Kaar: The elegance in a gesture

It took place on August 6, 2014 in the beautiful local art DG fashion by Enzo Spinone al Lago (BG) presentation of Kaar, the first bag tailored to the world, born of an 'idea of ​​Raffaella Rottigni.
Kaar is a project that started almost two years ago, a very specific idea, that she needed time, effort, thoughts, constant changes to the final model, which is available from August 7 and you can also book online.

The first prototypes were produced by Raffaella directly into his studio to try to satisfy customers who expressed a desire to solve the problem common to all women: dress and matching bag without compromise. Hence the idea. Why not be able to change the bag as a simple dress? Kaar was the answer. Her look changed in a few seconds, according to the wishes, comfortably, without having to empty the bag at all times. The Interchangeable Covers allow it to combine one handbag to any outfit you wear. Just slide a side zipper, remove the cover, insert the desired and close the zip; the shoulder strap, always in tune with the cover, with even more convenience you replace the convenient snap opening side.

In addition, the shoulder strap is extensible, allowing you to turn it into a shoulder bag or purse in hand. The line is clean and sober and for this knows no season because it fits all the requirements and all the clothes. With Kaar just replace a Cover to be fashionable. Kaar is a bag craft, each model is handmade with high quality materials and is built to last for years. Raffaella in the production of the product has researched the best leather and all fittings are of the highest quality to make sure to get a quality result impeccable.

The soul, lined to protect from bumps smartphones, it is completely washable, while the Covers in leather are easily renewable with common products for leather. Covers and straps in addition to color, Kaar also offers the possibility of combining a belt of the same material and color of the Covers.
Also in this case, it comes to belts made of genuine leather, with an elegant buckle nickel, in combination with all the accessories of Kaar, such as snap hooks and the zip.

Kaar has its value in exclusivity and, just like a tailored suit, for the most demanding customers, there is the possibility to create custom cover, belts and straps in different colors and materials, combining them always to dress. Currently the covers are available in five colors (Nougat, sky blue, Lemon, Coral and Turquoise) in addition to basic black.

With Kaar, then, each customer has the opportunity to buy a handbag unique, fulfilling his desires.
Kaar is a handbag unique, a registered trademark and patented product of Italian genius, confirming that Italian fashion is always at the forefront. Currently Kaar is sold with a complete package that includes a black bag with shoulder strap and belt in the same color, all leather; a second cover, always with the shoulder strap in the same color, a color of your choice among the other 5 available in leather.

Or is sold the package which includes the cover and shoulder, all still in the skin and in the same color.

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Inkaar 2013 Theatrical Trailer (A) | HD | Arjun Rampal & Chitrangda Singh

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Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014
Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014

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