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Saturday, April 04, 2015
The Renault Lodgy is a midrange minivan, produced by the car manufacturer Renault. The Lodgy was built on a new platform. It is a mid-size SUV that seats up to seven people. The third row of seats that fold-over is also removable. The Lodgy is a front-wheel drive. To debut was proposed with four engines: the 1.6-aspirated petrol 84 hp, the 1.2 turbo direct injection gasoline from 115 hp and the 1.5 turbo diesel with 90 or 110 hp.

Towards the end of 2012 the Lodgy has been subjected to crash tests and received three stars. After Logan, compared to other SUVs Duster, the Renault lacked just the minivan. Here is the Lodgy, in all its intelligence seven real seats, driving at all sports, accessories reduced to the bare minimum and a short list of extra charge. In short, the Romanian Tangier (Dacia is the first built at the Renault-Nissan Moroccan), has things to say.

It looks like a big car heavy, unattractive, of dubious quality, and then it turns out that the dimensions are very similar to those of the Logan MCV, that the performance of the 1.5 dCi are stunning (the shot is better than the Mercedes A-Class with the same engine!) and that board is not all bad. Features. On the external lines there is a lot to say. There minivan that are always admired from outside, such as the Renault Espace or the Citroën Picasso, while here the? Approach is less poetic and more "appliance": get on board and see if there? S what you need; if c? is, buy it. First, with respect to Logan some time ago, it's been light years. The dashboard is designed with taste, the materials are of good quality.

Together affects very favorably. The 7-inch display, the metal sections and plastics of different shades on the dashboard give a? Good reception. Too bad that the steering column is no longer fixed, but still not be adjusted in depth, the mechanism of lowering the front windows is not automatic even downhill and behind there are the cranks; Furthermore, the horn is on the lever and not the center of the steering wheel and mirror courtesy behind the? sun visor of the passenger is not resealable. So many little things, nothing serious though. Interior. In return, you are comfortable: even the highest are the right settings.

The navigation system Dacia Media Nav touch screen and includes all the most important functions, including Bluetooth for mobile phones. L wonder? Absence of the CD player, but there are outlets USB and Aux. Those who choose a Lodgy, not doing it for the two seats in front and behind, in the second row, you find a sofa essential, a little? too close to the front seat, does not offer a great comfort to the two or three passengers. On the other hand is easily folded to open the gate to the third row. Surprise: here is good, and compared to other seven seats on the most luxurious Lodgy can sit two adults.

The boot adapts to the number of occupants, but it is never too tight and if loading cargo extreme, which are of cabinets? Ikea, stairs house painting or surfboards, you can fold down the backrest of the front passenger count on a maximum length of 2.8 meters. As it goes. Some problems between the pins, terminated by a Esp a bit? rough, good braking even on the ice, discreet quiet ride and superior performance expectations. On pure driving pleasure, however, there? Was much to expect. You have to deal with? Honest car, but not perfect in?

 Bump absorption, in? Agility in traffic and in the steering. In general, the Lodgy is easy to drive and it shows perfectly to your height to address the? Use stressful, daily, of a large family, and especially long journeys on the road. Everything on the cheap in diesel. In summary. If you are looking for a minivan and seven comfortable and not too expensive, do not n? is: this is the best choice. Indeed, the? Only.

The most luxurious of Lodgy, for more full featured, still costs much less than any alternative. But you can not evaluate a? Self only in terms of price, and then know that this low cost Romanian "likely" to give you some satisfaction even apart from? Check to detach. Sa worthily receive the passengers in the third row and, in addition, provides stunning performance in some cases, even if driving pleasure, steering sensitivity and other details are to forget. In return, c? Is the? Esp, which guarantees a great safety.
Renault Lodgy
Kalyan Panja
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The Renault Lodgy is a midrange minivan, produced by the car manufacturer Renault. The Lodgy was ...

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Sunday, July 08, 2012 delete

It’s a nice looking car come SUV and seems fuel efficiency among the diesel variety of SUVs!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 delete

Renault Duster is a perfect SUV under 10 lac budget.The French automaker has launched a SUV which is spacious,powerful and looks beautiful.