Jism 3

Jism 3 will have two main actresses, including Nathalia Kaur, the discovery of Ram Gopal Varma. She is also the young woman poses in nude, only covered with a white sheet on the poster of Jism 2. As for the second actress Pooja Bhatt has not made her choice. Asked about the possibility that Sunny Leone is part of Jism 3, she had to say: It's too early to tell. When I turned following Jism, everyone asked me if Bipasha Basu would be one. And now it is the turn of Sunny Leone. The most exciting thing for me is to create a new story.

Jism. Here is a film that has spilled much ink. And just read the French title to better understand Fatal attraction Jism. Beauty and the Beast or illusion almost perfect. She is beautiful, young and rich or rather her husband, a violent man who fortunately is often absent for his business. He is a small lawyer, at the limit of honesty, specializing in criminal cases rather ill at ease and drowns his feelings in alcohol. It is Sonia Khanna (Bipasha Basu) and it has everything an angel. He, Kabir Lal (John Abraham), would all of a thug.

A priori two universes, two people who had no reason to meet. The first illusion is that they met: Kabir he actually saw Sonia out of the water on the beach this morning? This is the question that arises in trying to find this creature that literally spellbound. Our lawyer friend petty criminals and criminals, however, found the Naiad and tries to seduce her but without success.

But as he never gives up, sometimes to approach Sonia. One evening, when he escorted the young woman home, he took advantage of the absence of the husband to force the entrance of the house and get his way. Another illusion, the young woman in love with her ​​husband. She opposes any resistance and falls in Kabir's arms. The night of passion that will follow will be only the first step towards a relationship maintained between the Naiad and the lawyer who, not content with being her lover, discovers protector. The young woman says to him, confessing him to be victim of abuse from Rohit Khanna (Gulshan Grover), her husband.

Madly in love, they can not do without one another. Only one thing opposes their happiness the cruel beast with which Sonia was married to his great misfortune. And things are accelerating the announced return of Rohit. Sonia when considering a radical solution to put an end to the abuse she suffered and allow their love to flourish: get rid of the pest. The equation is simple but still have to put the pieces in order. And in this game of illusions, illusions Kabir will go in disillusions. And it will not be the only one. The Beast is not the one that was originally submitted to Kabir and the viewer. But if the devil's advocate only realizes at the last moment, the viewer can not be deceived by such an illusion and see the twists coming or manipulation by far.

But why this film he was the source of so Literature. It is certainly not because of acting (between Bipasha Basu who struggles to play the prude young and faithful wife, and John Abraham even less credible in pseudo-rebel deliberately neglected to look and addicted to love) but why then? But yes, it is for Bipasha and sublime close-ups of her pretty eyes. In fact, to enter the magnitude of this film, we have to situate in context and, therefore, not only within a detective film, but in a context Bollywood, where kisses are banished from the screen and which are highlighted values ​​such as honesty, courage, purity of love bond. Now, resuming the title French Fatale attraction, captured better it will be about sex and murder.

We are far from family values. Of course, we are in Bollywood, not Hollywood, so if the rules will be broken, it will be proportionately. We are indeed very far from a film like Basic Instinct (everyone still remembers the scandal that surrounded the release of the latter). And fortunately, it's also what saves some Jism. For although provided with a predictable plot and some slightly undressed scenes (or rather scantily clad), the film has however beautiful songs all softer and melodious ones than the others, including Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai , Awarapan Banjarapan and most beautiful, Tumko Lekar Chale Chalo.

If Jism opened the Pandora's box that has engulfed part of the local film industry, it is to hope that in a few months or even years to come, this "innovative" element has was built intelligently to no longer be the main element of the films at the expense of history, but at most one element among others.

Jism 2 is a daunting task because fifty words are enough to reveal the whole film. In two paragraphs, it is even possible to make the bonus. So forgive me for having stirred this scenario appears to have been written by a child of 7 years. In truth, it is Mahesh Bhatt, 63. The old crocodile did not become senile. He knows what he's doing when he produced this script so incoherent that could find stupid. It does not matter really. His only goal is to keep as long as possible - 2:09 to be exact by Sunny Leone situation. So what if the viewer picks up, it is almost all plans. And when it does not, its absence has no other purpose than to make it more desirable.

