Kambakkth Ishq

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kambakkth Ishq is a film of India directed by Sabbir Khan, released in 2009. Viraj Shergill is an Indian stuntman in Hollywood , but when he learns that his brother is marrying Lucky Kamini it goes directly to the church to interrupt the wedding to make her morals and at the same time Simrita, best friend Kamini and student Medicine happens for the same reason that Viraj but when he hears his brother to be insulted by it, it will cause a big fight.

In a cascade of a movie, Viraj is seriously injured and rushed to the hospital where the Simrita will operate. After the operation, watching the radio she discovers that the watch on his wrist accidentally ended up in the stomach Viraj. After that she will try to entice the latter to recover the watch without realizing it will really fall in love with Viraj. Sylvester Stallone makes an appearance here as himself, working for the first time with Bollywood.

The subject is weak and implausible, but it could be funny if supported by a script and a director adequate. Unfortunately, the script does not exist, and the narrative proceeds in an autonomous way without direction, skidded, ran aground, crumbling miserably. The characters hold on nothing, with the exception perhaps of the male protagonist. As for the direction, is turned off and colorless.

From a technical point of view, no aspect seems to be superior. Not photography, not fitting, not the scenery, not the costumes, not the action scenes. All rather noisy but anonymous. Massive investments are assumed, rather than results. We thank the production for the choice of some locations that thrill admire Kareena and Akshay dance to Venice but Los Angeles is truly chilling. Choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant are enjoyable even if you do not trigger the applause. The soundtrack by Anu Malik seems cheerful and lively: we should listen to it without the pictures to judge better. The film certainly does not exalt, rather depresses.

The interpretations of the two main actors are the only thing worth mentioning. Akshay is good and wild, and his sympathetic performance strengthens a character not well defined and not too sweet. Kareena fortunately never disappoints its Sim is hideous beyond imagination, poorly constructed, fake, unstable, but the actress is committed to contain them stoically damage. The heir Kapoor cloth and grit. We suggest that you only pay more attention to the choice of films to interpret.

Finally that the popular Indian film industry can count many flaws, but it rarely ends in the vernacular. Kambakkht Ishq engages in some sequences to give an example of this rarity. At least that the director could.

Inevitably, every time a film is distributed so rambling, comparison with Tashan in which, however, is a spectacular Kareena recite that an overwhelming Akshay, a historical flop Bollywood. Tashan differs markedly from Kambakkht Ishq why, for sheer luck or for greater talent of the director never find out, it's so crazy and so crazy that not only likes to tears, but it becomes even a cult, an example of high -nonsense film made ​​in Bollywood.

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