Travel Guide: Digha Mandarmani

Digha Mandarmani travel photos

The coastal city of Digha is a very popular destination as a beach destination. The town overlooks the Bay of Bengal, in the the state of West Bengal. An important festival is the Beach festival. It takes place in the beautiful beach of Bakkhali and presents itself as a celebration of the spirit of Bengal. This festival offers a unique opportunity for visitors to interact with the local people and enjoy the charm of the town and the state of Bengal. The festival offers exhibitions of handicrafts, and a series of events.

As for the beaches, in addition to the famous beach of Mandarmani, there is Shankarpur beach, 5 km from Digha, a special place surrounded by lush greenery. Digha is undoubtedly the realm of shopping. Here you can buy, in Emporia managed by the State, shells, palm leaf paintings, finely worked stone soaps, works of carved wood and horns. A visit is well worth in the Bazaars, the food markets, where you can find everything.

Early in the morning, along the beach, which is considered among the most beautiful in India, come the fishing boats returning from fishing at night, and on the shoreline sell the fruits of their labour during auctions that shine in the colors of the women in sari. The evening is nice to enjoy the fresh air from the terraces from which you observe the comings and goings of the people on the main square.

Visit it to immerse yourself in the warm tropical waters of one of the most beautiful seaside resorts and is a tropical beach that offers vast expanse of fine white sand, visitors can enjoy the shade of large Casuarina trees and enjoy the refreshing waters. The waters off  Digha are suitable for the whole family because they are protected by the reefs that during low tide, emerges from the water and creates a large expanse of sand which occupies approximately a kilometer of the surface. The raised foams are a set of ponds in which they are trapped numerous shoals of small fish, a true spectacle.

The water remains shallow near the shore and a few meters from the sand, inland, there is a very dense vegetation nourished by the Bay of Bengal which ends right in the waters of  beaches. Digha has a good railway network. A good network of roads, provides a great alternative for those who decide to move on four wheelers.

Digha Beach has good restaurants, hotels, markets and shops and is a popular destination for lovers of surfing.
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