Hate Story 3

If you liked Hate Story and you have loved Hate Story 2, then you should seriously reconsider your film tastes. Seriously, after the aberrations were these first two components, erotic pseudo saga is back. Once again the cast is new, there is Zarine Khan, Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh and Daisy Shah. Hate Story 3 is directed by Vishal Pandya, who had already performed the second part. Here is the trailer of this production signed by T-Series.

And once again the result is poor! Touts plans sex scenes galore but still huh underwear, even sale of eroticism as show nothing and a scenario that seems close to zero. Note the plane explodes, a sequence with special effects worthy of Mr. X. And what attracted the male audience in the first two parts, is of course the actresses Paoli Dam who was beautiful and Surveen Chawla had a certain charm and played well.

But here we frankly ask who wants to see Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah in the register of sensual and I do not even mention their pitiful game! Karan Singh is still as bad. But the real tragedy is to see an actor of the caliber of Sharman Joshi forced to embark on such a second-class galley. In short, low-end b-series is back on December 4 and it only remains to hope that the box office does not follow this time, just to finally end this disastrous deductible!

Hate Story 2 the story of a young simple middle class photographer from Mumbai who uses her mind became a prostitute to play games against a high profile rich Hindu Rightist leader featuring the bold and sensational Surveen Chawla, Siddharth Kher, Sushant Singh, Jay Bhanushali and Rajesh Khera directed by Vishal Pandya is a Bollywood erotic thriller film produced by Vikram Bhatt.

One night Sonika Prasad (Surveen Chawla) is found alive in a coffin. So that the door to the hospital, the young woman flees terrified. As memories of the past come back, she begins a vengeful quest against Mandar (Sushant Singh), a corrupt politician.

What could be expected of Hate Story 2? Nothing! Actually, it was very difficult to do worse than the first installment of Vivek Agnihotri and the only reason I watched this movie called Surveen Chawla, stunning actress in Ugly despite his secondary role. In addition, the film won some commercial success by being declared semi-hit or even hit some analysts when he was a race week before the arrival of Kick . Good surprise or indigestible scam?

The film begins with the discovery of a very successful Sonika and plan the young woman locked up in his coffin. Enjoy, this is one of the few (if not the only) plans inspired the movie! We find heroin in a poor state, and everyone rushes to the hospital, accompanied by the police. And it does not need more to understand much of what is wrong with this film. Because, yes, let's end the suspense, Hate Story 2 is an outright crash that has what even pique the viewer who expects nothing!

What marks first is the poor play of the secondary actors. No one and I insist on that not one is doing even that decently. Even Siddharth Kher, who plays the inspector, sorely lacking in credibility. In the end, the voltage drops immediately with water and this mediocrity grows to laugh repeatedly.
One notices quickly that the dialogues are monotonous and highly predictable, however we reach the climax of the nullity with the arrival of Mandar character whose words are caricatures and ridiculous every time. Really, it looks bad.

And then touch another constant error that spoils a little more fluidity viewing: the choices of implementation. Vishal Pandya he has any idea what it means to the director of business? One can doubt seriously. The epileptic editing supposed to bring rhythm and suspense is an amateur crash that gives the film looks like a TV movie budget. Changes in plans are too many, too fast and give a very rough appearance to the sequences that follow no real consistency and say that is only at ten minutes of the film!

In the aesthetic choices of the director compounds also comprise the plans in black and white for the memories that are just as ugly and useless. Moreover, the process sums up the mentality of Pandya: he absolutely wants the public to understand everything he says and he falls into a distressing demonstration.

Taking notes while watching I scored démago film! What does that mean? This excess of explanation falls into the most confusing and demagogy that the viewer has the impression that takes him for a fool. The director explains quickly the disease caricature of heroin through a clever voice-over in case the viewer would be too stupid to understand it alone. A flashback shots we are told everything about everything and the characters are stereotyped at possible so that same silly spectator can not be wrong about the motivations of the protagonists.

Even the decorations are more than clichés with, for example, the teacher of photography whose office is covered with cameras logically because it is determined by that. The cop is also a good honest cop who logically out the other is his only trait. And that extends to the main characters: after big bad villain, heroine wounded, tortured and seriously ill, we finally discovered the very funny funny in class but very charming nonetheless. It is deeply frustrating to feel insulted at this point! Without dwelling on the fact that the credibility is not the height of the agreed scenario.

