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IRCTC and Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is the largest of its kind in the world consisting of a manpower force of about 1.5 million workers. This is also referred to as the lifeline of the country and makes great contribution in the growing economy of the nation. The Indian railway promises safe and hassle free journey to its passengers and at the most reasonable price. The tracks run in almost every corner of the country and is known for its inherent strength. More than 13 million passengers benefit from it every day directly from the rail system in India as it has a network of 6,800 km.

With more than 200,000 freight trains, about 50,000 coaches and 8000 locomotives, railways set of tracks cover the entire length and width of India. With more than 7,000 stations across the length of the route around than 64,000 miles, 1.4 million employers across India, and more than 20 million passengers, Indian Railways became one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world. It is not only the largest, but also the money to gain more public sector in the country! Indian Railways include Southern Railways, Northern Railway, Western Railway and Eastern Railway, and more. The utility and convenience of Indian trains is noteworthy.

Trains like Rajdhani Express, Garib Rath Express and Shatabdi Express have a proven track record to make the trip easier and more comfortable. Progressively such high-speed trains are capture most of the portion of no-frills airlines, as they are able to provide a rapid, low cost and happy travel compared to other means of transport. Indian Railways has shown remarkable improvements over the last two years. Special attention is now built on providing comfort for passengers. The railways have introduced some new trains. Indian Railways is coming up with a new strategy to make more use of ICT. This system will soon be introduced in all the tourist trains and railway coaches.

Indian railway is also making serious efforts to include professionalism in their flow and make some organizational reforms. Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC), which is the marketing wing of Indian Railways is currently working on some policies to accommodate private parties from the travel and tourism trade to participate in their joint venture.

IRCTC is the body that manages the entire online ticket booking plinth of Indian Railways! All these attempts are made ​​to promote tourism in the country. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, IRCTC is a public sector company formed and owned by the Ministry of Railways under the Companies Act, 1956. The company is headquartered in New Delhi. This establishment, the company has taken place so that it can function as an extended arm of the Indian Railways. This would make Indian Railways more comfortable to extend their services and can also handle the food service and hospitality at the stations.

This would also help in the promotion of national and international tourism and contribute to the economic growth of the country. The IRCTC also introduces some cheap hotels and special tour packages for the convenience of passengers. IRCTC Ltd. has gone functional to effectively exploit the tourism and catering potential, worth Rs 500 crore. A memorandum of understanding was signed between Indian Railways and IRCTC Ltd. to perform their functions.

IRCTC online portal is designed to provide responsive user interface to book tickets to any destination in India. It also operates trains exclusively to all famous tourist and offers several packages that attract attention! On the login page you will find an IRCTC login menu consisting of user name and password. If you have registered to the IRCTC website, you can enter your user name and password for logging or other fresh you have to sign up and register for the new login IRCTC.

The beta version offers additional services such as the sole of my travel, e-ticket, Tatkal booking, cancellation, PNR status inquiry, and more. Passengers can also check their PNR status through SMS via fixed or mobile phone. All you have to do is send the 10-digit ticket number via SMS to 139 as PNR or simply dial 139 from your phone and follow the instructions and get the current PNR status

Do you think, travel packages are offered only by airlines and road transport companies? Of course not! Avail the travel packages offered by Indian Railways and you will know the difference. It does not matter if you're a tourist domestic or international, you can grab a budget and deluxe package tours organized by IRCTC, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways.

This wing of the Government of India. department also manages the catering, online ticketing operation, and other tourism-related activities of Indian Railways. Visit the IRCTC and get your railway booking done or plan your visit to the destination of your choice.If you want to visit the main tourist destinations across the country, book the package 'Bharat Darshan' offered by IRCTC. It is a popular tourist package for budget tourists.

Those who want sophistication in the services, facilities, living room, kitchen, etc. during the complete journey can choose to choose the package of luxury tourism. There are special trains dedicated to luxury tour packages in luxury.

These luxury trains run by Indian Railways have Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Royal Orient Express, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Golden Chariot, and Buddhist circuit train. IRCTC also happens to be a partner in the light of the Maharajas' Express. Get pampered throughout the journey is what makes all the difference. Take a package of luxury and make your trip unforgettable! For more information on other various vacation packages, rail tour packages, hotel reservations, taxis, etc., just log on to

Indian tourism is not only conventional, fun, adventure lovers will appreciate the various packages offered by this tourism wing of the Indian Railways. Since wildlife trekking for water sports, you can choose one or all. You can also get your personalized tour according to your special requirements. Railway booking is facilitated not only the ticket, but also online. Visit the official website of IRCTC for the same. You can also get a railway reservation done from your phone, even while on the move via GPRS or SMS.


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