Vedhalam Movie Review

The next film of actor Ajith Kumar directed by Siruthai Siva whose title has been revealed as Vedhalam is expected in Diwali.

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For Deepavali, Ajith is back in Vedhalam and he always much class. Deepawali is both an expected and dreaded period by the filmmakers, because it plays big and no missteps is tolerated. This warm period for the cinema business has seen many disillusioned favorites and other outsiders emerge the reverse also happens, but few small films dare to enter the arena of Deepawali, traditionally reserved for behemoths.

In the south, the 2015 edition of the festival of lights, between two heavyweights, Thoongaavanam with Kamal Hassan and Vedalam with Ajith Kumar. Directed by Siva, who had previously worked with the actor in Veeram in 2014 Vedalam is a masala action, most likely coupled with a horror comedy because vedalam means ghost or spirit in Tamil.

Vedalam met for the first time on screen, two talented actresses who share the bill with Ajith Kumar: Shruti Haasan and Lakshmi Menon. If Shruti Haasan is LA starlet of the moment, which makes the big films with all the superstars of the country, like Vijay, John Abraham or Mahesh Babu, Lakshmi Menon is a much more discreet and local actress, who only turns in budget Tamil.

The idea to associate these two actresses who enjoy a great popularity among the masses (Shruti) and a more family audience (Lakshmi), allows the director Siva hit different targets and hope as well, a great success . The rest of the cast is made ​​up of faces known as Soori, Thambi Ramaiah and Rahul Dev and the film is produced by S. Aishwarya who had worked with Ajith for Yennai Arindhaal.

The band's Vedalam was composed by Anirudh Ravichander, very fit at the moment and basking in the success of Naanum Rowdy Thaan. Songs like Veera Vinayaka and especially Aaluma Doluma have so much on the radio card, the wait is monstrous to discover the clips. The film wants more localized than other outputs, and with the exception of a clip shot in Milan, most of Vedalam was imaged in Chennai.

The director wanted to focus on the action, and antagonistic roles were entrusted to physical actors like Rahul Dev and Kabir Singh Duhan. Moreover, Ajith Kumar was slightly injured during the shooting, during the execution of a scene perilous action. But more fear than harm, and great professional, the actor returned to the team fast enough to finish his scenes and enchainer in stride (without a break) dubbing sessions, to take the time and complete the film on time.

Vedalam is a film that promises many surprises because we know both, many and not enough to guess the plot. The meaning of the title, leaves no doubt as to the fantasy aspect of the film, and since we're talking about Ajith Kumar, there will be comedy, good feelings and action scenes. The actor interprets a dual role of a taxi driver and a local mafia kingpin.

Shruti Hasan is a lawyer who will most likely help the heroes and fall in love. Finally Lakshmi Menon interprets the sister of Ajith and it seems that his character will be important in unexpected and supernatural encounter between the taxi and the mafia. The current fashion of horrific comedy seems to have inspired the combo Ajith Kumar Siva-and it is hoped that their new collaboration to be as successful as Veeram.

The next film of actor Ajith Kumar directed by Siruthai Siva whose title has been revealed as Vedhalam is expected in Diwali. Producer AM Rathnam started selling the film distribution rights. The rights for Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe were acquired by Ayngaran International during pre-production of the film. The rights for the Tamil Nadu were sold at a record price in excess of the rights of Yennai Arindhaal. The duo Ajith - Siva having given the success Veeram distributors are confident about the film.

The young Tamil Saravanan (Dhanush) hopes to make much money in Singapore. It can be summed up by a recruitment agency in the island state - but there he realizes that he will only be exploited. The pass, he has to give, he must stay in a mass barracks and wage he gets very little. Much of it goes to pay off the mediation. For three years he will probably have to work in order to be at all back to zero. To make a profit, he looks for a job as a car washer. But as he lies down in the house with a Chinese to who wants to then burn Saravanan's pass.

There is a dispute, the Chinese crashes and dies. Saravanan flees. Here he meets the man for whom he has worked in the part-time job. He is on the run from gangsters and asks Saravanan to bring his niece Shalu (ABARNA) safely to India. But the family would pay him 300 000. rupees. Saravanan accepted and he is wanted by the police, to have the two hit by overland to Calcutta. Along the way they come closer. Dhanush is a great guy.

The young Tamil is spindly and still plays on as an action hero. But I was already at the super hit Kadhal Konden amazed and also here at Purhu Kotaiyilirinthu Saravanan works. This is because that action scenes are well choreographed Dhanush that the man has a surprising screen presence and develop charisma. And that he has a penchant for self-irony. When wrestling with strong Burmese opponents smile on his thin arms and his non-existent biceps. And Shalu even among his prominent ribs. So you ertägt then easily that he beat up half a dozen well-built Thais in the water. Or in the best Bruce Lee style with the

Dhanush is just a teen-action hero of a special kind. His film Baby ABARNA is sweet, other actors play a marginal role. The subplot with two Tamil brothers and an obscure Frauentausch is absolutely unnecessary and only serves as comic relief. In order for the film 149 minutes, although he would have been feasible in about two hours. The main story is entertaining enough. The songs on the film values. Nattu sarakku is a superb danced, cool number. Powder Pedal is very sensual but out of place. Baby Baby is a weak song and will not improve that it is censored on DVD.

One often hears no sound and is below censored. One can imagine that the lyrics are substantial, because to be exotic beauties Dhanush meander in minimalist clothing. The other two songs are moderate. PKS is an extremely heterogeneous film with hints of racism against people but he is loosely staged, full of action, humor and romance and offers a charismatic leading man. The hanger of Story (Tamils ​​are abused abroad as cheap labor) has quite a socially critical component. Young Tamil cinema, which can compete with the northern Bollywood colleagues well in my opinion.


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  1. Thanks for revealing the title of Ajith's next theater release! Seems like a super action film...