Izna (Sunny Leone) is dying. She, who was a star of pornographic movies, is beset by doubt while his soul joins its creator. Would love to forgive, or will she burn in hell? One evening, six months earlier, she had met Ayaan Thakur (Arunoday Singh), an Indian intelligence officer who enlisted after a night qu'enflammée as impersonal. They fly over the field to Sri Lanka where Saldanah Guru (Arif Zakaria), the higher Ayaan says his mission.

These retrieve information even destroy the criminal network of Vincent Kabir (Randeep Hooda). This former elite police officer had sunk into the assassination and terrorism after a sentimental disappointment. She who had broken her heart was no other Izna, the only now able to gain his confidence and steal him secret documents able to dismantle his evil organization. But Izna still loves Kabir and experiences qualms about betraying him. Succeed she has overcome to save India?

I love watching the girls who walk on the beach, their breasts swollen by the desire to live! "There are not a lot of range in Jism 2 but we are filled regarding inflation. One can even say that from this point of view, this is an air film. The air, yet this is what is missing in the game of Sunny Leone. Its unique expression is to open his eyes in breathing heavily to the point that would offer him an oxygen mask. She gasps when moved, she is out of breath in the moments of tension, and we guess she heaving when the light is softer and elevator music sounds.

To his credit, it's not an actress. The Indian media's euphemistically describe as an adult movie star turned actress. Mahesh Bhatt was discovered while participating in reality TV game "Big Boss". He smelled the vein and jumped at the chance. Thus he could write proudly Introducing Sunny Leone in the credits of Jism 2. But she did not speak sufficient Hindi. Never mind, she is dubbed in the film by Smita Malhotra who realizes here a performance of the highest order, it is the only ... Izna's voice is lovely and perfect synchronization. We would almost regret poverty and absurdity of the dialogue she plays so well.

To the point against to discover it was a man with sex appeal said. The choice fell on Arunoday Singh who actually has an impressive physique, though his prominent ears in proportion to his small skull is not to his advantage. Alas, that's not it either an actor. Worse, he plays the fool with such conviction that one is certain that it is a moron.

And then there was the hero, played by Randeep Hooda. The poor man needs to be directed, but this is not the case here. Pooja Bhatt, who produced and directed the film written by his father, has, of course, left to improvise. It was overwhelming in the absence of text on which to build. So it makes us dog beat watery eyes even more incongruous that we do not really know why it's so unhappy. However, we recognize that it has worked for the film by musclant meticulously and shaving his chest with application (or the reverse).

Bollywood has widely accustomed us to triangles, but here it is more like a square portion to which we are dealing. Because there is a fourth and final character: Guru, the leader of the cell that fights against Kabir. It is likely that Arif Zakaria is actually an actor, but this does not give as much to a sense of reality or depth. Instead, the eye is attracted by his strange hair. It is indeed very rare in film to have the opportunity to see such a poorly made wig. It looks like it is a block of plastic in one piece, like the hair of Ken (the "buddy" Barbie), but painted black.

These four unlikely characters and no thickness are the only ones who populate the film. Generic cites some others, but apart from their families, it is doubtful that someone has noticed. The whole story takes place in a few days in a hotel in Sri Lanka. The resort is empty and we can imagine that shooting this series of clichés was expeditious. The pictures are beautiful but terribly terribly conventional and smooth. Like the music that she is not even pretty despite the presence of Shreya Ghoshal and KK No story, no actors, no director, no audible music, but then what is it ?

Jism 2 is an erotic thriller that surfs the franchise Jism without having any relation with the film released in 2003. It is a product of marketing services Bhatt factory trying to push the genre one step further. Point thrill, but at least a little erotic. Certainly Sunny is detailed from every angle, preferably very short, and prurient shots abound. But after 12 years, boys may find that the account is not there. Authors will have beautiful game to invoke constraints of censorship. It took imagination and take the viewer failing to show anything. Yet the film is completely idiot.

