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Once Upon A Time Season 6 Preview

Once Upon A Time images poster

Once Upon A Time returns on ABC, with the second part of the sixth season and we will end up exactly where we left with Queen and Emma (Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla), in Wish Realm. In the last scene of the final midseason, in fact, Regina has revised Robin (Sean Maguire) and the portal that would bring the two women to Storybrooke closed behind him. It will not be easy to go back, now that the Beanstalk option was wasted. We left the heroes divided into two worlds and both sides with big problems to deal with.

And, in this regard, some spoilers have already been revealed. The producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have released few details of what awaits us when the series resumes, talking about what they will have to do Emma and Regina to return to Storybrooke and beyond.

In the first extract of the premiere midseason, Rumple heads immediately to face his son, Gideon. The two have a confrontation where it seems that the guy is not even able to hit his father. If you cannot hit me, how do you expect to kill Salvatrice? But the problem is another. Rumple offers his help, but it will be for the good way or the bad news?

The second sneak peek star instead Hook and Charming. David is totally concerned about this situation. Prince feels guilty for what is happening in Storybrooke. Everything arose after that desire expressed to the Evil Queen. She could ask to bring back Emma and Regina at home, but instead wanted the Evil Queen had what he deserved. So Gideon arrived in the city that has transformed it into a Combra, but now he wants to kill Emma.
Killian is there to help him and bring everything back to normal.

We left the two main women of Once Upon A Time in the world of desires while meeting a well-known character, Robin Hood. But he is not the same Robin that we used to know. He is Robin of Locksley and a perfect thief, as tradition has it. He does not know who is Queen, and his purpose is only to rob the two ladies. In addition to this, now they're chased by Henry and the palace guards. Queen killed Snowing and, according to Henry, has kidnapped Emma.

But there is a doubt that assails Queen about Robin. If in this realm are obviously aged, why not him? According to Emma, it is because it is a world that does not exist and so everything is there. But if there was really a reason?

As we all know, the Queen did not use half measures in order to awaken from the spell of the Evil Queen Emma and has even come to kill Snow and Charming (Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas) in their alternative version of the elderly rulers of the Enchanted Forest, repeating that the figures were generated by a spell and therefore were not real. Things diametrically change when Mills face the alter ego of Robin Hood.

The emotions have taken precedence over reason. All that Emma said made perfect sense, but the emotions have prevailed. It is not hard to see why as the Queen had seen not one but two loves of her life, dying in her eyes, and she found herself in front of a alive and well Robin and her reaction was more than understandable. Now, however, with the portal which closed behind them, turning back will be very complicated.

Now that the two are trapped in the Wish Realm is an important factor to consider. Not only Emma and Regina must find a way to leave the Kingdom but they must flee from Sir Henry (Jared S. Gilmore), determined to find the queen and avenge the death of the sovereign. Add to this the difficulty of Regina to let go once again Robin, we can understand how Emma will present various difficulties.

We are in an alternate reality in which Emma is paired with the person who killed the king and queen. Of course, Robin is a kind of curveball that no one expected. The biggest obstacle is that everything is going on all at once. The producer, however, stressed that the second half of the season will take us to unexpected places.

While Emma and Regina have to find a way to get out of the Wish Realm, in Storybrooke things have been complicated by the arrival of the hooded figure, which we found to be Gideon (Giles Matthey), son of Belle and Rumple (DeRavin Emilie and Robert Carlyle), kidnapped and raised by the Black Fairy in a place where time flows so very different from the real one.

Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Charming (Josh Dallas) is the last defense remained in Storybrooke now that Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) is still under the effect of the sleeping curse and that the Swan and Mills are currently out of the movement. The two will strive to make sure that, on her return, Emma saves both and avoid the terrible fate.

They're really trying to figure out what to do with the big problem they are facing, namely the dark hooded figure that has come to Storybrooke with the intent to create havoc and has his eye on Emma. They firmly believe that Emma will be back and want to make sure that when that happens, the Swan will be safe. In the return of the series there will be multiple threats simultaneously in multiple realms. There's plenty of action and a lot of anxiety.


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