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Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga Review

The individuals who go to the silver screen corridors envisioning that Silk Sakkath Maga is a redo of the Bollywood hit The Dirty Picture, are in for some mistake. It's not a revamp of The Dirty Picture by any means. For, the Kannada film has nothing to do with the film or the late on-screen character Silk Smitha; it's a totally diverse anecdote around a wannabe performer called Silk. A lot of it is a skin show by Veena Malik and little else.

Silk recounts the tale of a town debutante called Vijayalakshmi (Veena Malik) who longs for turning into a major performing artist in Sandalwood. She comes to Bangalore, falls into a trap and grounds up in a massage parlor being controlled by Ammanni. There she wins the name of Silk and gets to be a standout amongst the most mainstream names. She meets a boisterous sheeter called Shivaraj (Akshay), they gradually develop close and in the long run get hitched. What takes after, makes up whatever remains of the film.

The story line can't be blamed, yet the treatment transforms the movies into a grown-up appraised performer pointed just at the masses. There's an overdose of skin appear and you can't resist the urge to imagine that that is the main reason Veena Malik was restricted in for the part; no other performing artist in Sandalwood would have made such a challenging endeavor. A poor screenplay additionally hampers the film and it winds up being smidgen exhausting.

Veena's eagerly awaited introduction in Kannada is an enormous disillusionment. In spite of the fact that she pulls off the intense scenes, she doesn't inspire something else. The exhibitions by others such as Akshay, Sana, Srinivasamurthy and Sadhu Kokila pass the summon. In spite of the fact that Akshay doesn't have substantial part, he demonstrates that he has developed as a performing artist through this film. Tunes by Jessie Gift are great. Jai Anand's cinematography is nothing to compose much about.

Executive Trishul had reported that Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga is for the family crowd. Yet, his film is excessively hot for the family swarm and must be appreciated by the frontbenchers.


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