Saturday, September 06, 2014

Childrens Songs Collection

If your children this winter have learned so many beautiful songs to kindergarten or to the performances of Christmas and end of year at primary school, now is the time to learn a few songs for the summer. Every culture, every, time, latitude each can boast of songs dedicated to children, but without a shadow of doubt, the ones that go straight to the heart, the sweetest, most sincere, genuine and devoid of rhetoric are the childrens songs.

We have learned in kindergarten, and today is our children who teach us. The songs sang by little to our mothers are etched in our mind or in our shared history, why not teach her ​​children. Will be proud to sing the same song that his mother, when she was small, devoted grandmother and there will be no sweeter gift to be received for Children's Day. The songs, along with poems, are in fact the ultimate form of expression that allows us to express the harmonious order of the notes on what each brings to the heart.

Here then is a small selection of children's songs dedicated to my mother, to listen and to learn together.

Here are a collection of English, Hindi and Bengali Mp3 songs available for download:


Bachhar Bachhar Ese MagoBolte Paris Maa Pujor Chhutir.


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