Sunday, December 1, 2013

Taste of Ireland ‎

Ireland is an ideal destination for a holiday full of charm and magic, adventure, amazing itineraries, art, music, sports, lots of color and fun pubs for a romantic weekend, musical, pleasant and affordable for flight, Ireland offers excellent choice of accommodations, from the typical and cheap bed and breakfast to the most sumptuous and elegant golf-spa resorts. 

Synonym of tradition and modernity, fashionable trends, passion for music and the arts, Ireland is a natural paradise, pristine, of extraordinary beauty and immediate. The views are strong, wild, almost violent. It has majestic cliffs lashed by the waves of the ocean and populated by thousands of species of birds, valleys and rolling hillsides, castles, Neolithic sites, karst formations.

It has a population lively, exuberant and friendly, and has history and magic. Interesting microcosm composed of the Republic of Ireland, in the south and Northern Ireland, in the north, a unique island, multi-faceted and complex, where the currencies used are the Euro, the Pound and Ulster in the Republic; where the road signs are in Gaelic, in the Republic, and only in English, Ulster and Dublin where rivals amicably with Belfast.

Perched high in the northern portion of the United Kingdom, which is one of the four constituent nations, the Scotland wins for its old world charm and poetic atmosphere, almost mystical. Its name creates mental connections automated, it is said, and is expected to whiskey Scotland, the kilt, the colorful tartans and clans of the Highlands, and then to the cinema and the famous movie Highlander sharing thoughts towards the Loch Ness monster, the hills, green meadows and majestic castles, and austere theaters of personal events that have shaped the history of Europe, to the factories of the industrial revolution, the tiny islands, fishing villages and fishing as a sport and sport, golf, now synonymous with elite born in this country from a game almost accidental shepherds that directed the stones in the burrows of rabbits.  

The capital Dublin is smiling and lively, beautiful and easy to live day and night. Theaters and clubs, many news in the windows of the shops of Grafton Street and megastores in the center of the city, the coffee and the nightlife of Temple Bar, museums and lots of fun for everyone.

Throughout the year there are events of all kinds, events, art and music. remember the St.Patrick 's Day (St. Patrick's Day patron saint of Ireland), and 'the most important day of the year, celebrated by the whole community 'Irish in the world. Ireland and 'the ideal choice of holiday for the family and for those looking for English language schools to attend during the summer. And 'ideal for all sports and it' can go mountain biking, surfing, rafting, salmon fishing, golf and offers a dense network of cycle paths and trails for hiking or horseback riding.

A holiday in Ireland offers tourists beautiful landscapes, sports and entertainment, art and performances, many pubs and a modern catering for a perfect balance of color, history and ancient traditions. It is easy to get around in all cities with low cost flights  or national trains and bus lines, suggest, however, a rental car to live even more closely, Irish culture, driving through villages and coastal roads, to discover the charm of the small harbors of the sea, white beaches and long sunny days from April to September.

Ireland is a world apart that gets under your skin and stays there in your heart, the legendary land of the fabulous blue skies and green pastures, magnificent cliffs, elegant Georgian town, simple and hospitable fishing villages.

The climate is humid-temperate unstable and windy. It rains often: on the same day it can rain and the sun come out again. Generally the months from March to June are the driest months from November to January and the wettest. Useful comfortable shoes, raincoat, umbrella, clothing and easily interchangeable. 

In Ireland, first of all you live, and then you check how long it took. Courtesy, kindness and friendliness are part of everyday life. All those who have had the opportunity to go to Ireland know, the Irish welcome is not a publicity stunt meaningless, and even a prefabricated commercial attitude.

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