Every damn scene is expected, every twist is predictable. In the end, it becomes annoying to possible to follow a story in which one attaches to anyone. Even the search for the heroine falls flat as her character lacks depth.

In this truly fair to poor, we retain only very few positives. Above all, there Surveen Chawla. However, even this positive performance is relative and is light years away from what it showed with talent in Ugly! Surveen crises of his strange disease to the point that it looks more like a possessed than anything else, and she completely misses moments of fear stuttering is not enough to bring fear!. In addition, she cries so often that I had very ears hurt at the end of the film, but I must say in his defense that the more we advance in the movie, most everyone shouts.

And despite these flaws, the actress is doing with honors, in particular through a much more credible performance in the second half. Surveen plays much better hatred that forced emotion and that's good because - after all - is not that the theme of this franchise? The scene of the stroller We note for example that is rather successful, which is a feat in itself, and that the actress plays brilliantly. Besides being charming, so she manages to deliver us honest scenes, which is obviously not enough to save the day.

Actually, I waited 43 minutes before seeing the first really successful and gripping sequence, Surveen plays with a knife and rushes outside, shouting I Need You to the vision she has Akshay! True, the end of the scene is cut too quickly but I assure you it is a breath of fresh air in such a context. Other effective sequences can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

And as time passes, you end up a little question without much interest? I'm not supposed to watch a revenge movie? And yes, we will have a rarely seen revenge that takes as much time and passes so quickly! Just the time to explain why revenge is necessary, the viewer is already asleep and no longer really sure you want to continue the adventure. The pre-intermission scene happens and finally wakes up! Good news: the second part is much better than the first, but again it is not even enough to save the day.

Later in the story, we come under Pink Lips, danced by Sunny Leone. And wondering one thing: is it really possible to get a song so badly that item in a story? Seriously, we feel that the director was desperate to place the one true moment hot of the film and he does everything to justify the pitifully pathetic! And to think that poor music title is one of the most interesting events of the film. Moreover, the side dared choreography is far from the last appearances in Sunny screen (Baby Doll for example) you really can not trust anyone, it's terrible!

More seriously, the sensual side of the first game is completely absent from this suite. Everything is lost indeed, and we can not rely on the pub! This alleged sensuality is expressed essentially in romantic songs but agreed successful musically. Besides, if it does not stand out for its originality, the soundtrack delivers us good romantic songs and great sad song. In the end, apart from Pink Lips, one can recognize the work of composers who are raising the standard of the film.

Until the end of the film, we still have our share of duds times a visual effect ghost very ugly, involuntary comedy! We learn among other things create a human smurf look, you will understand the inconsistent and sudden paranoia Sushant Singh not to be confused with Sushant Singh Rajput that cabotine even more at the end than the beginning and then especially the unspeakable final! We want to say to all the film crew: Uh all for it, but are you serious? The fulfillment of vengeance and bland as not allowed.

In short, even if the revenge allows us to follow the story without much sleep and even if we Surveen is convincing in the second half, Hate Story 2 remains a missed movie from beginning to end.

Being only a common product touting a product derived assumed sensual thriller, the first part was at least honest enough to not claim to be a film in itself but rather a marketing move that would attract the Men audience lacking in daring scenes. Here, there is a series that b takes revenge for a serious film with a political message involved and that's where it will not stick! Hate Story 2 is not catchy this is a sacred advantage in the first, but it is absolutely not intelligent and totally lacking its share of vengeance.

There is no challenge, no suspense and no scenario even vengeful quest heroin does not concern us. How to make history with a record so poor? T-Series has rarely laughed so much of its audience and the success of this movie falls within the hold-up in my eyes. And to think that Hate Story 3 is already being written.

The young Indian adults entering a multiplex to see Hate Story already knows a lot about the film. He saw the posters and did not fail to be challenged by the multitude of articles and videos that abound on the Internet. He knows that it is a story of blood and sex, with perhaps a little feelings, we are still in Bollywood.

