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Microsoft Office 2016 Download

Microsoft debuted the new version of Office 2016 for Windows PC. The new productivity suite is now available for all owners of a subscription to Office 365. The procedure to update the suite or to install it from scratch is really quite trivial and is done in a few steps. The first thing to do is for users to travel in Personal Account Office 365 requires login. On this page, users will get the message that there is a new suite Office 2016 for PC.

To download and install it, users simply need to select Install on the next page and click again on Install. Then it will be downloaded to your PC a simple installer that will run and which will automatically perform all the procedures for downloading and installation. During the procedure, the installer will also remove the older suite Office 2013, if any. The configuration parameters of the app in the suite will not be, however, lost. The entire procedure takes several minutes, but much depends on the speed of the line and the power of the computer.

It emphasizes a very important aspect. The upgrade to Office 2016 is not going to remove the standalone version of Office 2013. Thus, users who have purchased a version of the suite detached from Office 365 will make its removal manually before you install the new release of the suite of the house Redmond.

Microsoft has, however, made ​​available to a specific page of support to come to the aid users in this phase of migration.

The ability to work in multiple people on the same document, search the Internet even voice directly from a file, facilitation of access to students and increased security. These are new in Office 2016, the new version of the popular Microsoft program that is used by over a billion people in the world, almost one out of 7. It is also available for Apple Mac.

One of the main features of the new Office has the option of writing in contemporary texts Word while viewing the changes you are making other people; the collaboration work is enhanced by the integration of Skype that lets you chat, share screens and video-call directly from their documents. Office 2016 is designed to usher in a new way of working in teams. One of its ambitions is to reinvent the productivity and offer tools that can accompany people and companies towards a world increasingly Mobile first, cloud first.

Defined by Microsoft, the Office safer than ever, the new suite offers new authentication features, protection and prevention of data loss. Other features of Office 2016 are Tell me, a kind of search engine can quickly find useful commands; and Smart Lookup that gives the ability to search the web without leaving the document you're writing. Office then earns the integration of the assistant voice Cortana, introduced by Windows 10: you can make requests and offers software tools.

In addition, it easy for students with Student Advantage program. The institutions of education with subscription to Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus for teaching and administrative staff, are able to offer students access to Office 365 ProPlus of 5 devices at no additional cost. More than a million students in these colleges and universities are thus able to benefit free of new features and applications. The new Office 2016 app is available in 47 languages ​​and require Window 7 or later operating systems. You can choose the formula of subscription, for those who are already subscribed to Office 365 just need an update.  

Microsoft's goal is clear, and for quite some time: to make the most productive people, and especially those who work with instruments reflecting the needs, the dynamics and the peculiarities of the company and related digital. A pillar of this philosophy is Windows 10, a second is the cloud and the third is precisely the productivity, and thus the Office application suite. That now it is available in its new version, Office 2016, baptized with all the honors of the case also on the company's official blog.

To install it on PC require at least Window 7, while subscribers to Office 365 can choose to download the new app package as part of their subscription. Starting from next month will trigger automatic updates for consumers and small businesses, while the first months of next year will be up to business users.

Office 2016 comes with the slogan, The beauty of working together, because its characteristics are to make it simple and functional collaboration between users and maximize interoperability between the various suite applications and services Galaxy online and add on Microsoft Windows, Skype virtual assistant Cortana. In two concepts the aim is to simplify the sharing of working documents and interaction between users.

Microsoft aims so everything on the flexibility of its solution because of the many paradigms of the digital society is also one of the smart working, according to patterns of work involving the use of multiple devices anywhere, at work at home or on the road . Beyond the ability to distinguish compared to the previous release, Office 2016 reiterates the first "transversal" of the new generation of software made in Redmond. The suite "runs" in fact on PC Windows, Mac, Android and iPad on the tablet and also on all smartphones with onboard mobile operating systems of Google and Apple.

2016 version is enriched by the new versions of productivity apps for the Windows desktop, and then the various Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and so on, and a number of small but significant improvements. Improvements will ensure that the intent of Microsoft sensible advances in the management of the assets by enterprise workgroups.

Goodies of the new release are for example the ability to leverage tools like Sway for Windows 10 to create and share interactive stories of great impact on any type of screen or access Office 365 through the technology of fingerprint recognition Hello Windows from pc, tablets and smartphones, when the system will be available on mobile phones. Or again resorting to Cortana to make it easier the preparation of the meeting.

With Version 2016, available from September 22, Office rejuvenates. Here there are only additional functions, already more than generous most users are using only a fraction. But a more suitable way of working always connected. The process to update Office began last year, when the suite has landed first on Apple devices and then on Android. Now it fits both to desktop computers Mac and Windows and smartphones and tablets. It makes it easier to share documents and workflow. It is an approach that Microsoft has followed with the new Windows 10.

Microsoft Office is used by one billion people. And that is, in the world, one in seven people knows Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all the software suite for excellence linked to productivity. But, after 32 years of life (the first version of the word processor is 1983), the Redmond company plans to have begun to feel the weight of age. Of course, they have evolved, but until the penultimate version (2013) are still tied to a pre-Internet world. We tested the new version and that's what the main news.

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