With Arrambam Ajith moves away gradually from the world of gangsters that characterized him since Billa

The return of the trio Ajith, Vishnuvardhan and Yuvan Shankar Raja was highly anticipated after the success of Billa in 2007. The craze increased day by day and made Arrambam one of the most anticipated films of the year. Ashok Kumar alias AK (Ajith Kumar) is guilty of bombings and removes Arjun (Arya) a computer genius to force him to work for him. Arjun then committing computer crimes to save the lives of her friends Maya (Nayanthara) and Anitha (Tapsee) that are held by AK and his men.

As usual the presence of Ajith raises the film and the actor perfectly fulfills its role. With Arrambam he moves away gradually from the world of gangsters that characterized him since Billa. His performances are convincing and he still bears once in the film. The romance between Arya and Taapsee relaxes the atmosphere and the actor brings a comic touch to the film while Tapsee inherits the typical role of Tamil films. Nayanthara brings glamor and her character plays a relatively important role, but it does not allow her to express her talent.

The strength of this film is its cast certainly confirmed that actors make the characters to life. Kishore inherits the role of the incorruptible cop he played in the past and Rana Daggubati tribute to his character but without being exceptional.

Om Prakash, director of photography retains all the attention and steals the other technicians. The staging and visual clips are remarkable, the colorist is to be commended for his work. Anu Vardhan, the designer is distinguished by its specific choice to each character and the film pulls up. The veteran editor Sreekar Prasad provided a mixed work because overall the film quickly makes leaving some breathing space to spectators to address technical errors but his work can be described as a draft. Transitions are poorly made and a replica of Nayanthara is simply cut off. Although the record is effective minor errors spoil the experience.

The big disappointment is signature Yuvan Shankar Raja seems to have been absent. The composer who usually pulls the film makes up the opposite. The soundtrack does not reflect the intensity of the image. It is heavy and does not allow viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the film. To this list and join Suba Vishnuvardhan by weakness in their scenario. Vishnuvardhan appears to have focused on the stage at the expense of twists and turns in his script.

The outcome is predictable and the main plot of the film but the director is illustrated by the intensity he has put between each scene. The work of production designer Ilayaraja, recent winner of the National Award is quality, places where the film is set have a very chic and cozy side which amply reflects the ideas of the director. Lee Whittaker, Keycha and Jegan deserve mention for action scenes. Despite disappointing special effects, fights choreographed by them are amazing.

When the episode Ashok and his team seems to have come to an end, another unexpected challenges the facts on the ground and re-energizes the film. We regret that these twists are minors and no brand spirit. The presence of Ajith and his facial expressions are raising the intensity of the film.

The scenario brings nothing special but the staging breeze codes Tamil films and tries to get closer to Western action movies. It is customary to Kollywood to have a song that gives courage and motivation betrays hero, whose honor was dirty. Ajith is a character, certainly unusual but is not a superhero. No scene or dialogue boasts the actor or the character he embodies. Then the lack of "duet-song" for one of the industry players tops was inconceivable, but Ajith break this unwritten rule.

The film has many technical defects such as explosions that are poorly executed or gross deficiencies Ajith dance but the latter is characterized by the attempt to want to break the norms of Tamil films. Trying to Vishnuvardhan is successful despite the weakness of the script and the shortcomings of technicians; including Yuvan Shankar Raja. The director presents an acceptable product through the presence of Ajith, Arya and worked its implementation stage.

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