The Art of French Kiss

Saturday, February 07, 2015

The French kiss is certainly the most famous kiss, and is a close relative of the kiss with tongue. Its usually a romantic kiss, in which the languages ​​of the partner staying out of touch or entering into mouths. For those who are beginners, the French kiss is a kiss certainly more challenging than other types like the kiss to die or the Eskimo kiss, but the kiss is more passionate and deep that we can give.

Not surprisingly, even the young people who have not yet ever since, they feel inside to try it out, feeling so much emotion and embarrassment. The French kiss is like a magnet spontaneous and unconscious; without ever having tried it, you feel the desire to want to try this kiss.

The French kiss is the feeling and the love that exists between two people. The king of kisses, what everyone wants to do. This type of kiss involves the lips, tongue and mouth, and being very sensitive to touch these parts, it is a kind of kissing as very pleasant and very intimate. Unlike other kisses, the French kiss can often last a long time, mingling with caresses and embraces.

It's the kind of kiss more known and practiced in absolute and can last for hours, not surprisingly, there are races of French kisses that last for just hours. Other theories claim that the French kiss is the modern version of the kiss in contact east, also called Kiss Venus, or wet kiss. This type of kiss provides a romantic and enveloping contact between the lips, mouth opening and touch, more or less decided, languages.

A tip for the French kiss: Focus on the tip, which is the most sensitive part of the tongue. Different schools instead argue that the French kiss succeeds best when it is pushed with the tongue in the inner areas of the mouth. Try to decide some way is more effective!

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