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Released in 2004, Murder hit the headlines for many reasons, the main course being the controversy arose around bare scenes of his lead actress Mallika Sherawat previously seen in Khwahish. At a time when the unveiling of the anatomy of the actresses was still taboo, the film was the subject of very strong protests to be removed from the screens. Moreover, a year ago another film, Jism, had already shocked the purists because of the overflowing generosity of the actress Bipasha Basu who showed us to the extent of his physical talents. You will not be surprised to learn These two films are from the same production house, Visheh Films, owned Bhatt brothers.

Murder, loosely based on The Love unfaithful, played by Richard Gere in 2002, tells the story of a married and bored woman, who revives an affair with her ​​ex-boyfriend. Nothing new, but the way he undressed the actress who played the role, Mallika Sherawat, made ​​the audience ecstatic climb on the walls of cinemas.

If Murder highlighted actress Mallika Sherawat for visibly other than cinematographic reasons, it also makes her a star. The film earned a totally unexpected success, and has become the most profitable in 2004, bringing 16 crores and thus pocketing 4 times the bet. It was the forerunner of other productions mixing soft erotica and thriller.

For Murder is above all a thriller, name some pretext, but following all the same gender codes. Remake confessed American film Unfaithful with Harrison Ford and Diane Lane, he portrays a young woman, Simran (Mallika), neglected by her husband Sudhir (Ashmit Patel). She saw one of his former companions Sunny (Emraan Hashmi) and will live a few weeks bonding with him. Note that the film Unfaithful was a great inspiration to Hindi cinema since the week before the release of Murder could be seen on Indian screens Hawas , taking up the same storyline but with quality production and casting second class.

Let us say it outright, Murder is not great cinema. This is a well formatted product with a neat accomplishment despite minimal budget. The action takes place in Bangkok, which gives us the opportunity to see some interesting views of the metropolis hitherto little frequented by Indian directors.

The other advantage of the film is undoubtedly music Anu Malik, who really puts the film into orbit with its hit-songs. He did a good mix, alternating innovative and catchy melodies, and other softer, more classic. The soundtrack contains hits like Diklo Hazar or Bheegi Hont Tere that the rage in 2004. Nevertheless, it will put a damper on the originality of the compositions: the mega-tube Kaho Na Kaho being pulled from the Egyptian Amr Diab song ' Tamally Ma'ak output in 2000. This version was then taken by the Pakistani singer Amir Jamal. Anu Malik goes to Caesar that he stole before, making him sing the version of Murder .

It does not run for the performance of Emraan Hashmi, nor Ashmit Patel (who are doing well), but that of Mallika Sherawat. It is believable from beginning to end in his role as a young woman abandoned in need of affection. She obviously excels in the most sulfurous scenes. But beyond that, we must recognize that it demonstrated a very interesting talent, and ultimately far superior to many of her peers temptresses who have followed suit. Besides its role in Pyaar Ke Side Effects in 2006 confirmed his artistic potential. We also retain that Murder is the first feature film Anurag Basu, discovered by the Bhatt brothers realized later Gangster and Life ... In A Metro .

Murder therefore not remain in history for its artistic originality: realization of a more academic and a scenario reduced to bare minimum. But we can still enjoy seeing a nice little movie, not devoid of qualities for all that, and despite its simplicity, was the spearhead of a wave of films with similar concepts, and often controversial.

Murder 2 is an movie sequel to Murder. The film is starring Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez. It is directed by Mohit Suri and Mukesh Bhatt produced. The film is darker and erotic than its prequel. For sure, Murder 2 is an unusual film for Bollywood not always hear about the serial killer in programming. The excellent performances of the actors and excellent dialogue potentially transform a flat film in a film that can keep you glued to the chair.

Orphaned at an early age, Arjun Vishnu Bhaagwat, a former police officer in Goa lives alone although he has an affair with a model named Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez). A day is appointed by a gangster to find a girl and, under payment, even her captor. Not having any idea about it, he decides to recruit a bait, Reshma; but the plan works too well, and soon Reshma vanishes into thin air. Overwhelmed by guilt, Arjun begins the search for the woman before it is included in the list of missing persons.

