Desi Boyz Movie Review

Desi Boyz so. Or when the crisis is hitting our confused world will befall two friends of the Indian diaspora in London. The first, Nick (John Abraham), is directly affected, since fired, due to recession, one of the companies City London. The second, Jerry (Akshay Kumar) is returned at the same time, its shopping center guard job, to have leaked a teenager who had pilfered a skateboard accessory he could not afford.

Jerry (Akshay Kumar), a security guard in a shopping center, and Nick (John Abraham), broker, live together in London. Affected by the financial crisis remain without work. Jerry, for fear of losing custody of the orphaned nephew, and Nick, to ensure his girlfriend (Deepika Padukone), the fairytale wedding and the standard of living that she is expecting, they end up doing the strippers and escorts for ladies. But their problems are just beginning.

Our two roommates are so desperate. The first had to ask his girlfriend (Deepika Padukone) in marriage, it already extrapolating the ceremony and the future honeymoon. The second is found in the wall, because to meet the needs of the boy which he is responsible his son. I'm not sure, hindi dialogues require.

Then comes an unexpected proposal, working as male escort for the box Desi Boys, held by good tattooed guy (Sanjay Dutt). Keep company with abandoned wives, or animate the evenings Prom Night will be on the menu. Jerry does not hesitate for a second, his reluctant friend will eventually follow. Only one condition: not to sleep with clients. Of course it must remain secret for the entourage. But such activity can not long remain hidden. Social Affairs of the city to withdraw the custody of Jerry kid. Nick's fiancée cancels their wedding. The two friends separate ...

A priori, here we are embarked on one of those romantic comedies which cinema has the secret. Everything is designed to make people laugh and smile tribulations of our two friends not really grow. But we are in India, where I think the Americans would be held to a linear sequence revolving around the history of escort boys with the comic that big spot, the film is turning 180 ° after the intermission.

Here, no question of shirtless guys, up to two new intrigues followed in parallel. Always comedy with Nick ploys to win back his sweetheart, helped by an ex-future stepfather accomplice. And especially the mash, with Jerry who reinstated at the university, in the hope that a diploma would enable it to regain control of the young family member. There, he will fall in love with her ​​teacher of economics.

And as we bounced down on a hot topic, the famous crisis, events that take in more value. The three in one feels good, allowing to brew a lot of topics and atmosphere. From the employment of Indians in Western society, family relationships and subsidiaries, through respect for traditions in contact with the evolution of morals. Everything happens as letter mail, aided by a dense and fluid scenario, not sparing his sentence twists.

You get moments of candid humor. The assessment interview Jerry male who must give his measurements, and chose as a pseudo Rocco! This name he said something to the local public. The striptease scene of the teacher for the revisions, each correct answer giving the right to the removal of a garment. And especially the sequence of the interview in the box trading , turning simulacrum of harassment, in order to scare away all the golden boys cravats waiting their turn in the corridor, as cattle going to slaughter . A highly enjoyable moment, revenge against all these clones in a suit devoting their lives to the god dollar.

And emotion is sure to show the tip of his nose to each appearance of the kid, really cute. The scene of the school Father's Day, in which Jerry's speech ends with a touching I love you, can only make a small tear dawning on more sensitive cheeks. To spread this whole range of emotions, he had a cast up to it. Here it is the case, the direction of actors is really on top. Regarding leading roles, I do not dwell on John Abraham, he's handsome, he moves well his body, plays and good for him. The real surprise for me, it's Akshay Kumar, showing a real sensitivity behind a priori banal physical. I knew little and will certainly pay more attention to him next time.

As for Sanjay Dutt, the identified face and tired, wholesale Mastard with tattooed arms, he broke well, its role being far from the announced cameo. He appears in a handful of sequences, all important to the progression of the plot. And each of his responses to other characters is a confrontation treat.

For this kind of film, it is important not to expect the big stage, and this will be the case here. After a well-off credits, news images clashing even Batman and Spider-Man are out on the street. Followed by the presentation "too stylish" of our two heroes, we will be entitled to a purely functional Cinemascope, which pass without problems the barrier of the small screen. It takes at least highlight the many decorations traversed, alternating London exterior and interior in the air. A reference to loft Jerry, colorful and pop overloaded Accessories: duvet Wonder Woman, table on the Andy Warhol poster comics, video game arcade ... which is not to displease the fan of pop culture that I am.

