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Travelling with Children

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There's one thing everyone would like to gladly do without when traveling is to avoid the unexpected and when among the travelers there are children, it threatens to make things more complicated even for the most relaxing trips from cancelled airlines, delayed trains, unexpected illness, hotels that do not match the expectations. These are just some of the most commonly unexpected occurrences.

There are potentially explosive consequences if you are traveling with a child and on arrival you realize that you have brought with you just a pacifier. Nothing wrong except that the object is a specific brand, which is quite impossible to find, which is the only way to appease the whims of your little despot and to sleep.

In reality, however, I think a lot of contingencies that can happen on the road with children are easily manageable with a little planning. Let's try to see how.


The first issue if you are traveling with children are the possible canceled flights or endless queues. Let's face it, missing the plane for any reason is never pleasant. In that case, the crucial point is certainly to hold off the irritation, but maybe a few tricks can help you avoid, where possible, the drawbacks.

Beware of coincidences: if your flight requires a change in schedule, consider that with a baby in tow everything could be much slower. So if there's an opportunity avoid the coincidences by the too tight timelines.

Dawn departures: often low-cost flights provide very early morning departures, which is not so easy to manage when there are children in tow and maybe the airport is not just around the house. In these cases, you might like to arrive the day before and stay overnight at the airport and take the opportunity to learn about a city that maybe you never thought.

Traffic: the long queues in the car can exhaust anyone, let alone children. In this case the advice is the most trivial is if you can handle the departure intelligently avoid the days with red letters.

Entertainment: as not all contingencies are predictable always try to avoid the long wait. Carry something to eat and drink, books, small games and a couple of videos that will help you pass the time in the airport or at least a little.


Children from this point of view are punctual as a Swiss watch. Almost certainly they will fall ill just before a departure or just start to. In this case the best thing is to always have the emergency drugs in hand while traveling, especially if you plan to do long distances in the air.

Another good habit is to try where possible to predict the future. Some examples. If all of your child's kindergarten class has had the intestinal virus, make the necessary incantations possible that he whacked it. Bring along your need to avoid having to run to the pharmacy. Obviously in this case a pre-check with the pediatrician can help.


Let's face it as everyone has happened to arrive in the hotel or maybe the house late at night and find something very different from what you expected. The most classic chaos that happen in truth is to find a not very clean facility. In this case it is not possible to resolve the situation and in another way a good solution is to have pack some sanitizing towelette, a couple of towels.

Needless to say it, to leave with a child in full tantrum phase bringing one pacifier is not a good idea. Of course you could also take the opportunity to remove the pacifier but at the cost of some little relaxing day.

This is to say that all those objects that are precious for your children is to bring and to keep on hand. A lost luggage may only be a small hassle but if inside there is a favorite doll of your child could become an unexpected complication to manage. So how can you forget in the car in the parking lot of the airport that book with which the child falls asleep.

It is true that children need to get used to the changes, but it is also true that the routine is important for them, especially when maybe you're taking them into very different environments.

The central point, however, in my opinion is that children watch us and learn from us always, even when things do not go exactly as we would like. In this case with the ability to take things a bit in spirit and a few laughs and not dominated by irritation that is normal. That not only helps to better manage the emergency but also our children learn to eliminate the small difficulties and obstacles of life.

A little accident, a train leaving, just as you enter the station are never pleasant, but the way they are managed by the parents help the child to understand how to deal with minor setbacks of life.


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