Tees Maar Khan

Farah Khan loves cinema so it seems to be the main subject of inspiration. After the film in the film with Om Shanti Om, here the film in the film Tees Maar Khan. Except that it's a fake. A fake film within the film. That may be why the film (the real) sounds wrong. Effect easy but tempting, after enduring two hours of laborious twists and Akshay Kumar on the verge of hysterics. Making use.

The idea of starting Shirish Kunder, husband of writer and director Farah Khan, however, was friendly but not original: the film is inspired by After The Fox with Peter Sellers: a robber Akshay Kumar decides to attack a encased train police officers to steal content, relying on villagers attacking the vehicle be thinking the extras of a film about the independence of India. In stars credible in the eyes of the villagers, the robber hiring Anya Khan, his girlfriend, an item girl that thinks it's an actress, and Atish Kapoor ( Akshaye Khanna ), a star on the return.

Between the facial expressions of one and poses on the other, there are some tasty times, even if the repetition of comic has its limits.

Akshaye Khanna find a role where he cultivates self-mockery, as in Short Kut - the con is on , it is unfortunately no longer an innovation, but it does that very well. Katrina Kaif is soooo credible evaporated nymphet making tons, it plays very badly with great sincerity and this is where you realize that, but yes, it's a real actress. And a dancer with contagious energy. Tees Maar Khan will at least have the interest of both make me sympathetic.

This is not the case of Akshay Kumar. You really he chooses his scripts and his best roles, because after Singh is Kinng, Chandni Chowk To China, Kambakkht Ishk, Blue and Khatta Meetha, that's a LOT of pots in 3 years! Looking Tees Maar Khan , we understand why Shah Rukh Khan was angry with her ​​friend Farah: not crazy guy ...

When one is Don and that is the superhero, why would you take the role of a Z series of puppet? This proves that SRK can read the scenarios and detect crash behind a good idea it increased in 10 years. But is that Akshay Kumar was compelled to do so? From stamping and screaming from one end to another of the film? I will not even get its costumes, which significantly extend the boundaries of the great anything.

The music of Vishal Shekhar and is pretty nice, the clips too, but that fails to make the movie bearable. Accuracy: Salman Khan is very present in the promos, but it is there only for a clip. But Akshaye Khanna is strangely absent from the promotional material, while it is one of the few strengths of the film ... This reflects the spirit of Tees Maar Khan  : Marketing, wind and nothing else.

To summarize Tees Maar Khan the comic is hyper-clumsy, situations are caricatured, villagers are taken for idiots, the police also and the band Nickel feet handlers are sordid. The last twenty minutes are a little more pleasant, time of remorse resonates softly, but too late, the viewer has exhausted a haste it stop!

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