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Jahangir Khan (Pankaj Kapoor), respectfully called "Abbaji" is a powerful gangster. Thanks to the cooperation of two corrupt police officers (Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah) little short on prophecies, he was never arrested. His mistress Nimmi (Tabu), however, secretly loves one of his men, Maqbool (Irfan Khan). It dares defy the authority of its leader, and he does not know their relationship. But Nimmi, who wishes to live with Maqbool, begins to suggest criminal ideas.

Maqbool is a transposition of Macbeth by Shakespeare in the underworld of Mumbai. Of course, the viewer would expect a pure Hindi film genre, ie a gangster film taking as Ajay Devgan has made ​​in the 2000s (Company, Apaharan) might well be disappointed. If as little as violent genre films Hindi means (this is one of their major defects, which reduces the impact of many thrillers or action films produced in the industry), Maqbool is indeed pure auteur film, perhaps one of the most rigorous ever seen in Bollywood. For example, the film has neither the songs Naach Ram Gopal Varma nor the touching story of the achievements of Nagesh Kukunoor (Iqbal, Dor) auteurisants movies more accessible because of their technique and effective narration Anglo-Saxon, comparable to British social film for example.

Maqbool adaptation of one of the most famous English pieces, according to the story of a Scottish king who really existed. If one recognizes the main plot of Shakespeare's work, the film is surprisingly cold, smooth, even. We are far from Shakespearean baroque, moral dilemmas of the characters, including the couple remorse Maqbool-Nimmi. That is, if the film has an aftertaste of Macbeth in a few key scenes tying the plot, there is an exercise in traditional style, that is to say very theoretical; it seems that the filmmaker wants to constantly play on the ambiguity of the characters, but without achieving it completely and, keeping a traditional narrative flow, it gives birth to the end of a work softcore , somehow, in which violence The play, written there are more than four centuries, is well watered.

However, if the film is not a reference in the same way that Shakespeare adaptations in the English language, he certainly is ambitious, with an impeccable distribution. We find in the leading roles Tabu, who spends lavishly in Lady Macbeth, and Irfan Khan, who has since become a safe bet in the Hindi productions ( Life In A ... Metro , Billu ) and imperial ( A Mighty Heart Angelina Jolie, The Darjeeling Limited , and especially Slumdog Millionaire ). It seems that the original choice of director for this title role was Akshay Kumar; but the latter, while it is talented in commercial productions, would perhaps not able to draw from him the strange distress Irfan Khan who in his troubled role, is the most prominent player in the movie ...

There are also some veterans fifties, like Pankaj Kapoor, impenetrable godfather, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah or else. The latter is one of the true Shakespearean actors of Indian cinema, one might say, especially having already played in a modern scenic transposition of Hamlet by British director Peter Brook, and therefore relatively accustomed to theatrical experiences (the The actor has also been charged by Vishal Bharadwaj something that they understand well, namely the animation of a theater workshop before filming started so that the actors get to know and prepare for their roles).

This is precisely where the shoe hurts slightly. For if Maqbool is an art film, it takes less realistic than filmed theater work, in the most noble and positive sense of the term: the sets and the actors have nothing overly theatrical, of course ... but it always comes back to the impression of a stylistic exercise, limited and, by definition, a bit vain. Thus a cold and rather slow film, despite a truth of feeling and a certain aesthetic. It's a rather poor film memorable sequences, although it has a very unique atmosphere and interesting. It is a pure art film, austere, but original and personal. On show at least once so if we want to get to know a very special Hindi film with Irfan Khan in his most famous role.

Let us mention that, even if it is atypical, the film is not still quite unique, it is in any case not stay long: in spite of a failure at the box office, director reiterate Indeed, the experience with his next film, Omkara , Indian adaptation of Othello this time, which has many similarities with Maqbool (Shakespeare, author of the film, mobsters, Naseeruddin Shah in a Supporting Role), atmosphere close to the latter, but a bigger star cast, which allows us to appreciate the past in novel-against jobs.

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