Hobe Pergh: Well being from Asiago

Himalayan pink salt, Triphala ayurvedic, sugar and ginseng. These are just a few ways to make a deep and lasting exfoliation of your skin. A perfect ritual to restore the softness of the skin, preparing the skin to the sun, hydrate your body and live a luxurious and relaxing experience. Products and innovative treatments that are born in a place where the rural experience is passed down from generations. The treatments Hobe Pergh help to counter effectively the appearance of cellulite.

The Asiago plateau contains as a precious treasure chest overflowing with herbs, flowers, plants, fruits with beneficial properties. These fields are a real pharmacy that nature puts at our disposal to restore well-being and draw their strength from the soil in which it grows rich in minerals and the air particularly healthy.

The hay comes from the Asiago Plateau meadows that are located at an altitude ranging from 1,000 to 1,300 meters in height. The collection method provides for cutting particular devices to preserve the integrity of flowers and leaves, subsequently the hay is specially dried to prevent fermentation. Only thus can the hay dell'Atopiano Asiago retains all its properties and does not lose the essential oils that characterize it. Here are some of the herbs that compose it: dandelion, yarrow, valerian, horsetail, sage, gentian, St. John's wort, peppermint, thyme, mallow, nettle, and more.

Anna Maria Forest is the creator method Hobe Pergh, peasant and then esthetician since 1967 working at his treatment center in collaboration with medical experts did analyze the hay, thus verifying scientifically the benefits of hay Plateau. Hence the company Hobe Pergh which means mountain grass in dialect cimbro, ancient people of Plateau. The company started its activity producing bags of hay to use for baths and packs of hay. Soon the product has become known for its properties and Anna Maria has designed a line of cosmetics to match the use of the bags of hay and, on the basis of experience, honed even the way you work.

This method has been applied in the center outset. Tatiana Stratu, born in the country town of Moldavia, was well acquainted with the benefits of hay. As a child, he had seen commonly do, to adults and babies bathing in the decoction of hay to strengthen the immune system, even in the case of muscle tension. Find themselves in the world of aesthetics and wellness being able to use the hay for her is nothing more than a way to convey his beliefs and convictions with respect to the wealth that nature has to offer.

The hay packs, certificates and selected, are enclosed in bags brushed fabric, to ensure absolute hygiene and release properties of the herbs contained in them. Before applying the pillows are heated in the tank to steam, calibrated to ensure the maximum rehydration of the wrapping itself. They are used disposable bags, which are eliminated at the end of treatment. The hay of the Asiago Plateau, is regularly analyzed in order to obtain the required permissions for the applications on the body.

They are useful to relieve pain and muscle tension, tone and stimulate the circulation by improving lymphatic stagnation giving a feeling of extreme well-being. Each treatment is preceded by brushing performed with wooden brushes with bristles that plant runs low on the body relaxes the nervous system and lead to a feeling of well-being. The method Hobe Pergh bases its effectiveness on the properties of hay whose benefits are now available thanks and our products.

In the land of The Thousand and One Nights is the beauty queen. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of two hours a Berber ritual. The main protagonist is argan oil, which with its nourishing, hydrating and regenerating, was for centuries the beauty elixir of the Berber women. A ceremonial essences that regenerates and relaxes body and mind. A ritual that regenerates, removes stress, relaxes the whole body and helps to stimulate the vitality of the organism. This is determined by the peculiarities and the quality of some brushes with bristles made in a specific way to give a stimulus to the entire body

From the wisdom of the method Hobe Pergh, promotes sweating and is an excellent treatment for cellulite and fluid retention stagnant. The hay bath is the treatment of well-being more typical of South Tyrol, natural remedy that is brought forward in the valleys since time immemorial. It is not just a time to relax, though pleasant, but a real blessing. The benefits of hay are numerous and extraordinary, particularly indicated in cases of tension, stiff muscles, cellulite and localized fat, lymphatic stagnation, swelling in the legs, loss of tone and elasticity of the skin.

Be pampered by the welcome foot bath with essential oils and natural exfoliation with Himalayan Salts Coconut Oil and Himalayan Salt Massage regenerating Aloe & Coconut. If you feel the need to stop to become aware of yourself, and improve your physical and mental well being immerse yourself in the welfare of the Hay of the Asiago Plateau. At our center, you can try brushing Hobe Pergh that through the special quality of the bristles promotes plant reaction of the body by stimulating the body's vitality. Brushing relaxes relieves tensions, tones and promotes the elimination of stagnant fluids.

Our method is based essentially on its effectiveness extraordinary properties of the hay of the Asiago Plateau consists of a mixture of therapeutic herbs, which, properly rehydrated and heated, give off a soothing heat that promotes sweating and the elimination of accumulated toxins. The beneficial effects of this treatment, combined with products rich in extracts and a special massage, may cover different areas: physical and mental fatigue, tension and muscle stiffness, cellulite and localized adiposity, cervical pain, lymphatic stagnation, swelling of the lower limbs and impurities skin. Each treatment is preceded by the characteristic phase of brushing a special massage technique that, as required by the method Hobe Pergh is carried out before any treatment to enhance the effect.

This is determined by the uniqueness and quality of the bristles vegetable products, specifically designed to give a stimulus to the entire body and promote a reaction that gives a relaxing effect, draining and invigorating. Brushing also stimulates the nervous system and lymphatic relieves tensions and promoting the elimination of stagnant fluids. It is a draining massage that uses the detoxifying properties of Hay Asiago Hobe Pergh to get results surprisingly effective and targeted.

You can continue matching the pack Hay Localized and you gently wrap so that its beneficial properties can play the most of the soothing, relaxing, purifying, reducing drainage. To really get the feeling that all the hay and natural elements are able to pass the test bed Welfare Hobe Pergh studianto and certified to practice hay baths.

After that you go out there and relaxing on a dry bed and run mummy wrapping around the body so that it has an organic reaction purification through perspiration. At the end of the sweating you run a massage the oily extract of hay and ending treatment with l 'pack walking.The detoxifying facial treatment is the essence of the method Höbe Pergh and has been formulated to promote a deep detoxifying the skin while giving a luminous and smooth, with a grain more compact.

Thanks to the numerous active ingredients in real milk and hay in Hobe Pergh this treatment is ideal for encouraging the 'deep hydration and nourishment of the normal and dry skin. Designed to deal with the sweetness plli more fragile and susceptible presenting diffuse redness and fragile capillaries. Day after day, skin is visibly improved, reducing blemishes typical of this type of skin

Suitable for skin that needs a targeted treatment to retard effectively the process of skin aging and fight the formation of wrinkles and expression lines. Designed and implemented by experienced professionals to rebalance tired skin and devoid of vitality, through the use of natural skin-friendly, easily recognized and readily used by the epidermis. Suitable leather relaxed and toneless. The synergy of active ingredients contained in the products favor the recovery of skin tone and elasticity of the tissues, giving firmness and compactness.

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