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A Winter Wedding at Christmas

Have you ever thought of getting married at Christmas time in December? A truly unique time that cannot be more perfect for such an important day. Getting married at Christmas is also magical where everything tastes good, romantic and fairytale.

Joy, love and magic is the characteristics of this day in which you can recreate colors and stand unique. Christmas is certainly red but also gold and green fir! Decorations and details should be shaped by these shades exploiting seasonal items such as poinsettias, pine cones, berries, pine needles and more. Among the flowers of the period, for a spectacular christmas bouquet, white and pink gypsophila cannot be missed.

Even the dress can be in part with these colors with gold ribbons, green or red, embroidered bodices with unique designs and colors chosen for the occasion. In addition, given the temperatures, there are many options to cover the shoulders along with accessories to add, to the set choice for him with cashmere coat, warm hat and gloves in pendant for the event, while for her would be warm capes, long gloves and booties!

The much dreamed christmas wedding dresses should be warm but without losing the unique details, where it is perfect, the long-sleeved opaque sheer of volumes and folds with heavy fabrics with less necklines and more fabric at the top gown for your wedding for looks of amazing shapes!

Cold temperatures will make you appreciate the location for your marriage with indoor spaces typical of the winter period, perhaps in areas where snow is assured. In this regard are perfect mountain chalet, log cabins and lodges. The wood, the snow and the mountains as a panorama of these are the hallmarks of a time of year that makes you dream.

To top it all the decorations for your wedding is that the environments of the tables with candles, feathers, crystals, a perfect time to recall the snow and ice, needles, pine cones, plants and seasonal flowers, warm lighting and designer lamps as well as a fireplace! The very spicy and soft fragrance of a blend of citrus and cinnamon will help to recreate the magic that is the background to the event.

In decorations you can draw interesting ideas for wedding favors and gifts, maybe home made! Follow a unique style of colors and details chosen with great care. Be guided by the heart and emotions and not that you can organize a dream wedding in the most beautiful time of year.

Getting married and exploiting the Christmas spirit, why not? It is during this time that family ties are still shaking more and there surrounds himself with friends and relatives, then doubling the party can only make your wedding unforgettable.

To recreate the magic of Christmas, the palette could not be more festive gold, red and green, a simple and unmistakable combination enriched with the scent of pine and cinnamon and the sparkle of candles makes it more charming and intimate. Obviously, the tree simply decorated and enriched by the light characteristics, should be the center event.

To respect the tradition, the bride should wear something red, like a hand stitched sweater. Youthful, casual, it is the ally glamorous touch to not fear the cold. For the dress, the choice falls on a necked model in front and from the romantic French lace neckline on the back, delicate and impalpable. To complete the set, the bouquet of strictly red berries, detail that characterize the investments and the set calligraphic.

More and more couples, in recent years, are choosing the Winter season as for their wedding, because they so want to take advantage of favorable prices dictated by the low season which saves on location and reception, or because this season is slowly winning the hearts of many people.

christmas wedding favors decorations cake

White Winter Wedding

The snowflake is the focus of this marriage from winter-white hue; the palette is in fact composed by an Optic White, a color Ivory, a light shade of cold gray and silver color to use as metallic or glitter effects to your liking. The snowflakes are starting from holdings up to the sugar decorations for the final cake conceived in this case as many small mini wedding cake, also attending the decorative details or buttonhole for the groom who just the form of a snowflake.

This element can also be remembered in the fitting, using glass drops linked by an invisible wire to hang from the ceiling for a wonderful visual effect of suspended crystals. Large, transparent chandeliers give elegance and regal down from the ceiling covered of candid white curtains. In the walls suggest adding many large mirrors giving cold image and environment playing with the reflections. By following these guidelines you are going to create a setting that seem almost frozen, wrapped in a layer of ice, like the inside the palace of the Snow Queen. For decorations also incorporated rows of pearls or Swarovski hung on the table.

In the flowers aim at the beautiful Natural White Peonies or vaporous Hydrangeas and here and there a touch of elegance with fabulous orchids, all obviously filled by clouds of Gypsophila (white mist) to give just a snow effect.

The winter theme is perceived of calls with the call to the season and the snow effect on trees and is right on the snow and the trees. In fact do not use flowers for the preparations but only natural and simple elements as twigs, dried pine cones and paper decorations that recall the beautiful form of snowflakes.

To create a little atmosphere you can use white candles of different sizes and heights, both on the table arranged in several points of the site of the only decorated reception with bare trees recreating a real winter forest covered and to give more atmosphere you can add on the branches of white lights (absolutely hot hue) and flakes snow paper can hang with the invisible thread and drop them, or attach them to walls or arrange them in any order on the table as if they were of different sizes doilies.

The table should be full of elements but at the same time very natural and poor in fact put a tablecloth so as to leave in view of the wood that is just below the pivotal material of this marriage. If you like, you can also add here and there little bullets color Gold, as in cutlery, small objects on the table or a random splash of gold sequins, to give the light of the points that will be highly effective.

They are always wonderful the different tissues games, overlays, embroidery and ruffles. The bouquet should be made ​​up exclusively of dry pine cones crossed by small tufts of white mist to give a real snow effect. A very simple cake, not too refined and decorated, in the event should recall the style and theme of snow and winter forest.

Green Winter Wedding

The other two colors are Forest Green and Dark Brown, then resumed from the elements that should be present in the preparations of this marriage, like the branches of pine, dry pine cones or the mistletoe. If in fact we think of Christmas, as well the classic Red and the White, the Green is one of the other colors that reconnect to this feast.

