rohan, who continues his studies, he returned home for the festivities of Diwali but before making a stopover to visit their grandmothers. For them he learns to hear a discussion between both the reason for the breakup of his family.

When he arrives home begins to investigate and see thanks to her friends Anjali and Rahul have settled in London . Desiring to bring them back home, Rohan tells his parents who want to study in London, something his father reluctantly agrees. Upon his arrival in the British capital start searching Rahul news to give your address. He enrolled in university where he meets Pooja ( Kareena Kapoor ), who also studied there. After recognizing tells her who he is and asks if it will help reunite his family again.

In the last ten years Rahul has undertaken its own business and a comfortable life with Anjali and her 9 year old son, Krish, along with Pooja and Sayeeda. Pooja presents the Rohan unrecognizable as a brother of her best friend who came from India and need a place to stay. Marriage receives reluctantly by Rahul and Rohan quickly becomes part of the family without revealing who he really is. Gradually shows them how much they miss India and their relatives, with several indirect Rahul. Finally, reveals his identity and tries to convince Rahul to return to India.

Having no success goes further and convinces with Yash and Nandini deceptions to travel to London hoping to reunite his father and brother. His plan fails, but Rahul and his mother have a short and happy reunion. At this point Anjali also tries to persuade Rahul to return to India and be reconciled with his father. Rahul, resented his father and convinced that he never really loved by the harshness of his words, does not want to deal with it, until he learns that his grandmother, the mother of Yash, died after indicating his last wish was that Rahul, Yash and Rohan should burn together his funeral pyre. Rahul returns to India and participate in the funeral without speaking to her father.

While Rahul and Anjani prepare his return to London, confronts Yash and Nandini tells for the first time in ten years, he was wrong to break the family ties with Rahul, his first son, who brought love and home. Yash is stunned and shocked himself. Rohan using Pooja manages to convince Rahul to speak to Yash. The Raichand brothers, Anjali and Pooja are directed to the house of their fathers, which receives Nandini. She takes them to the living room where a photo that has served to remind your child every day since he left, but when you turn the light meet with Yash back to them looking at the big picture.

Rahul intended to leave but Nandini and Anjali prevent this, then Yash Rahul turns and sees his father is crying and runs to meet. Yash asks why he never came back or look back in ten years, Rahul responds to what he thought had never loved as a child. Yash apologizes and tells him she loves him a lot, both embrace and forgive, so reunificándose family again. Yash embraces Anjali preventing lean to touch his feet as a sign of respect and kisses her head as a sign of blessing and acceptance.

Everything ends in happiness wedding Rohan and Pooja and late wedding celebration of Rahul and Anjali.

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