Puthagam Movie Review

Puthagam marks the directional presentation of unmistakable TV character Vijay Adhiraj. It is trusted that he had the thought for this film right around 14 years back and the thought has at last discovered its minute in the sun on the extra large screen with a Pongal discharge. Vijay Adhiraj tries to weave this story with a blend of new faces and some dependable old stallions.

Puthagam is basically around three young fellows who get themselves tormented with cash related issues, both when their pockets are unfilled and when it's flooding. The wellspring of their freshly discovered wealth and the underlying driver for the whole circumstance make up whatever is left of the account of Puthagam.

The three young people being referred to are played by Sathya, who as the storyteller himself brings up looks somewhat like his sibling Arya, Sanjay Bharathi, child of veteran Santhana Bharathi (as an additional joke, he likewise gets the opportunity to call his dad names in the film), and Vignesh who was most recently seen in Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi. The principal portion of the motion picture rotates around setting up these three characters.

The mandatory affection edge is recompensed to Sathya as he gets the opportunity to sentiment Rakul Preet Singh, who plays a news channel journalist. To the extent exhibitions go, the youthful cast has performed with genuineness however it's Rakul Preet Singh who sparkles the most with a sensible and delicate acting showcase. Indeed, even her mouthing of words makes the lip sync look characteristic and the executive, alongside the performer, must be credited for working towards such vital specifying.

The other cast individuals comprise of a cosmic system of well known TV faces and character specialists like Uma Padmanabhan, Suresh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Santhana Bharathi, Fathima Babu and Mano Bala to give some examples. Jagapathy Babu is a critical character to the procedures playing an easygoing firearm throwing hired fighter and he has Rachna Maurya as his explosive such as side kick. The prepared easing so as to support cast all experience their desires through their parts.

In fact Puthagam looks great, credit to the cinematographer Laxman Kumar who has figured out how to demonstrate the beautiful side of the carefree youths and the more darker and evil side of the conspiring reprobates. James Vasanthan conveys some foot-tapping tunes that have been shot in beautiful areas abroad, and his capable foundation score includes fundamental show for the imperative scenes.

Where Puthagam neglects to be an energizing page-turner is in its diverted screenplay. Timing at about 150 minutes, Puthagam contains a few scenes that hamper the power and stream of the first plot, which is uncovered just minutes before the interim. Knocking off the out-dated manly relationship and its related connections could have made Puthagam racier. Another region where the film misses the mark concerning getting your consideration is in its long dialog groupings which in a perfect world could have been crisper. One feels that the chief could have utilized different method for story strategies to break the repetitiveness of discussions.

Despite the fact that Vijay Adhiraj's expectations were to serve up a fascinating thriller for a wide range of crowd, the aftereffect of what may have been an edge of the seat thriller transforms into a long dramatization loaded with the typical slants played by common characters.

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