Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah depicts issues of social importance in the country and is aired on Sab TV inspired from the famous humorous column Duniya Ne Undha Chasma written by the eminent Gujarati writer Tarak Mehta. Produced by Neela Telefilms, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is an Indian light family comedy sitcom with Dilip Joshi, Sailesh Lodha, Disha Vakani, more popularly known as Dayaben, Amit Bhatt and others.

Another important feature was the time period in which the program was aired, or the late evening, so that anyone could enjoy after their workday. When television was really high level, in addition to these broadcasts strictly pedagogical, found space just as other educational programs. The most demanding could satisfy their thirst for knowledge through programs.

Even the novels and television dramas adaptations of literary classics played an important role. But at the time the television was not only matter "niche". In addition to these programs, in fact, there were more programs, but equally good quality and pleasing, in which the best musicians, songwriters and showman of the period in about two hours show the best of their repertoire, always on tiptoe, without any vulgarity.

The kids could laugh while aficionados could take refuge in current events and politics, respectively, in headings, the latter, in particular is light years away from political arenas of current television shows. Since then nothing is as before, because by the end of the seventies the viewer was transformed from user to the client, which implies a cultural leveling approach embarrassing television.

The sick and pathological research of audience and advertising revenue becomes the only aspect to take into account in the TV listings. Fortunately, especially in recent years, we are witnessing a partial return of the kind of television. The main difference compared to before, however, is that this type of television is unfortunately, still too low a percentage of the stairs today, dominated by reality shows, talk shows and debates focused, in a morbid and rather gruesome way, especially on cases of crime.

If the predominant transmission of very low level, not only cultural, but also socio-pedagogical, is the Achilles heel of the modern TV, it is comforting to highlight that there is still the possibility, using a skimming targeted to enjoy programs of excellent quality. Programs of yesterday and, fortunately, even today.

The intent of this work is to understand the absolute importance of television and more than ever, especially its role in education, educational and social. This is because, even though we are in the era of the web and the internet, many children still use the TV as the primary means of interaction, knowledge, leisure.

In our time, as opposed to years ago, we are called to an extra effort, to filter and select carefully what he really deserves to be seen and followed, because, fortunately, is still alive, although often prohibitive time slots.

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