Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Art of Cosmic Sex

The pattern of the primitive couple met in many religions around the world, but it often takes the place of a supreme deity passed the background. However, this pair is itself the projection or the consequence of a separation occurred within this supreme deity considered androgynous. Thus the ancient religions have given a lot to the couple of a god and a goddess, liturgies celebrating their sacred marriages, myths recounting their love and cosmic sex and unions.

One of the oldest myths that has been preserved depicts the couple deified Heaven (male) and the Earth (female), whose union gives rise to all living beings. Life is not in nature to be a linear phenomenon and this nonlinearity concerns the whole existence and also the spiritual development of the human being. All energy dynamics that are at the basis of creation are spiral movements. Each level of the spiral contains a potential which automatically opens at other levels. This is the same principle of evolution. This phenomenon we call life is in its essence a continuous process of creative evolution.

Our fantasies of the eastern practice of Tantra is a chasm. In fact, sex is only one means among many other tantric techniques to access the petals, that is to say, spiritual awakening. Tantra does not deny the body like other religions or traditions. Instead, the body and the senses is to be fully known and assumed.

Tantra is actually a rite, that of Maithuna of the sacred sexual union. After a long initiation, the follower can sometimes get to this stage which will allow him to awaken the energy that lies dormant in him. This energy is considered feminine, creative and cosmic. The sexual union can be achieved with a woman of flesh, or simply with the inner woman that each contains in itself.

For the rite, it does not necessarily imply sexual relationship. A sensory relationship with the partner, through the voice, the look, touch or a meditation can lead to the same spiritual awakening. In all cases, the woman is not considered to itself but as the cosmic feminine energy, which can lead to a higher state.

Moreover, in the sexual relationship, it is she who leads. The man is not passive, but abandoned, motionless, holding his breath and fluids. The outstanding feature of tantric orgasm is that it must be without ejaculation. The man should not spread his seed. Maithuna is actually a very codified ritual where the purifications of ceremonial offerings and established postures provide access to physical and psychological transformations.

The purpose of this practice is, among others, to enter the male and female polarity for every human being to live fully conscious of the moment. The aim therefore is certainly not a personal ecstasy. Interestingly, however, understand that although the sexual embrace is built around physical sensations, it is strongly influenced by the flow of energy between the two lovers. When there is enough energy at the sexual center, the sensations of pleasure are caused by physical activity that provides only pleasure rather superficial and moderately satisfactory. When energy exchange occurs freely, pleasure is much stronger and dynamic.

The desire to possess, to dominate, to appropriate or angry feelings and even hatred, which naturally comes from this energy level, stimulate the passion and excitement. This first level of sexuality is fundamental to the fluidity and creative expression of vital energy. If the couple can go in these experiments with spontaneity as a game of energy, we can see that this dimension of sexuality leads to increased libido, sexual pleasures and also becomes a way to deepen the connection and love between two beings. Clearly, these are absolutely creative and not destructive energies.

Sexuality opens us to feeling and emotion. When you can access this level of connection, sexuality provides greater satisfaction. It causes a flow of energy that unites the sexual center and belly. It is through this connection that felt fully develops and brings new depth to the experience that enhances the pleasure of making love.

It is not uncommon during sexual intercourse, for the ones who are emotionally more open generally women, as the deep feelings opens the doors of emotion and provokes laughter, tears or the annoyance or irritation. These emotions can be accommodated and in a few moments they turn by themselves to make room for a deeper union. In this way, emotions are a gift and participate in the opening and ecstatic energy development.

As the body of the woman is slower to excite than the man and is said it takes at least eighty minutes before the true union can begin, it is necessary for women to influence the timing for if the partners must become one with each. This requires a real loss of ego of the two partners because our society teaches us that the man leads and the woman must be passive. The myth that orgasm is the peak of sexual experience is even more disturbing thing in a spiritually conscious sex life.

The maithuna can lead to experiences that orgasm may seem pale in comparison, in place of the original creation that the earth emerges, the cells multiply, life evolves in its many facets. The feeling that orgasm is necessary can be an anchor to immobilizing personality. If man does not reach the denouement, his emotional reaction can make it difficult to the fact that he let his personality.

On the other hand, if the woman uses fantasy or if it plays to stimulate their body and get a quick response, it loses the relationship with her partner. It is not wrong to do this. But prolonged moments of such a separation make the most ecstatic sexuality unattainable. Orgasm is not the most important end that ends this union and is a delightful punctuation in the act of love.

Woman must be primarily responsible for the timing of intercourse. It will slow things down if it feels that it is too fast, and suggest the next move, physically or verbally. To do this, she needs to lose her ego, to be very aware, at least initially, of her own body and what answer it wants.