Starting from the bouquet, the references to the winter season should then be inserted in any event such as the mistletoe in the buttonhole of the groom or even inserted in the fitting of the centerpieces thought of as the simplest pieces of wood where you can create a groove within which can be inserted blank candles along with branches of mistletoe and pine.

For all this wedding, the preparations should almost be essential to embody the simplicity that should always describe the spirit of Christmas and should be entered within a table decorated with common elements such as glass bottles at the end of which it should be placed a white candle and branches of pine or special steel buckets filled with dry and green branches pine cones.

Not only the branches of pine, but the tree itself should be a key figure of this event, since you can decide to use the thumbnail of this plant as small marks place at the table or take the menu with the stylized form of this plant.

Red Christmas Wedding

More and more couples decide to get married during the winter and so why not take advantage of the magic of Christmas to be used as the theme of your wedding? The whiteness of the snow and it's wonderful flakes, Christmas cakes, color like Red and Green, Christmas balls, the holly, the mistletoe, etc. are really very many elements with which you can play using them at your leisure. in this Inspiration Board, however, we wanted to concentrate on only two colors, White and Red and of them we based the whole wedding.

As for equipment, aim for simplicity, in fact, thanks to the theme, you can safely reduce the use of flowers and exploit instead those Christmas items that you like and in this case, given that the main color is red, such as Christmas balls hanging here and there, or placed on the table, the classic candy-shaped stick that you can also enter in the compositions, red and white crystals to be put in pots or spray on the table as if they were magic dust.

Even in this marriage do not miss the candles to create that warm atmosphere of conviviality and you can choose to use red or white, both in different sizes and heights that small candles to be inserted in red lanterns more than ever they embody the idea of Christmas. If you are lovers of origami, use them on this occasion. There are a lot of Christmas-themed shapes that would be perfect for hanging.

For the bride, dare and take a cue from a beautiful red dress, perfect to be included in Santa's list. For the Bridegroom however, on this occasion, it might be the cutest bow tie, which obviously should be red and if you have a pet, even think about him.

A difference from last Red Christmas Wedding ideas, the theme of Christmas considered the most traditional sense of the term, in fact includes all the classic colors of Christmas, that is the Brown, Green, the Red and the White. Again, the Red is the protagonist, the fact then move on to the bouquet of beautiful roses and red berries and continue in all event details as on the table or in the various decorations.

This color Brown, which became reality with the wood logs and pine cones, can be used as decorations for the table and for the location in general. Go to scene also Verde, par excellence combined with the Christmas Red and in the leaves of Holly and Pine branches, which are among other good ideas to use in floral arrangements, in fact, give an elegant look but at the same time fun and natural, maintaining the classical tradition of this festival.

As for decorations, you should also use the Christmas balls in transparent blown glass inside which you can enter green twigs and leaves of holly for a more natural look or glitter red or golden for a more chic look; hang them then here and there with red ribbons. They should not miss even this time lots of white candles, even large, arranged in glass vases with artificial snow or floats on the water. Christmas is full of different items that you can make, try to give free rein to your creativity.

For the Bride opt for a wonderful cloud of light tulle embroidered lace, in a very pure shades of natural white. To give a bit more extravagant touch, the idea of wearing a tartan design tie by the Bridegroom is very pretty, precisely because of the winter season.

And finally the sweet table with a feast of delicacies as usual, with panettone, nougat, meringues. To top it all, choose a cake that always contains the elements or colors of the theme of your wedding, in this case, Christmas being the main theme, we suggest you use White as the primary color that is reminiscent of snow and in decorations opt for some references to the winter season, such as berries, pine cones, etc. No one will regret the classic wedding cake. A toast to Christmas and love.


Desiree said…
Some lovely ideas here! Pity I don't know anyone getting married.
kalaiselvisblog said…
superb ideas... well i can use these tips in my bro's future marriage...
I agree. I used to work as a wedding planner together with 3 other colleagues and we always emphasized to our clients the importance of putting their best in their weddings because the memories of that special day will live on.
This is a helpful post.
Rajesh said…
Very well written.
hi kalyan, oh yes, a wedding preparation can be very hectic- all details to be meticulously done.. perfect for the big event.
Krishna said…
nice post about marriage

What shocks me is how expensive weddings are becoming, less about the couple and more about being seen to have spent lots of money, a wedding lasts a day, a marriage, if you are lucky, a lifetime.

A great post, I love the photos you used. I was also interested to here you mention lillies as they are more often used as a flower at funerals than at a wedding here in England. I had yellow and white carnations at my wedding.
Grant said…
Weddings can be magical, the only thing that makes me sad is that people forget what love is... and that means that there are just as many divorces as weddings.
Kala said…
I love the idea of using marigolds as a decoration as their color is so bright and festive - we do not see them being used in weddings here.
thats an informative post on weddings !
Magia da Inês said…
º°♥❤ Olá, amigo!
❤ Passei para uma visitinha.
Tenha um ótimo fim de semana!
º°❤ Beijinhos.
♥❤ Brasil
Max Coutinho said…

A Wedding Day is a special day, without any doubt. Planning and preparing one can be exhausting, thank Heavens for wedding planners lol ;).

You should have suggested also that brides are not to drink before their special day, because it shows (and the fair colour of their dresses enhances it even further)...

Brilliant post, mate!


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