Inkaar Movie Review

Inkaar is a film about the inability of ambitious people coming to terms with sexual politics and desire at work place starring Arjun Rampal, Sandeep Sachdev, Shivani Tanksale, Deepti Naval, Mohan Kapoor, Vipin Sharma, Rehana, Gaurav Dwivedi and Chitrangada Singh directed by Sudhir Mishra is a Indian drama romance film produced by Viki Rajani.

It is not easy to handle the very difficult issue of sexual harassment at work. Aitraaz had beautifully illustrated his subject with Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra. This time, it's Sudhir Mishra who seizes this with an impeccable staging and interpretation outstanding Arjun Rampal, which is certainly his best performance to date. In the line independent films, Inkaar was a highly anticipated film and we were not disappointed.

Rahul Varma is a man who rose through the ranks through hard work, to get a top job in an advertising agency. During a festival, he meets Maya Luthra and decides to give him a chance in the world of advertising. At first it is a professional relationship that develops between them as mentor and mentee, but little by little their relationship becomes more intimate and personal. However, this does not prevent transfer Rahul Maya.

Seven years later, Maya returns to Mumbai, with a top title. Both are now adversaries, and Maya even manage to steal customers from Rahul. But she also accused Rahul of sexual harassment. Each tells his version of the story to a committee to decide which of them is telling the truth and that the CEO will be offered. For Rahul, it is a bond that went wrong, while for Maya, it is a labor of bullying and dirty tricks to his boss gets his way.

Sudhir Mishra has chosen his subject nonlinearly and this is definitely one of the highlights of the film. From the first minutes, it enters the thick of it and then it is only a succession of flashbacks on this amazing story. And again, these are the two facets that are shown: the version of Rahul and the Maya. The scenario is extremely well built as it is heavily in suspense until the last minute, you do not know who is right. Both versions are mixed while alternating the plans of the commission to define right from wrong. We are always in the back and forth, or with Rahul or with Maya. And the must is that you doubt throughout the movie and you do not know who is in the handling and which is the most ambitious and far it will take him.

Directed brilliantly, the staging is very modern, whether by the musical choices that accompany the film, or the plans that follow one another at great speed. The camera moves, there are very few still shots. We get beautiful scenes, beautiful slow motion and all this adds to the ambient atmosphere sulphurous, doubt increases. There is no transition between versions of Maya and those of Rahul and it is a very good thing becuase you're struggling to detect right from wrong.

And Sudhir Mishra does not leave you time to ask questions, the pace is very strong. Filmed in a single plane and continuously, one of the last scenes of the film happens in toilets is performed brilliantly and actors have definitely offered one of their best performances. But there is one caveat, however: the film suffers from a few lengths.

By alternating the jury's deliberations with the non-linear story, the choice of this production is perfectly sensible. Sudhir Mishra has not hesitated to use the voice-over to give more rhythm to its history and about her. And of course the effect is successful. The suspense keeps you guessing until the end.

The choice of actors is really smart because they are both perfect for their characters. Rahul Varma interprets a law man and at the same time, he manages to make us doubt it, one wonders. Is he able to come to such extremes? Arjun Rampal really gave the best of himself and the result is really exceptional. Sudhir Mishra was able to push his players to their limits to embody their characters perfectly: suffering, love, mood swings, trouble. We get more emotions and the result is spectacular.
Arjun is a very good actor but with Inkaar, he now rise to another level. He is a great actor!

As for Chitrangada Singh, she also deserves praise. Her role was not easy to interpret because it was, like her partner, playing on the ambiguity of her character. This is certainly not so easy to doubt the viewer and hold spellbound for two hours. Chitrangada Singh was able to pass her emotions, frustration, ambition and it is really excellent.

As you can see, we loved Inkaar not only for the history and the way it was done, but also for the provision of bluffing two main actors. Sudhir Mishra offers us a beautiful film of suspense, which certainly does not leave indifferent spectator. Despite a dip, we let quickly taken by this story and suspense is maintained far end. A beautiful film!

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