Start slowly. Take a bath together. Throw rose petals in the bath water, light candles and incense in your bathing place. Look deep into the eyes until the faces are shifted, and the thoughts fade. Tell yourself how much you stand to each other. Now is the right time to let go of things learned, all lies and fears. Touch gently the face, shoulders, hair. After the bath, dry off each other with soft towels and massage with sacred scents, for example with amber in oil.

Lie down before a fire or on a bed with soft blankets, and massage each other with long, slow movements of the hands and arms. Press your hands a few centimeters from each side of the spine, sacroiliac, a sacred space of energy, to the base of the neck. Breathe deeply. While you massage one another, be aware of the present moment. Your world right now is that place where your fingers meet the body of the other. Concentrate on it. Where the flesh touches flesh, you already penetrate together in a sacred space.

When you are ready, sit comfortably face to face. If you use the sacraments to the expansion of consciousness, it is the right time to share them. Breathe deeply, look you in the eye again, and see yourself. See that exists beyond your body, and also in them, beyond your personalities, but acting through them. Be aware. While you contemplate the face of your partner can shift and change, go out and become shiny.

Deepen your meditation when you look at each of the third eye to third eye, it may be that you really see this third eye manifest in flesh, just above the eyebrows. Your inner core has waited so long, a life perhaps, for this intimate moment. You can enter this great dance, but not until your body tells you it's time. Until that time, stay seated quietly and look in the eye. Do not expect anything. Do not ask.

As sound waves that vibrate together in resonance or dissonance, if the vibrations are not integrated and harmony between you and your partner, true union is not yet attainable. Use a soft light as you do not want to make love in the dark but to amplify the sense to expand each vision, sound, smell, with the wonder of each. It is a meditation in concentration. This is a visualization, not in the spirit but in the flesh. This gift and wonder is given to those who really want to find cosmic love that radiates all on all levels of reality.

After a while, however, which can be long or short, it is possible that you want to touch you, feel the heat of the flesh. Fingers gently move in unison, dance together in the air in a long caress that does not lead, and is not done either, but that is a simple knowledge of the other. You touch the shoulders, face, breasts. You can lose consciousness and do not know who are the fingers, and that is the skin that receives your two bodies become one body that slowly caress himself. You can feel the humor, joy, sorrow or even travel beyond all felt lost in the dance of sweet flesh touching flesh.

Optionally, you may want to be closer. This could be hours or days appear, but since you are traveling in and out of time with no destination in mind, it does not really matter. Finally closest contact of need develops. If you separate in time and become two again, that's fine. When you know it's time, your body will become more intimate. Keep your body calm. Just a very slow pulse energy. You are safe together.

Your vision becomes psychedelic. You are locked in an embrace that ends duality. Possibly there is only flowering equality, disappearing borders. There is only the burning point of creation, the slow slide of the clear mud, storms that are raging over desolate landscapes, screams in the wild freedom. Or moving in large nebulae heavens. The movement begins; this beautiful energy that tightens and relaxes, feels, knows the ecstasy. While merging, you are yourself also, and the woman knows when to relax. Man knows when to step back a moment.

This is the meditation of self-control of which is to lose oneself and to find again the cosmic game of hide and seek which we all play our own paths. It is possible to stop and start again numerous times. You may even want to separate yourself, you feed each other, talk, and return once more to the sexual union. You can sit, melted into a hug for hours, making the experience of levels of being almost infinite.

When the time is right, there are more than two persons. There are only a shared awareness of the movement of molecules, be yourself in the body of the Source, to be the Source itself. Sometimes an explosion permeates every atom of your consciousness until there is nothing left of you. Together, you have become the universe in the very deepest core of your being.

It is interesting to understand that even though many people have nice experiences of love in the context of sexuality, during sexual union, it is a form of separation between sex and heart. This results in an experience, sexual and passionate at times, intimate and loving at other times; one successive to the other and vice versa without they can be experienced simultaneously.

The blossoming of sexuality allows the individual to be more open to life and become naturally more creative. Most people equate creativity with art, but it is actually a state of mind and a way of being. It is an existential principle that can be applied to a thousand and one things.

What is said or what is done can be creative or not. This creativity is also reflected in the choices we make the more we are more creative palette of possibilities increases. The opposite is also true: the choices and less creative actions restrict and confine the individual in repetitive patterns. Being creative is to explore the various opportunities available to us and breathe life in all that we live.

When sex and love can be experienced together, there is a union of the physical body and the soul within ourselves and with each other. This union brings much joy. It is the experience of true happiness.