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Golmaal 3 has revived the director actor duo Rohit Shetty, Ajay Devgan, the box office on fire once again after the victory of Golmaal returns on the occasion of Diwali and All the best fun begins. In light of this enviable hattrick, and considering the entire filmography of Shetty with the exception of the debut film, Zameen, which is an action movie, we analyze the characteristics of successful comedies of director Golmaal, Sunday, Golmaal returns, All the best: fun begins and Golmaal 3.

Ajay Devgan seems to be the common denominator. The star is in fact the protagonist to date of all the titles Shetty very well known is the friendship that binds them all along. In the plays of Shetty, Ajay abandoned land most familiar to devote himself to comic roles, passing the test is not exciting in spite of the quality of the films. Put it this way: even Devgan will have bills, school fees, fees of the dentist to pay.

All comedies are now regular cast crowded and names: Arshad Warsi a favorite, absent only in All the best, Tusshar Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor , Shreyas Talpade, Johny Lever, Sanjay Mishra, et cetera. The unrealistic action scenes are as essential as the gag comic. Fights, explosions, car chases. Vintage cars or at least from the design original, brightly colored, who seem to live its own life, climb everywhere, unlikely to engage in duels, collide happily curl leaves like puffs.

Scripts are taillissime, with the exception of Sunday. The two-dimensional characters. The premise remains the same with the exception of Sunday slackers who eke out a living with small scams or who live by their wits, and the belle of the moment to conquer or to maintain. The photograph is of excellent quality and enhances the colorful pastel hues September but saturated or fluorescent. It's all fake and deliberately ultra-ultra-fluffy: scripts, characters, situations, sets, costumes. Location vacationer Goa. Soundtrack perfect for beach parties but not memorable choreography.

Could not capture the similarity between the comedies of Priyadarshan and those of Rohit Shetty protagonist ahem muse Akshay Kumar for Priyadarshan for Shetty and Ajay Devgan cast crowded actors regulars chaotic end in which all the characters are involved. The works of Priyadarshan, however, seem more divided, with shots often very technical, and with an irresistible atmosphere from freerange Indian hinterland.

So how to judge the films of Rohit Shetty. Do not expect sophisticated and intelligent comedies. Rather than return children enjoy the colors, the funny tic of the characters, fisticuffs, flying cars and fireworks. Sunday is perhaps the most interesting title do not miss the exhilarating performance of Irrfan Khan. But G3 is the one that has grossed more.

G3 seems to be the best chapter in the trilogy, with a minimum of emotional quotient beyond the gags and action scenes. The representation of the characters suffer from stuttering and mutism is indelicate, but apart from that there is no shortage funny episodes: the meeting between the two families on the occasion of the marriage, and especially the scene rewarded as the best of 2010 at the Filmfare Awards really enjoyable even if inelegant.

Pritam (Mithun Chakraborty) again meets Geeta (Ratna Pathak) after long years of separation. The union between the two had been thwarted in the past by her father (Prem Chopra). Both unmarried and adoptive parents of a group of orphans, decide, in collaboration with Daboo (Kareena Kapoor), to crown their dream of love. But what will people say. And above all: how to induce numerous offspring to accept the marriage.

The traditional small houses in pastel colors, the cars rounded shapes and loud colors, the festive Bollywood songs, sunsets-show in Goa. What do you want? Admire the scenery of G3 and you feel a fool. All that remains is to evaluate with renewed interest the option of escape. The official posters: sad and trivial, do not do justice to the look of the film effervescent.

In an industry where sequels rarely work, the brand Golmaal seems to have struck gold with its formula: make sense of the senseless. Golmaal 3 is the perfect film for Diwali. It 'not a brainless comedy aimed at a sophisticated audience. But no one complains because it's really fun and loud, thanks to the explosion of colors in the sets and costumes. G3 was stripped of some gag repetitive, but overall it's a hoot.

Golmaal 3 back to the seventies, and draws inspiration for his humor only from Bollywood. Virtually every dialogue and every scene almost reminiscent of another film or a celebrity. The cast and crew are certainly fun to shoot G3. Good for them. The major and minor characters are many, but the missing link is just the film. G3 lasts three hours, too many to be enclosed in a script, but the Diwali is knocking at the door and the narrative is not important enough antics and dialogues trite by any actor currently unavailable.


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