This will be the editing and music that will ensure the pace of the film. And then we can count on them. The soundtrack so hyper-alive, we offer a truly catchy music. Real pop-rock rhythms with Indian, uninfected by the r & b influences put too much lately hear the bo 7am Arivu, for example. In this respect, the use of female vocals to offset male voices carry to ease the amateur. All good, that deserves to be listened to.

And for the clips, we will be entitled to four. Two extrapolations of hypertrophied highlighting virility of the male, that would not have disowned the Chippendales. In accoutrements worthy of Village People, the two actors give heart joy, delivering their anatomy muscled a horde of raging girls. Ah phallic symbol of fire hose pointed toward the flames! A pure derision treat, aesthetically licked.

The third clip is a courtship, based cowgirls in shorts and bagpipers in kilts! Dancing with varied instrumentation. And last, the best in my opinion, is a declaration of love in the context of the university, tens of background extras, in perfect harmony mimicking the gestures of student life. A great time calling a scene reminiscent of The Wall by Alan Parker. A set of choreographed pieces where unfortunately we can regret the absence of dancers from India.

All that stands in two short hours if we align with international standards. Sniff. That is, if one has little time to breathe. Makes you wonder what now serves as the interval, if not to eat. In the end, you'll understand, do not stop at a poster and hanging worthy of a magazine cover people , we are dealing with a real good romantic comedy and this is a guy who speaks. In these opening time in the world, not always for the better, an invigorating alternative to the moral forever wasp models of Americans. No facade of cynicism, no messages clumsy, film recites simple values ​​with humor without really illusion facing a galloping consumerism.

Here, everything would be said, except that in addition, I have seen this movie in the hall of the Raj Mandir. And there, everything is multiplied by ten or even a hundred. The audience, laughing, screaming, exploding with joy, the atmosphere vibrates in unison. One can only applaud the appearance of the silhouette of Sanjay, or replica of a patriotic character against its roots. An unforgettable experience, crushing one already felt in Pantin among Tamil spectators. You end up with a smile, sketching a dance during the end credits.

Indians still believe in the magic of cinema. Yes, the lights go out, a curtain that rises in front of a screen that lights is and will remain magic! The movie is rated A in India, because of the mention of male prostitution, although it really is an all age work. So what were doing all these children and baby I heard crying during projection? But good for them.

Directorial debut of Rohit Dhawan who engages with little luck in the typical family comedy. Censorship takes a hand, critics turn up their noses, and cash are struggling. 

This makes it fun Desi Boyz is the crackling line shared by John Abraham and Akshay Kumar. Their camaraderie is spicy and perfect. Debutant director Rohit Dhawan tells his story in a light vein. It seems to have learned the trade from his father, David Dhawan, without ever falling into excesses. The narrative proceeds in a dizzying, topped with a lively screenplay, and short jokes scattered here and there. The soundtrack by Pritam is full of verve and the title song is already a success. Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh are delicious, yummy and crispy. Can not take my eyes off the screen. Enjoy DB a comedy not because the senseless antics are supported by a plot.

The songs, one after the other without any connection with the film. It makes you wonder why the producers did not realize just albums and music videos starring movie star. The songs survive. The film rarely. The filmmakers themselves do not care too much about the characters. The formula expressed in Desi Boyz could be that of a film post 2000 by David Dhawan. Happens to be his son, the director of DB. The generations change. Even the audience. But some are still being recycled nonsense.

Desi Boyz grows in a pattern that no surprises. The plot is written without ambitions by focusing on a cheerful and colorful, the good feelings on the music and on the skill and sympathy of the leading actors. While not offering any innovative inspiration, however, Desi Boyz is pleasant, sometimes bright and fun. The star cast is an added value. In particular, Anupam Kher and John Abraham formed an alliance father-in-law irresistible; as it is very close-knit pair Akshay Kumar-Singh Chitrangda with her ​​in the guise of a beautiful and sensual university professor.

Rohit Dhawan second assistant director Don: the chase begins again is too young to play it safe and is punished with an excess of severity. Its Desi Boyz is an undeserved flop, a fim simple, a light comedy for those who want entertainment. As many as four songs choreographed and inserted into the plot these days it's a party. Akshay Kumar, talented and sexiest perfectly sculpted John Abraham. The name, probably of Northern origin, the alter ego of Jerry, Rocco. Jerry points out a pompous English professor of mathematics who was an Indian who invented the zero. professor blurts out If you are all of the damned because genes do not study in your country.

Only the brightest minds are accepted into college Indians as if to say that others enroll in less selective schools, those in London. The film has been certified with an Adult from the Indian censorship, because of the profession, considered rough, undertaken by the two protagonists.

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