Sunday, December 25, 2011

Book Review: Shadows of Lost Time - Kanwarpreet Grewal

Shadows of lost time by Kanwarpreet Grewal is an out of this world assortment of short yarns that intermingles past events, scientific obscurities and imaginary tales with verve inimitably and enchants the reader on a roller-coaster traverse into the indefinite and uncharted dominions of discipline, creative writing and ways of life.

The volume is separated into three segments, the Past, the Present and the Future where in the past we get a peep into the lives of Genghiz Khan, Plato, Lord Byron and a host of other multi-faceted personas, their fight backs, insights, feats, anecdotes, covetousness, idealistic ethics, and misfortunes, which the author connects in his own characteristic way while deriving possibilities of what has been, what is and what could have been!

From there he comes to the present and then lurks to the mysterious futuristic worlds of Zespian and Yoerzek, where the author embarks on an assorted collection of proceedings equally authentic and unreal of the upshot of the human race with the devil lurking behind the wall.

The writer has pulled out bits of veracity, flotsam and jetsam of times gone by, undertones of storms and churn them in profusion of mind's eye, at the same time as like a dream reconciling chalk and cheese epochs and infinitely poles apart verves, with a resilient union, to craft a luscious mingle of a few of the most evocative anecdotes yet put in the picture, which will infuse equally in you trepidation and antagonism and every so often as well please your right mind in the heart-rending numinous out of this world anecdotes.

The passages reverberate as you pass through the gateways of adore, ardour, revelations, and escapades and will make you ensnared by those striking instances that la-di-dah are at hand exceptionally to a great extent. The delightfully entwined anecdotes will keep you from top to bottom gripped in enchanting prosaic and dreamy feelings.

The tome is out of the ordinary and stimulating which proffers a first-rate journeying of truth-seeking inquest into the shadows of lost time with an extremely rational sequence of events, so as to entitle in the lead passionate fictional dexterity to hook up in the midst of the characters. You will not be able to precipitate in the course of this and will take a little moment to identify with the course but once it arrives, it will be easier said than done to put down. This is an order which will make you sense while you go on with the understanding.

The clout of this volume reclines in the piece of evidence that it’s not simply imaginary tale but is a touch which will amuse your nosiness throughout the ride all the way through this tome where you can be aware of nous of reason in this reserve and an experience of a greater representation.

The characters that are piece of these yarns dive out of the leafs and encase such assorted themes of times gone by and the ways of life so close to existent verve that you can perceive and be aware of them in the region of you with the acquaintance of the characters rallying around, fashioning an instantaneous affiliation. One would plunge in finding the past enticing in the protracted over and done dealings of contemporary evolution of the characters.

The alleviation of lingo makes the anecdotes surge from times of yore to the upcoming in a picture perfect comportment, with the juxtaposition of knowledge and times gone by, making it an extremely exciting study. The writer’s ardour for historical fiction to philosophy to romance to science fiction outlined the chronicles, at the same time as draw on a bright dreamlike sweep to transport to verve the chalk and cheese genres with simplicity

The fairy-tales are exquisite for the reason that they come up from the existent and are intertwined pleasingly to appeal to our contemporary verves and inconspicuously pleas to our being at the same time, as also giving us the authors’ point of view to stare at times of yore in attendance and upcoming in a changed manner.

The assortment of yarns are unsullied, effervescent, vivacious and provocative to be experienced and take pleasured in with every essence being without a doubt only one of its kind which will tap your spirit, make your imagine and compel you to brood over existence, its convolutions, twinges, elations, infirmities but nevertheless in the end you appear burly with the credence that you yearn to be in this world to subsist to the fullest.

Title: Shadows of Lost Time | Author: Kanwarpreet Grewal | ISBN: 9781460948835 | Binding: Paperback | Published: September 2011 | Publisher: Createspace | Pages: 222 | Language: English