Saturday, May 13, 2017

Once Upon A Time: The Final Battle Begins

It was finally aired the highly anticipated musical episode of Once Upon A Time. I do not care if people hate musicals, I do not care if you find them stupid or meaningless. A series like OUAT is one of the few that really lends itself to singing and dancing, and the episode it showed. It was perfect everywhere, the songs were beautiful, the dances also, all joined to each other well.

I do not speak of narrative gaps, the boringness and things like that, because first of all we do not have and then honestly this repetition of negative comments also came a little bored. I loved it because I love musicals, I seemed to return to the times of Galavant (I miss so much), but with the seriousness of Once. I found all the actors very good in their performance. I must congratulate everyone and I also tell you that Colin sang and danced with a broken foot (I think the last part of the episode).

If it were not for the last minute, it s he would have been a perfect final series, but we still have to see what will show us. And I cried, but so! I shed tears while watching without subtitles, so imagine how I was when watching with subtitles. That is when I finally understood what they were saying.

I must say that the authors of Once Upon A Time have managed very well to incorporate a musical episode without upsetting each other or make the story absurd. Again, the songs are there in a series on the Disney fairy tales, more than any other series. And it was all set with a lot of sense. The desire of charmings was made exclusively for Emma. The Savior has to fight his last battle alone, but doing so will not be. Inside his heart there is the strength of all the inhabitants of Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest. He bears within itself a great power.

And this was definitely the episode that marks the end perfectly, even the new beginning, the Emma trail , which will have the final twice in the next episode. Jennifer Morrison was fantastic and his Emma has clearly shown the evolution that has made in the past six years. I have spoken many times of what has changed, for the better in recent years. It is the main character, is his story, and so must go.

Emma started from being a tough woman with a protective armor from the outside world because of all the pain and disappointment. He began slowly to open, before thanks to his son Henry, then his parents, and then Hook .
He fought many inner battles for herself and eventually realized that was never alone and that he no longer needs to be.

I find that this is his conclusion more worthy and next week we will see how things go once and for all. And speaking of this I would like to say something about the news that Jennifer Morrison announced the conclusion of his work in Once Upon A Time. I would say that after this episode rightly so, its history has been made , such as all regular, at most there may be Henry to have to continue.

As for the series in general, however, I am convinced for months that this is the last season and the authors have already decided long ago. I think all the news on the various questions of contract renewals, characters that come back and stuff are mere talk. It could be, for me, voices to divert attention from the grand final that they have prepared. If they announced the end of the series, journalists and fans would bomb the authors for information and spoilers. And if they wanted to keep for the end the silence, they could simply transmit the double episode and then bring up the word "END".

Otherwise, as suggested by some rumors, there could be a seventh and final season on all the stories left a bit pending. Maybe this could be a very interesting thing. A musical is successful if the songs are in the lead and they remained there. They were funny, deep and exciting.

The charmings is beautiful and so fantastic that David seemed to be exhibiting at the theater (in fact it did). Regina is wonderful with her song and especially the movements and ballet. Hook is always very priate across and his song fits perfectly. The'm still singing! The song of Zelena reminded me a bit like old musicals, she has a very sweet voice. Fantastic!

Emma did cry. Her words have simply told her path and she has a very sweet voice. The grand finale was the icing on the cake. The song gives hope, says that these are never end, but the beginning. Everything happened perfectly the words to the movements. Beautiful! Obviously for me the wedding of Captain Swan was beautiful. They were both beautiful and their promises to make you cry. They were exciting and they showed what they've always said.

Obviously the curse hurled from the Dark Fairy makes you realize that the free ride is over. And the final battle is really coming! I greet you and give you an appointment next week for the final double episode of the season and the series.