Renault Twingo

It gives you bother to see that the smartphone of your friends is equal to yours. The most common operating systems, after all, are two Apple iOs and Google Android. Yet no one complains if millions of mobile phones look alike. And most likely the same will happen to see that the shift lever or the door handle and other parts of the Renault Twingo is the same as the new smart. Also because it is for sure the first time you carry over of components between different car models.

Mercedes or rather, the Daimler Group, Renault seems to have found the right partner to make economies of scale, and finally start to earn money by building and selling the revolutionary city car designed by the father of Swatch watches. Yeah, because the smart is in the Top 10 of the models that have lost more money to the automakers, as you can read in this study , as well as look at the article that lists the brands that earn more . But marriage with Renault could be a good deal for the smart affectionate customers.

The main reason is technical. The industrial synergy with the Twingo makes it possible for the new small German to be more toy car and less. As for the suspension, first of all, since according to the manufacturer are rated more on the soft ones very hard of the current smart. And then there are the news on the face of change: the double-clutch should make us forget the slowness of the robotic adopted so far, while the manual being totally new for version fortwo two-seater offers a variant more to convince new customers. The engines are two. 

A three-cylinder naturally aspirated 999 cm3, which if we have not misinterpreted the data sheets should continue to be the origin of Mitsubishi, which already equips the smart today. Two power levels available: 60 and 71 hp, with maximum torque for the latter variant of 91 Nm at 2,850 rpm / min. For turbo engines, however, will switch to 899 cm3, 898, to be precise, according to smart of the engine 3-cylinder Renault 90 hp and 135 Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm / min.

The French brand seems to be the partner natural for smart, for the common desire of daring colors or the use of plastics. This alliance will then give another chance to the new 5 door smart forfour and should reverse the trend up to 2013 source Bernstein Research did lose to the Germans almost 4500 euro for every smart sold.



Jeevan said...

It’s a nice looking car come SUV and seems fuel efficiency among the diesel variety of SUVs!

Renault Duster said...

Renault Duster is a perfect SUV under 10 lac budget.The French automaker has launched a SUV which is spacious,powerful and looks beautiful.