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Orange Smoothie Recipe

We are in January and during this time we have the privilege of being able to still make use of winter fruit like oranges, kiwi, apple. For those who follow a power linked to the seasons and do not buy greenhouse vegetables, this is the right time to enjoy good smoothies with kiwi, apples and oranges. The apricot can be an interesting fruit to lose weight, why not add a lot of calories and is rich in fiber and nutrients. You can use the orange, flax seeds and ginger in a delightful mixture. Perfect to start the day, fruit smoothie give vitality, but also slimming.

Needless to say that such drinks are full of beneficial properties and health differ depending on the type of fruit and vegetables used. The kiwi and oranges are rich in vitamin C, useful for treating colds, combat anemia and consequences of a vegetarian diet. They are helpful, especially in this winter season, for those who are subject to flu and exhaustion. The apple contains pectin, a substance that can from toxic substances, and therefore very suitable in the diet of people living in particularly polluted areas or full of smog.

The skin is particularly rich in fiber and benign substances so it would be good to always buy organic apples to be sure of being able to also eat outside. For the recipe it is good to choose the kiwi, oranges and apples with a sweet taste, to avoid having to add sugar to needlessly increase the caloric intake.

The  smoothie is made ​​by blending the fruit preferably in their skins if edible, for its contribution in fiber to which you can add water, milk, liquid yogurt, juice and fruit juice. They must always be mixed well before drinking them to avoid that the solid part is at the bottom of the glass. The consistency of the smoothie has to be more liquid than creamy.

Peel the kiwis and apples (if apples are organic it is best not to peel them) and cut into slices and squeeze the oranges. Transfer to the blender the kiwi, the apples, apricots and the juice of oranges and add 200 ml of water. Blend all and serve.

Now there is no need to drink every day of this delicious smoothie that will give you excellent properties will be used to help release toxins and fat (very purification) and also gives you a lot of nutrients. It can happen to be perfect for breakfast, because at this time of the day the body is much more receptive.

Velvety, as the name implies, and full of health benefits, smoothies are the latest boom in terms of gluttony in line with the desire for healthy and natural. Richer than a juice, lighter than a milkshake, smoothie is a drink made from fresh fruit and in this case, coconut milk and orange. All that you need is a blender. And a deck, to sip and relax.

Feeling hungry but not yet time for lunch or dinner. You need something that gives you energy and you satisfied. Here is a super quick food. The fruit smoothie is a healthy drink made ​​of mixed fruits, which is made ​​even more creamy consistency by adding fresh milk. The fruit smoothie is a preparation ideal during the warmer months. Good, nutritious and rich in vitamins, it is a great recipe to increase children's appreciate for fruits. The fruit smoothie can be prepared using the fruit that you like and the fruit of the season and can be enriched with milk, as in our recipe with oranges, pineapples and bananas or according to your taste!

The smoothies are a category of drinks made ​​by blending various foods usually fruit or certain vegetables alone or together with a base of water, milk, yogurt or the like can be sweetened or fortified with other ingredients especially cocoa or vanilla. If the preparation is used also in the ice crushed it speaks more properly of milkshakes. Due to their composition, the smoothies are typically rich in vitamins and other nutrients consequently they are often marketed as foodstuffs healthful , possibly with the addition of other ingredients with special nutritional qualities, such as whey, soy milk, vitamin complexes, prepared herbal medicine and the like.


2 oranges
1 cup pineapple
1 cup milk
1 cup yogurt
1 banana
3 ice cubes
Mint leaves or thin orange slices

Recipe Method

In a blender, whip the peeled orange, pineapple slices, yogurt, milk and banana until smooth. Serve in tall glasses, garnished with an orange slice and mint leaf.


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