Raslila: Dance of Love

Kathak was also related to the Ras Lila, a form of popular theater that was of divine love between Krishna and Radha. The parts of the Ras Lila dance is a kind of extension of the base of mimed gestures of storytellers kathak. The performances of the dancers are accompanied by two sets of instruments: the sarangi, stringed instrument, small drums and tabla. The sound comes in but also by the way carrying about two hundred ghungroos, bells worn by the dancers around her ankles.

Between dancers and musicians tabla creating dialogues tight that articulate the contrast between rhythmic instruments, singing, and the famous variations of the feet. These dialogues within the nritta, the pure dance, pantomime while the parts belong all'abhìnaya, and they see the dancer does not concentrate more on the movements of the feet, but on top of the body, especially on the face and eyes. Ras Lila, is the classical dance of Manipur, inspired by the grace of Krishna.

The Raslila is the biggest event of the whole festival. In it people, dressed in the clothes of Radha, Krishna and the Gopis, dancing to the rhythm of popular songs. The Brij Festival is open to all, and so the devotees of all ages can take an active part in the representations of the acts and dances. Before starting the Festival, all the devotees gather near the temple of Lord Krishna and Radha, in the early morning, to bathe in the waters of the river Banganga. The ritual is performed to purify the soul of the human being. The Festival is therefore a good opportunity to bring enthusiasm in people's lives.

The Brij Festival is celebrated in the region of the same name hence its name and more specifically in the district of Bharatpur. The event is generally held before HOLI, and is celebrated in the name of Lord Krishna, which is why many devotees perform the famous act of Raslila, a representation which is based on the story of immortal love between Radha and Krishna Bhagwan , his soul mate. For the occasion, people dress in flashy clothes, specifically to represent the act, and what makes the festival, which is celebrated in the open air, a very colorful festival.

Hindus believe that a single divine principle is manifest to men in almost infinite manifestations, each with its own history, anniversaries, victories against evil to celebrate. At Mathura and Vrindavan, where Krishna was born he spent childhood and youth The birthday is celebrated with great pomp. The devotees fast and pray all night in temples, listening to devotional songs of God and witnessing to Raslila, sacred representations of the divine feats. Music and dance abound.
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