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Inkaar about the inability of ambitious people coming to terms with sexual politics and desire at work place starring Arjun Rampal, Sandeep Sanchdev, Shivani Tanksale, Deepti Naval, Mohan Kapoor, Vipin Sharma, Rehana, Gaurav Dwivedi and Chitrangada Singh directed by Sudhir Mishra is a Indian drama romance film produced by Viki Rajani.
 Inkaar is a classic meatloaf Bollywood. Do not miss the call no typical feature of the popular Hindi language film industry, and each ingredient is present in doses sufficient to ensure indigestion. The film gutter rhetoric rivers, riddled as it is with sermons and stereotypes. Even from a structural point of view, and we are in formal area hardcore film only for Bollywood hardened.

Impossible to list all the details that make Inkaar a perfect compendium of bollywood. The narrative structure, which not only blends the drama to comedy, but which develops stories which are independent incorporated into a frame that is a story too. Amore. Pathos. Action. Dances. Enough to carouse. The stereotypical characters the woman with honor and courageous and of course the Hero, dark and invincible.

The events, which are also stereotyped the Accident, the Affair, the drama, the abuse of power, Tragedy, Revenge, Redemption, the Happy Ending. The item-song, excellent not for nothing that the director is one of the pioneers of this tradition, always generous, in the rousing sinuous and refined in the traditional.

The choreography refined, the glittering costumes, the scenery rich and colorful features also present in the song, played with class. The soundtrack, which boasts even composers for the symphonic musical score. And of course to them, the Divi, a juicy cluster surrounded by a host of smaller players tested.

The film, opens with a combative statement. The characters and the events narrated in the film is an echo of what is happening around us, in the so-called civil world. The voices, the cries, the tears, the appeals were amplified so that the deaf can take note. The greatness of a civilization is measured on the basis of social status accorded to women.

Sudhir Mishra, director of the critically acclaimed, did not forget anything in his meatloaf infuses everything in India brings a film to success. And it does so with remarkable skill. Inkaar is well written, well told, well directed, well acted. But are the Genio and the Cunning of Mishra to amaze one. If you have a strong message to be transmitted, in India as you can reach the widest possible audience. Easy crafting a glistening, perfect, complete, traditional, rhetorical, stereotyped, horrible compendium of bollywood. Mishra presents events and stereotyped characters, but them and turns them into crumbles before our eyes bleary from colors and dances, and it injects its message. That is anything but Bollywood.

We are faced with two opposite to each other that they overlap and blend. The director does not give up his love for realism, but at the same time recognizes the means Bollywood the enormous value of a social phenomenon. It cleverly exploits the impact and resonance. The film revolves around extraordinary women. Vivi. True. Integral with each other. The Actress, proud and independent, lives her life in an unconventional way. Disappointed by the man she loves, rebels publicly and in the most irreverent. And, despite the harsh punishment, not to be broken.

The is spontaneous and lively. It is the tragedy experienced by the plaintiff in a superb way perfect. Energetic, tragic, heartbreaking also impeccable. The actors is not convincing, perhaps guilty of a really poor, even though his velvet voice would melt an iceberg in the North Pole has dropped well in his role the traditional hero lethal gaze, the threat of silence, the thunderous voice But, in my opinion, to get along better: his character is lovable, and he plays with lightness and sympathy.

The events, those stereotyped not domestic violence, the status of women always subordinate, segregation, taboos, corruption. The sermons: rhetorical, of course. But beyond the form, the message is clear and precise the conviction of a society that exploits women and denies them even the most basic rights.
The men consider women the door to hell, but it is through that door that is in the world. The Virtuous Woman, denouncing the tradition of segregation. Optimally employed. Meet courageous women and humiliated. Men of corrupt and violent. And she found the courage and self-respect.

Inkaar is not an easy film. Raises several issues related to women, but it does so through clich├ęs and stereotypes. Inkaar is grand, sumptuous, opulent. The sets are lovely. Unfortunately, this colorful film is a disappointment in black and white, especially in the second half. Despite the sensitive interpretations, the film is too simplistic. There is no room for the gray Men are Black, women White. 

Inkaar 2013 Theatrical Trailer (A) | HD | Arjun Rampal & Chitrangda Singh

Inkaar HD Wallpaper Starring Chitrangda Singh, Arjun Rampal Hot Wallpaper Chitrangda Singh, Arjun Rampal from Inkaar Hot Chitrangda Singh Inkaar Movie WallpaperInkaar HD Wallpaper Chitrangda Singh in sareeInkaar HD Wallpaper Chitrangda Singh, Arjun RampalInkaar HD Wallpaper Starring Chitrangda Singh, Arjun Rampal
Chitrangda Singh Hot Closeup face wallpaperHot Chitrangda Singh Inkaar Movie WallpaperInkaar Wallpaper Hot Chitrangda Singh, Arjun RampalInkaar HD Wallpaper Starring Chitrangda Singh, Arjun RampalChitrangda Singh lears how to wisel from Arjun Rampal

Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014
Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014Chitrangda Singh For Maxim Magazine, India, May 2014

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