Hypotheses about the genesis of the controversial on paper Jism 2, is, the truth according to the Guild. A few months ago Randeep Hooda had revealed to the media that he raised his elbow to make his character in Jannat 2 much more realistic in the ways and attitudes. Today, any doubts about the veracity of this statement disappears, the actor in the set was seriously drunk, and melted to the point of not being too sure how to crawl out of his chair to the sink.

In this moment of weakness psycho physical, someone approached Randeep with paper and pen, has thrown a bucket of water in his face just so he could open his eyes, he was put in hand a contract and promptly shown a photo. One word: signature. Here's how was born Jism 2 and this is why the most desired Bronze Statues found himself in the up and sideshow.

Izna (Sunny Leone) enters nightclub in garters and seduces a stranger (Arunoday Singh), the two end up in bed in record time, the presentations are postponed until morning. Hello I am a star who flees from the past. Good morning to you, I'm a secret agent on the trail of a notorious murderess. Would you accept a dangerous assignment, in which the chance of staying alive is equivalent to 2%, in exchange for a juicy check.

If the dialogues are worthy of a serial in costume with wigs and crinolines the plot is so thin that even the previous American directors of Sunny would have been able to enrich it and make it more compelling. There remains the mystery of how Randeep Hooda who in addition to being cool is a good actor is finite in the cast of a similar massacre. My guess would be materially confirmable.

But talk of Sunny Leone, which is the hole with the indo canadese around, the star of the year of the decade. In short a lot of stuff for fans of the genre and very little for those who prefer the film and claims that a actress not only knows how to play mumble, or at least pretend not to have ended up there by accident.

Its name was chosen for obvious commercial purposes, after which the copy of the organ of Silicon Girl proved to be a sought-after item in stores in the States was well thought of them sell the other, what a coincidence: a film . The clamor of his participation in the shooting of her photoshoot in micro bikini, her arrival at the airport in Mumbai, and the interviews have helped to promote the film but the house of cards collapsed after the first fifteen minutes of projection.

Jism 2 has built its reputation behind a promise of disobedience, and the desire to to shock with a supposedly erotic film and presumably in good taste shot by a female director, and whose male protagonist is one of the sexiest men that ever trod the scenes. Forget it. The promises were false, the disappointment is sensational.

The criminal to take out shots of necklines and promises sex is Kabir (Randeep Hooda), who ironically is his ex-boyfriend. The killer, despite smash people with a machete during the day, at nightfall does not lose the habit of playing the cello and dedicate love songs. Izna accepts the assignment but maintains all the time a stupid face. What a thankless job to seduce one of the sexiest men in the world.

There are many factors that make Jism 2 produced a chilling, but one in particular the story makes you laugh, and makes you laugh really hard. It goes across the soda pop, popcorn end up in your nose, which is quite embarrassing if the intent was to create an erotic film that was supposed to trigger something else. Easy to predict that most of the audience between the first and the second time it has gone in the toilet for a break, but do not be too naughty neither optimistic the truth is that people was pissing down with laughter and could not wait.

Especially you feel disappointed because the sensuality promised by the trailer is completely absent or cut, Hooda has not a shred of character and not even too many possibilities to delight with her ​​sex appeal, Arunoday Singh seems straight out of a pilot episode of Derrick and Leo cry for his inadequacy, leaving the boys only the memory of his augusta and admirable career in guepiere.

However, despite the thud to the film are still two firsts: one of the dialogues contain more stupid and redundant that have ever been written, and the worst final ever thought, I suppose that those who witnessed the shooting have had to bite the inside of blood mouth to avoid bursting into a squaqquarata sound, as it was hidden in the school of the professor.

No use crying over spilled milk, and on the B side not shown, Jism 2 would also have worked. The courage of Randeep Hooda and hard work of the author of the assembly of the promotional trailers.
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