Loosely inspired from the movie The Chaser, this film lacks the voltage which prides itself: the serial-killer is revealed before the interval, and the director primarily appeals to the detailed description of the perversions disturbing individual.

The first Murder, very different from this second volume, has a thickness completely different because, according to critics, this chapter has sold out every principle in favor of a more commercial lever erotica. But the darkness, cruelty and intimidation suffered by Reshma are concrete, and his blood marked the nights of many Indian viewers. Beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez, and the serial killer (Prashant Narayanan) won the title of individual probably the most disturbing of the genre.

During the first months of 2013 was released Murder 3, and we are eagerly waiting to see it. Murder 3 the official adaptation of the Spanish thriller The Hidden Face (La Cara Oculta) about love, monogamy, suspicion and suspense starring Randeep Hooda, Sara Loren and Aditi Rao Hydari directed by debutant Vishesh Bhatt is an Indian suspense thriller film produced by Mukesh Bhatt from Vishesh Films.

Once again the Bhatt remains true to its format and does not interrupt the serial production of its workhorse Jannat, Murder, Jism and so on, using a relatively low budget, by signing a handsome actor choice of Randeep Hooda and Emraan Hashmi and a range of actresses such as anonymous scantily clad. Sometimes the cocktail works, sometimes it does not.

The third installment of the saga sexy bloody shows much better episode that preceded it, unless they are stolen or ideas starting Murder 3 is a decent thriller that keeps faith with its tasks: to surprise and entertain viewers, propose provocative and sensual images without forgetting to include melodic songs and romantic duets typically Bollywood.

Nisha (Sara Loren) is seduced by a photographer from the emerging fascination bloody (Randeep Hooda), but does not know his past and what has become of his former girlfriend (Aditi Rao Hydari) mysteriously vanished.

From a film called Murder 3 the least that can be expected is that we escape the dead. But the dead where is it. And above all, what is. If the festering corpses were in abundance in Murder 2 bodies appear here instead of in perfect shape, rosy, fresh and more alive than ever. To remove your sleep will not be twists or crude images but the sex appeal of Randeep Hooda, once again as tombeur de femmes, once again lover sexy and heartless, once again bare-chested on the screen and ready to copulate with every living being with the reproductive organs. We must continue to be satisfied with a partial view of statuesque body of Randeep, but do not despair, two or three other films produced by Bhatt and will be enforced by the nude script. Many are living to see this day.

The story becomes an optional and very often a frame between two or three bedroom scenes footage from the side, with the male actor in full swing and heroin from the bare back, panting between the sheets. The same pattern has also sell movies that were not worth much, but last year the blessing of Bhatt was interrupted and rained the first flop. If Murder 2 was a failure, then why turn Murder 3.

It was pleasant to discover that the film is not at all to burn, the characters are interesting in their own way, even if Sara Loren is expressive as one of the naturalness of desalted cod Aditi Rao Hydari is able to compensate for the gap. The plot introduces a number of red herrings in order to mislead and misinform to make more pleasant the surprise ending. The stars do not become prey or innocent victims but they show cold and cruel as ever, female perversion, jealousy, and a strong streak of masochism in a dangerous triangle that encompasses sex, money and competition.

Surely it is more convenient to set up a thriller, giving the entire space a crazy maniac as was the sad episode that preceded this film rather than creating tension through two coated female characters but also sadistic and merciless depending on the circumstances. Having resisted the temptation to resort to the most obvious plot awarded the novice Vishesh Bhatt signing that on balance a decent debut.

Of course then you have to tolerate some exaggerations, such as the fact that a bait to take two pictures and you find yourself stroking jaguars live even had kittens, a woman who just escaped death, starved and dehydrated, instead of rushing on the fridge lose time looking at the pictures of his ex with another, or a goose gleeful that he never understood a suddenly become smarter than Sherlock Holmes. Better not go nitpicking and just take the film for what it is: a pastime well packaged.
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