Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cosmic Sex

Cosmic sex an independent Bengali film from India starring Rii Sen, who won a best actress award at Osian's for her bold act entrapped in the web of love, sex and jealousy explored the possibility of using sex to achieve God depicted without frills through a woman by award-winning Kolkata based film director Amitabh Chakraborty.

The film works primarily because it has the pace of a thriller, and its strength lies in the action scenes and tracking. The duo is completed to perfection and offers a couple of brave to which add a good acting. A tight, therefore, argues that the film so compelling. The director is a breed apart. In the seventies and eighties it became one of the main proponents of the cinema so-called parallel, and since then has never denied his roots. Indeed, it has opted for a combination of auteur cinema and mass of content and masala .

Hence the importance of film without boring, hot topics are treated follows the same rules, offering an incisive look on the Indian impact. Or at least this is the theme of the first half, thanks to what is really dramatic. Comparisons on the screen between the characters are explosive and engaging. The film completely abandons the main argument to embrace a different story altogether, represented by the traditional formula of extraordinary hero as opposed to the despicable.

The film does not erase the quality is a small, sensitive film that takes a look not fake the argument could depress, but the director chooses the way of the glass half full fear and despair are replaced by the desire to squeeze the fun out of life catch your attention with its gentle grace and dignity. The interpretations are exciting and instill credibility to the role that celebrate the life before the final farewell.

Tina, Rii and Puja during the pre-release party of Chandan Roy Sanyal's upcoming film, held in Kolkata.

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