At first glance, the story is a bit strange . Our heroine, Kavya Krishna (Paoli Dam) is a young, ambitious and energetic journalist. With the help of his good friend Vicky (Nikhil Dwivedi) she landed a scoop which undermines the reputation of the cement Cementec Infra led by the son to dad Dhanrajgir Siddharth (Gulshan Devaiya). To avenge the insult and break Kaavya, the wren BTP designs a Machiavellian plan.

He offers her a well-paid job and cunningly seduces two proposals she accepts with enthusiasm. Then he brutally rejects not without having seriously threatened. Kaavya is severely shaken by this sentimental-professional disappointment and discovers she is pregnant Siddharth. She then makes the mistake of trying to blackmail him, but he reacts very violently. He kidnapped, abortion and sterilization; leaving to wandering half dead in a distant suburb of New Delhi.

Kaavya up the slope and decides to take revenge on Siddharth ruining his industrial empire stone by stone (cinder block by cinderblock would be more appropriate here). To access the bigwigs and thus collect essential information to its reprisals, she turns to prostitution.

Hate Story is an erotic thriller written and produced by Vikram Bhatt and released on Indian screens in April 2012. The realization was left to Vivek Agnihotri which is the third film, the last three have not left a footprint indelible in the minds of moviegoers. However honorable work done here and this modest kind of film is rather removed. We do not get bored. On the other hand, we are not overwhelmed by the realization that accumulates clichés like a squirrel nuts.

A film centered on a strong woman who avenges a despicable man is not a novelty, even Bollywood. Kajol had faced his monster in Dushman brothers Bhatt. But then the story was much more involved and moving, especially Kajol more inspired than Paoli Dam was obviously chosen for reasons other than her acting skills. The villain here is endorsed by Gulshan Devaiah had been discovered in a small sensitive claps That Girl in Yellow Boots. It is quite comfortable in his dreadful dress lost in a world that is beyond him. And one begins to think that he could have good turn if circumstances had been different.

Truce talk, it's time to answer the question that torments the male spectator who plans to spend more than two hours of screen: Hate Story is it so hot that the intense campaign left him to hear? Alas, three times alas, it is clear that the film is highly elliptical on the subject. Not a shred of roundness, or any other form rounded to put in the eye ribald. Impossible to distinguish whether Paoli Dam is that the face is emaciated. We guess that the painful cuts made ​​by the censorship committee withdrew some of the salt of the film. But they did not stop to retain its classification for adults do not worry, in France, however, it would be classified without difficulty All audience.

The soundtrack however does contain some panting gasps and other noisy but it is not on the radio, and the young male acne is sure to be disappointed. Unfortunately for the authors, which could appear as a bewildering transgression in Jism, has become a banality nine years later. This probably explains why the public has not rushed into theaters to see Hate Story, perhaps it reserved for Jism 2 which promises so much more.

What then remains to this erotic thriller if erotic argument is absent? The suspense or tension perhaps? Unfortunately, the story is very linear and characters are presented without empathy. Therefore, we are somewhat surprised and even less affected by what happens to them. But the scenario does contain a few surprises, but they are derived from the total improbability.

It is difficult, for example, to adhere to the idea that an intelligent young woman and helpless trying to blackmail a violent and extremely powerful cement. It is even more amazing that he did not cast recta in a bridge pier. But what about the choice of luxury prostitution as a means of revenge? And who can believe that men of power it draws in his net with ease, stretch all their trade secrets without a struggle?

Failing images or plot, the music could perhaps we carry? Uh no. Hate Story has three overall rather vapid songs. The prize going to Mahe Jaan played during the key moments of the film, the night of love inflamed between Kaavya and Sid. It's so syrupy it instantly raises heartburn. But the real crime is Raat sung by Sunidhi Chauhan in the item number of cheap Mukti Mohan. How sublime Sheila Ki of Tees Maar Khan she was able to do so?

This tiny Series B riding the wave erotic dear to the Bhatt factory and appetites less repressed the Indian public. But we are still very far off and nothing is shown or even suggested. Unfortunately for the producer, the argument of the film has driven the family audience and no transgression disappointed the audience of urban youth. Climax of misfortune, honest realization can not alone make up for a poor scenario, built primarily to bring heroin situation. But Hate Story looks and then forgets. This is already not so bad.
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