Purhu Kotaiyilirinthu Saravanan

Saturday, October 05, 2013

The young Tamil Saravanan (Dhanush) hopes to make much money in Singapore. It can be summed up by a recruitment agency in the island state - but there he realizes that he will only be exploited. The pass, he has to give, he must stay in a mass barracks and wage he gets very little. Much of it goes to pay off the mediation. For three years he will probably have to work in order to be at all back to zero. To make a profit, he looks for a job as a car washer. But as he lies down in the house with a Chinese to who wants to then burn Saravanans pass.

There is a dispute, the Chinese crashes and dies. Saravanan flees. Here he meets the man for whom he has worked in the part-time job. He is on the run from gangsters and asks Saravanan to bring his niece Shalu (ABARNA) safely to India. But the family would pay him 300 000. rupees. Saravanan accepted and he is wanted by the police, to have the two hit by overland to Calcutta. Along the way they come closer ... Dhanush is a great guy.

The young Tamil is spindly and still plays on as an action hero. But I was already at the super hit Kadhal Konden amazed and also here at Purhu Kotaiyilirinthu Saravanan works. This is because that action scenes are well choreographed Dhanush that the man has a surprising screen presence and develop charisma. And that he has a penchant for self-irony. When wrestling with strong Burmese opponents smile on his thin arms and his non-existent biceps. And Shalu even among his prominent ribs. So you ertägt then easily that he beat up half a dozen well-built Thais in the water. Or in the best Bruce Lee style with the

Dhanush is just a teen-action hero of a special kind. His film Baby ABARNA is sweet, other actors play a marginal role. The subplot with two Tamil brothers and an obscure Frauentausch is absolutely unnecessary and only serves as comic relief. In order for the film 149 minutes, although he would have been feasible in about two hours. The main story is entertaining enough. The songs on the film values. "Nathu sarakku" is a superb danced, cool number. "Powder Padal" is very sensual - but out of place. "Baby Baby" is a weak song and will not improve that it is censored on DVD.

One often hears no sound and is below "censored". One can imagine that the lyrics are substantial, because to be exotic beauties Dhanush meander in minimalist clothing. The other two songs are moderate. PKS is an extremely heterogeneous film with hints of racism against ostastiatischen people - but he is loosely staged, full of action, humor and romance and offers a charismatic leading man. The hanger of Srory (Tamils ​​are abused abroad as cheap labor) has quite a socially critical component. Young Tamil cinema, which can compete with the northern Bollywood colleagues well in my opinion.

Karthik (Farhan Akhtar) is an introverted young man who lets himself be walked on by a rude chef, chores done everyone at the office and secretly dreams of his pretty colleague Shonali (Deepika Padukone). One day he bought a new phone, and his life changes: a man calls every day at 5 am.

This man knows everything about him and teaches him to overcome his crippling shyness, to exist at last. The man's name Karthik. It would be disoriented for less than that ... But by following his advice, Karthik's life changes completely everything, and when Shonali accepts his friendship, one suspects he will not stop there.

It is not possible to go further without disclosing the springs of the plot, but I encourage you to discover Karthik Calling Karthik, a film rather atypical, the story of a man not quite like any other.
The talented Farhan Akhtar was instrumental in the success of the film, we made ​​a Karthik multifaceted, sometimes desperate, lost, floating on the surface of a world that know, but who also knows how to be charming and decided, love tenderly, who can fight to try to understand what happens to him, to control his life. And all this with great gentleness, continuity in this character that makes him very endearing and which we believe in, from start to finish.

The actor has definitely a lot of presence, a game while subtlety that is well suited in this scenario, a particular voice, phrasing suited to his character. At his side, Deepika Padukone is in the tone of this intimate film. The couple is quite credible, relationships ring true, full of humor and anxiety, she was disappointed by other men before him, who can tell him everything.

Karthik Calling Karthik is the first film by Vijay Lalwani, who wrote and directed. The script is well constructed, with just enough suspense, strangeness, so that in between this story and make you want to finally understand what is happening to this man. Farhan Akhtar has co-produced the film with his longtime partner, Ritesh Sidhwani (Dil Chahta Hai), we realize that the adventure has tempted.

It emerges from Karthik calling Karthik a kind of bittersweet poetry, as we do not meet so often. The songs of Shankhar Ehsan Loy are well integrated and pleasant, but it is the background music that is most remarkable, it has a real added value and contributes to this particular climate that bathes the film.

