Whiten Profile Photo on Facebook with Vaseline

Vaseline provides excellent moisture and softness to the lashes dry and brittle. It helps them to reinforce and ensure that, when the lashes fall out, new ones are thicker and, in some cases, longer. Vaseline India, a manufacturer of skin care products, has launched a Facebook application that can whiten the face on their profile photo. The initiative promotes the release of the line for the men's cosmetics. The application has caused a stir around the world to understand the racial implications of his message. Yet in India seems to be a common practice.

Among the Indian population are many individuals who have a different shade of color between the skin of the face and the body, while the rest of the world it is easy to think of a Racist. The advertising campaign of Vaseline in English is actually disarming. The explicit message spreads the idea that we need a face to be more clearly appreciated in the society.

To advertise Vaseline moved Bollywood actors very famous in India and yet the Facebook page of the company has garnered a few compliments. Many were instead the criticism coming from the United States, where even the president is tanned. Contrary to what happened to other applications blatantly racist, that of Vaseline was not removed.

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