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Khokababu Movie Review

Filmein sirf high schooler cheezon ki wajah se chalti hain... Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment...So guaranteed The Dirty Picture. Passing by that photo then, Khokababu too totals up about D Sankaraaiya's directorial debut: No gyan, no bigyan, just amusement.

Thus Khoka Roy, (Dev) BA come up short, guarantees that he keeps his gathering of people entertained. If not through the whole traverse then in any event for most piece of it. The "markatari" Khokababu is one chalu cheez and capably coordinates his intellectual prowess against Shankar's (Ferdous) muscle power.

From clearing the possessive sibling's delightful sister, Puja (Subhashree), off her feet, to wedding her in private, from keeping the union a mystery to winning over suitor, Ajay (Dibyendu) to his side, Khoka is an expert at his amusement. Need we additionally say that the legend at long last gets the young lady, thumps the baddies furthermore removes jamai ador from the sibling?

The story barely inhales of inventiveness however. It takes one back to the seasons of contention between two families, of blood, gut and retribution. On the off chance that the primary half is more about Khoka's presentation of mind and sentimentalism, the last is sprinkled with activity and move successions, where tunes keep appearing a bit too much of the time for your solace.

In any case, what makes this ride one damnation of a performer is apna Khokababu's activity, feeling and execution. Dev, the on-screen character, or the "non-on-screen character" as he claims to be, has performed to the best of his capacity. In any case, it is pleasant to see him test diverse waters now that he has effectively made an imprint as a business saint.

Also, yes, Ferdous is a much needed development. He conveys to the fore the distinctive shades of Shankar. Subhashree's wafer meager figure looks bewitching and shaking close by Dev's machismo. Ashish, Locket, Partha Sarathi as Peto and Subhashish as Dhananjoy Khara give capable backing to the plot and the characters.

Rishi Chanda scores with the title track as much as he does with the "Khoka 420" number. At that point there are, "Je deshe chena jana manush kono nai", "Soniye tu", "Pyar ka jhatka", to give some examples. The beautiful remote districts and high-flying activity (truly so) keep the group of onlookers locked in.

Our exhort, keep that rationale behind, delve into a tub of corn and let Khokababu do the rest.


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