Desi Boyz

Directorial debut of Rohit Dhawan who engages with little luck in the typical family comedy. Censorship takes a hand, critics turn up their noses, and cash are struggling. Jerry (Akshay Kumar), a security guard in a shopping center, and Nick (John Abraham), broker, live together in London. Affected by the financial crisis remain without work. Jerry, for fear of losing custody of the orphaned nephew, and Nick, to ensure his girlfriend (Deepika Padukone), the fairytale wedding and the standard of living that she is expecting, they end up doing the strippers and escorts for ladies. But their problems are just beginning.

This makes it fun Desi Boyz is the crackling line shared by John Abraham and Akshay Kumar. Their camaraderie is spicy and perfect. Debutant director Rohit Dhawan tells his story in a light vein. It seems to have learned the trade from his father, David Dhawan, without ever falling into excesses. The narrative proceeds in a dizzying, topped with a lively screenplay, and short jokes scattered here and there. The soundtrack by Pritam is full of verve and the title song is already a success. Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh are delicious, yummy and crispy. Can not take my eyes off the screen. Enjoy DB a comedy not because the senseless antics are supported by a plot.

The songs, one after the other without any connection with the film. It makes you wonder why the producers did not realize just albums and music videos starring movie star. The songs survive. The film rarely. The filmmakers themselves do not care too much about the characters. The formula expressed in Desi Boyz could be that of a film post 2000 David Dhawan. Happens to be his son, the director of DB. The generations change. Even the audience. But some are still being recycled nonsense.

Desi Boyz grows in a pattern that no surprises. The plot is written without ambitions by focusing on a cheerful and colorful, the good feelings on the music and on the skill and sympathy of the leading actors. While not offering any innovative inspiration, however, Desi Boyz is pleasant, sometimes bright and fun. The star cast is an added value. In particular, Anupam Kher and John Abraham formed an alliance father-in-law irresistible; as it is very close-knit pair Akshay Kumar-Singh Chitrangda with her ​​in the guise of a beautiful and sensual university professor.

Rohit Dhawan second assistant director Don: the chase begins again is too young to play it safe and is punished with an excess of severity. Its Desi Boyz is an undeserved flop, a fim simple, a light comedy for those who want entertainment. As many as four songs choreographed and inserted into the plot these days it's a party. Akshay Kumar, talented and sexiest perfectly sculpted John Abraham. The name, probably of Northern origin, the alter ego of Jerry, Rocco. Jerry points out a pompous English professor of mathematics who was an Indian who invented the zero. professor blurts out If you are all of the damned because genes do not study in your country.

Only the brightest minds are accepted into college Indians as if to say that others enroll in less selective schools, those in London. The film has been certified with an Adult from the Indian censorship, because of the profession, considered rough, undertaken by the two protagonists.

Desi Kattey about two boys who work in a katta desi gun factory and turn out to be sharp shooters is a Indian action drama film starring Sasha Agha, Suniel Shetty, TV actor Jay Bhanushali, Akhil Kapur and Tia Bajpai directed and produced by Anand Kumar under the banner of Anand Kumar Productions.

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