Guddu Ki Gun Movie Review

Guddu Ki Gun is an erotic comedy film based on an unconventional story starring Kunal Khemu, Aparna Sharma and Payel Sarkar

Guddu Ki Gun is an erotic film that focuses on the history of Guddu (Kunal), a Bihari who makes his living as a salesman on behalf of a company specializing in the manufacture of washing powder in Kolkata. He is a womanizer who likes to seduce women. The penis, the male organ of copulation Guddu, deflect the center of attraction in Guddu Ki Gun. The gun (rifle) refers to the body of the actor. This comedy is based on an unconventional story. The penis of the actor turn into gold whenever it is erect.

Of course, the actor finds himself in an uncomfortable situation. He is pursued by gangsters who want to seize the reproductive system of the hero because of his weight in gold. One thing is certain: it will not show the body of the actor. Several actors have refused this role. As for Kunal, he liked the concept and is convinced that comedy will be accepted by moviegoers.

Sameer Arya (Tusshar Kapoor), Pakiya Tiwari (Sharman Joshi), Gautam Sisodia (Kunal Khemu) and Martand Dhamdhere (Rajpal Yadav) are failures. In life, they have brought it to nothing, they have too little money to pay the rent, and think constantly new strategies to come to clay. Since sees Martand as in the neighboring house the beautiful Ritu (Tanushree Dutta) with their rich grandparents (Om Puri, Farida Dadi) feeds. The boys forge the plan that one of them is to marry the sweet girl to come to the family's wealth. But while they stand so stupid that all opportunities fizzle out - except for one: Ritu searches for her missing brother Jai and therefore the four pretend to be his friends.

Loud, long and laughing free - so you can almost summarize any comedy by Priyadarshan and save a detailed critique. The same annoying humor, the same old jokes that always typical hysteria seizures and confusion. If a more than elicit a yawn, you can already consider themselves lucky. Dhol is the latest coup by Priyadarshan and is based, like so many of his films previously on a South Indian hit, in this case the Malayalam hit In Harihar Nagar in 1990.

But not really matter what the concept is based, it is a bit tiring as almost all the ideas of the supposed comedy experts. Varying doing perhaps the occupation. This time Priyadarshan recruited a younger squad and already led by solid but shapeless Tusshar Kapoor. Sharman Joshi (Rang De Basanti) acts sympathetic , but unspectacular. It is surprising to see Kunal Khemu in the ensemble, its two first films were Kalyug and Traffic Signal but dramas. In his first comedy he reflected quite well. But the best way is Rajpal Yadav, the last in small supporting roles was at the right pain in the ass, but here as ugly duckling of the quartet has few on his side.

The crew is completed by the provisioned Om Puri, the bored Tanushree Dutta, the colorless Arbaaz Khan, the usual loud G. Asrani and Payal Rohatgi who wants to work your way from the cheap sex symbol to serious actress, and thus at least halfway succeeds - does convince particularly they do not anyway. Also behind the camera nobody runs on top form, certainly not Priyadarshan himself with his uninspired staging and dramaturgy tabs. Also not Pritam though he has some appealing song compositions in the film.

Of course, ultimately comes down out whether you like this kind of hectic and often clumsy humor or not. I do not like him - I despise him even because he only sees in this offensive unconcentrated and completely soulless little variation of timing and wit. Since one longs to Monty Python, by Peter Sellers, for sugar-Abrahams-sugar, according to British humor, Japanese-nonsense, according to Italian RambaZamba.

Priyadarshan, however, represents the decline of humor, for the lowest common denominator and a film culture of frugality. No risk, no intelligence, no talent. Two stars there generously for a few at the beginning and the average songs, but at the latest when at the end of the thriller subplot just bored, it is clear that once again Priyadarshan wants to bring a stale broth to the audience. I decline with thanks.

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