Nugam features Jaybala, Iniya, Vijayakumar, Ganjakarupa and Preethi written and directed by Jeffy is a Tamil drama action thriller film produced by Synergy Creations.

In this time of Euro football, take advantage of it to speak with one of the few Indian films evoking the sport so little popular in India. Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, or nationalism for Dummies speaks of the identity crisis of a young football player called Sunny (John Abraham). Born in England to Indian parents, he dreams of playing for a big club. However, it is confronted with racism on the one hand and on the other the rejection of the Indian community in South Hall, the London borough where he lives.

Nobody understands why this indeed become David Beckham, Zidane with this hairy top speed of Messi and velocity of a Eto'o do not want to play Southall Football Club, an amateur club that n ' A match has not won for 25 years and whose existence is threatened. His own father even accuses him of wanting to integrate clubs "white" where it could not be accepted, instead of playing in a team composed exclusively of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis thus all from the Great India pre-partition.

Sunny eventually integrate the club of spite after being returned to his team. He does it without understanding the special aura that transforms the South Hall Football Club in a national team substitute for the Indian community in the neighborhood. The proof with a fiery speech from Captain Shaan (Arshad Warsi good) Access to the independence of the Indians without a slap, after centuries of servitude, when the English colonist took him, resorting to arms for held at gunpoint! A patriotic fervor relayed by the coach (Boman Irani in a correct provision) which makes it clear to Sunny that he must play "  with his own  "!

So after a subtle brainwashing with blows of "  traitors  "or"  you've become a real white  "pressures of his father, his girlfriend (a transparent Bipasha Basu) and his teammates ( half of which the "one pack" a paunchy beer drinker Emeritus), that Sunny was a revelation. " I am Indian, and nothing else , "he said. This involves only play with the South Hall team, and to defend his English colors face these wicked. Nevermind the cliché and recurrent figure of the white and racist redneck, threatening that piece of imported India (represented by the club with an English company wants to buy the land into a shopping center).

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is a strange film. Despite his friendliness (correct delivery of actors, good achievement, pleasant songs), he puts above all back to back (unintentionally) racist and their victims. In response, they finally show as much openness in the way they consider the Other. Exit the values ​​of sport on the gathering of peoples and cultures. There is nothing left except the " shake us elbows against the external enemy . " So we forget the symbolic gesture that shows the respect that we have for the opponent when these strong men with bulging muscles, shining through a thin film of sweat dripping on their manly chests, exchanged their jerseys (yes ladies and gentlemen, it's beautiful and it's noble football!).

Seriously it takes time to erase the wounds of a past steeped as that between India and England. It is also apparently some Indian filmmakers to learn to explain, without always there stupidly dumped their own chauvinism, the resulting problems for immigrant populations. Especially those of a young clueless generation, divided between two cultures that it is hard to imagine exercise the outrageous patriotism exhibited here. Proof of this confusion, one of the few intelligent movie that shows scenes of the Sunny arguing with his father: he reproaches him rightly to have been a British citizen for about twenty years later asking him to reject this part it not to mention to sell off his sporting future for playing in a rotten team.

The difference in perspective between Indian and NRI filmmakers or filmmakers of Indian origin is also striking. The history of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal resembles Bend It Like Beckham , in which a young girl wants to play football but is confronted with the reluctance of his entourage. Yet where Gurinder Chadha (English filmmaker of Indian origin) advocates openness and miscegenation, Vivek Agnihotri plebiscite extreme communalism to combat racism and especially settle accounts with the former colonial power. See if export the field of the fight on English land makes it even more surreal about the movie! But nothing stops the director because the India almost invaded, surrounded on all sides, (" Piraeus, why there's so much bicoup English in the stands? ") does not break into a final confrontation that looks more like a match between the blues of Chelsea and the Reds of Liverpool (because of the color of the shirts, not the quality of players or realization mollassone games).

The amazing still that we owe this story to Anurag Kashyap, talented writer and author, among other dialogues Water (movie nominated for an Oscar), Satya , Yuva , Guru , Mixed Doubles , Deewaar , and the scenario of the great Black Friday (though ... from the moment also in his filmography include a film titled Shakalaka Boom Boom , everything is possible!).

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is not recommended despite the sex appeal of John Abraham with short hair.

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Purhu Kotaiyilirinthu Saravanan
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The young Tamil Saravanan (Dhanush) hopes to make much money in Singapore. It can be summed up by a recruitment agency in the island sta...

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