Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Art Of Kissing


Kiss is like happiness which feels best when you give it to someone. Since time immemorial, tactile sensations have been very predominant of all the human stimulants. Any form of touch, be it a pat on the back, a caress on the head, or just a warm, tender press on the palm, seals the bond that words would have taken long to forge. The kiss is loaded with connotations of an opposing nature and so remains a sensation which baffles mankind.

The ubiquitous kiss deserves it! Christian theology talks about kissing the altar, the bible, the hand of the priest and the holy kiss that seals a marriage. It also talks about the kiss of Judass and the kiss of the Devil. Several examples of kissing are there in the Holy Scriptures: kisses of respect, reconciliation, homage, love.

The kiss has its pure and the not-so-pure versions. A kiss is pure only if it is an expression of true love. It seems an idea that some purists may take exception to, but that it what it should be. A mother-child kiss is as pure as the kiss between two lovers who have united souls. The kiss can get into troubled waters sometimes, but love, its guardian angel, always manages to pull it through.

A kiss can emote when words fall short or face the dangers of distortions. Lovers who bridge their souls with a kiss often find a new dimension in their relationship that was lacking. It increases the comfort level of two individuals and brings them together like never before. 'Kiss and make up' is a phrase that encapsulates the ability of a kiss to reach over and iron out the creases that had crept up.

A kiss can also be an expression of respect. Chivalry states that a gentleman must kiss the hand of a lady as a mark of respect to the woman in her. It is welcoming the new born into this world. It is making a child know that he or she is special. It is an expression of familiarity that you feel when you meet a friend after a long time. It is devotion, dedication, respect, reconciliation, reunion, love.

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