Tapur Tupur

Star Jalsha, the trailblazer in Bengali GEC space, has given its group of onlookers extraordinary stories and novel substance, be it fiction or true to life. Keeping up to this guarantee, Star Jalsha is good to go to roll the bundle of excitement with the idea of Dupurer Jalsha. It will invigorate the tedious evenings as it extends the prime time to twelve with three new appears, Tapur Tupur, Tomar Jonney and Sukher Ghore Star, beginning from February 14, between 2 pm and 3.30 pm, Monday through Saturday.

The three new shows guarantee to convey excitement, through which the lady at home can distinguish herself with the characters and identify with her normal life effectively. While the lady is occupied for the duration of the morning with family tasks and the night prime time discreetly slips under the control of her kids, spouse or other relatives, "Dupurer Jalsha" is something perfectly customized for her. Jalsha characters in this opening mirror the lady in you and easily catch you in their stories. "Dupurer Jalsha" will without a doubt add a flash to the evening broadcast of projects and keep you needing for additional.

Tapur Tupur, coordinated by Anup Chakraborty, is a story of two sisters who are oppositely inverse characters. Tapur is the sole bread worker for the family and she is full grown and hopeful. Tupur is eager and aches for notoriety and riches. Tupur left the house and her gang to look for her fortune. At that point one day, she makes a garish rebound and is grasped by her guardians who once had declined to recognize her for her wrongdoings.

Tapur is left thinking about whether affection could be blinded by the flicker of gold. The two sisters land at a crossroads where a skirmish of qualities, standards and ethics will result and the two stand against each other for their separate beliefs.

Produced by Blues, the show has been shot broadly in Kolkata and gloats of the best of photography by PB Chaki. Music is by Snehashish Chakraborty. The show has Sandipta Sen and Ananya Biswas as the lead, Tapur and Tupur, individually and numerous other acclaimed performing artists.
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