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The Slap is a television miniseries US broadcast on network NBC from February 12, 2015. The miniseries is an adaptation of eponymous Australian miniseries, in turn based on the award winning novel The slap of the Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas. For the 40th birthday of Hector, his wife Aisha is organizing a big party with friends and family.

What was supposed to be a joyous celebration turns into a family drama, when Hector's cousin, Harry, slaps the child of another couple for his rude behavior. What seemed like a minor accident is emerging grudges and hidden secrets, who question the fundamental values ​​of the people present at the party.

In 2012 the writer Jon Robin Baitz began writing an adaptation of the American Australian miniseries The Slap produced by Universal Television and Matchbox Pictures, home of Australian production of the original miniseries. In January 2014, the NBC has officially ordered the production of the miniseries.

The Slap is a new series event in the most literal sense of the term. Adaptation of the novel became an Australian miniseries focuses on a single occurrence: a man slaps the child of another man, the ripple effects are becoming larger and more devastating as the main characters could predict.

The slap occurs at party for the 40 years of Hector Apostolou (Peter Sarsgaard). The man raises his hands is the cousin of Hector conservative, Harry (Zachary Quinto) and the recipient is Hugo, the son rude and still attached to the breast of the pair of hippie artist friends of Hector, Gary (Thomas Sadoski) and Rosie (Melissa George, who played the same role in the original Australian show).

The Slap is already shaping up as a gamble in part for the television network NBC (aka: sounds more from cable network) and will air along with The Blacklist in competitive Thursday night starting tonight. Each episode focuses on a character different and they are all sometimes oppressive, the narrative is a (not visible on the screen) Victor Garber. The soundtrack is jazz.

Other peripheral characters that revolve around the great greek clan are Hector's wife, Aisha (Thandie Newton), their nanny and object of lust for Hector, Connie (Makenzie Leigh); bullies parents of Hector, Manolis and Koula (Brian Cox and Maria Tucci). Harry's wife, Sandi (Marin Ireland) and family friend Anouk (Uma Thurman). As Gary and Rosie pursue legal action against Harry , the loyalty of the members of the family will be tested and secrets come to light.

Initially the role of Anouk was chosen Mary-Louise Parker, but the actress had to abandon the role because of health problems and was replaced by Uma Thurman. Tight face, serious expression, and even a little wrinkle to sail his 44 years of life . It is presented as Uma Thurman at the presentation of The Slap, new TV series for the American channel NBC, and now the thought is going to the many who like her (from Renee Zellweger) have not been able to accept the passage of time

A long career behind her, two husbands, two serious boyfriends the financier  Arpad Busson and director Quentin Tarantino and three children would mark the body and the spirit of anyone, but Uma appeared intact on the red carpet.

A kind of porcelain vase held together with too much  filler and a little botox, allies essential for celeb. But is it really so necessary to take a look "fake" to please the public?

Increasingly vip they back and, after selling the sirens of Botox, prefer to return to healthy expression lines. Nicole Kidman has done so. Beautiful woman at the time of marriage with Tom Cruise was then transformed into a plastic doll and, finally, working with a chisel, is returning to have a "human" face.

That even for Uma this is just a ride? The star of Kill Bill, let's face it, can not satisfy the fashion of ritocchino and give in, head down, to the stereotypes that in his career has never been shown to accept.

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