Boss Engira Baskaran

Baskaran, aka Boss (Arya) is a friendly young man who does not crowd the spleen, relying more on its anti-dry and on Providence for passing exams. Obviously, our method does not work, because it's been several years in a row he returns without success, his BA degree (the equivalent of the tray). He lives in the small but beautiful town of Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, with his mother, Sivakami (Lakshmi Ramakrishnan), her younger sister and brother, Saravanan (Panchu Subbu), veterinary and still single, to the chagrin of all ( his mother, his clients) who want to see him married.

Baskaran has only one friend, Nallathambi (Santhanam), who runs a hairdressing salon, Thala Thalapathi, in honor of his favorite movie stars (Ajith and Vijay), a curiosity when we know that allegiance to a star is often exclusive. Baskaran life changes when he meets a beautiful stranger on the bus. This unknown is none other than the teacher to monitor the exams that year and retired, of course, its anti-dry valuable to Baskaran and devoting it to another failure. 

Never mind, his little Baskaran continues the beautiful game of seduction, which is also - as of coincidences! - The sister of the future wife of his brother who has finally decided to marry. Baskaran learns that the beautiful is called Chandrika and if it is not completely immune to his charm, sometimes oaf, he does not enjoy a very rosy picture with his future in-laws. If Baskaran Chandrika hopes to marry, he will have to learn, find a job and show to all those who see in him a friendly glandular it is able to undertake and achieve something. It is not earned, even if it receives the unfailing help of his friend Nallathambi.

Led by Mr. Rajesh, now in the second film, Boss Engira Baskaran is a nice comedy, certainly not very original, but which in fact have a good time. Built on standard springs scriptwriting: a young man who falls for a young woman who is subjected to the test to win his sweetheart, especially the comedy pulls out of the game comic association between the two main actors, Arya and Santhanam, which already provides a comic role in the Tamil remake of Jab We Met , Kanden Kadhalai .

Unlike other South films where comic part, relegated to the status of "prerequisite" is often a patch, provided by a specialized actor or comedian Service, the not always subtle humor, Boss Engira Baskaran deftly mixes comedy and storytelling. The comedy arises from the nature of the characters, situations where they are, but also small winks in Tamil popular cinema, scattered throughout the film.

It is important to note the balance maintained throughout the film between the love story, the main frame of the narrative, and the story of friendship, secondary frame that showcases the first. So the Arya / Nayanthara torque works just as well as Arya / Santhanam association. All make their endearing character through a series of small details. Arya is equally comfortable and credible in this comic register, as in his other roles, yet very different, or that his co-star, Santhanam, yet a specialist.

The music of Yuvan Shankar Raja, without being exceptional, leave a good memory, especially the two Dappa , Ada Boss Boss and Mama, mama . The first is a classic presentation of the hero, with some references to other films, including a successful Arya (guess which); the second depicts, in comic fashion, the two lovers face to the father's opposition. Note that the glamorous Nayanthara is doing very well this dance number despite his sneakers to high heels.

In the end, you will understand, Boss Engira Baskaran is an entertainment film that fills hands down its function. Tamil them public is not misled by booking him a very warm welcome. Boss Engira Baskaran became a blockbuster and spent, in mid-December the bar of one hundred days of cinema release. It is also the most profitable film of the career of Arya, which was well inspired by participating in its production through his company "The Show People" and the second most profitable year in Tamil Nadu, just behind Endhiran, the Pharaonic budget superstar Rajni .

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