Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baishe Srabon

Baishe Srabon a violent story trying to solve the mystery of the stoneman killings which deals with a lot of crudity and rests on basic emotions like jealousy, revenge and justice, both personal and social with Prosenjit Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Parambrata Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee and director Gautam Ghose written and directed by Srijit Mukherji is a Bengali psychological thriller produced by Shree Venkatesh Films.

Be confident. Perhaps the key word in the whole movie. Having self-confidence is essential to get out alive from the continuing struggle toward personal success. What determines who we are or are not become? Intelligence and talent are sufficient or need something else to open the way. A universal theme, which is valid in India as in the rest of the world, anyone can feel so close you imagine in your own life. That's why you can not love a film like this.

A satisfactory success at the box office, the film entertains, amuses, but not without a good dose of the brain, stimulates reflection on the difficulties to really enter the world of work, painting a rather effective phantom business leaders represented here in Key incredibly ironic and their constant tantrums. The protagonist, one of the most successful young actors in recent years, a young penniless and pursued by bad luck more black; chasing dreams of glory trapped in elegant gray suits complete with tie, drinking tons of coffee in the waiting rooms that anxiety would put even the most peaceful human beings while waiting for the fateful job interviews in the company of anonymous and pedantic secretaries strictly Inglese Speaking and diplomatic suck.

How do you feel at ease with such a life? He waits for hours and meanwhile the recommendations go forward. All the while trying in a roundabout way possible, but the chance of a lifetime does not seem to ever get. The classic type prissy, has always been the best in the college, distancing himself from the average of his peers, and yet now that he must prove who he is, he can not assert himself in life. Expectations are high, exaggerated, the viewer follows the success of the fight against almost feeling like his own failures.

Its possible that such a person is not able to be productive. Is it possible that a guy is brilliant face jot down on the judgment of others? As you look out to the central theme the story unfolds with delicacy and verve, time flies and we are not even aware that he had spent more than two hours in pleasant company. The Waving Man that is, the man who greets with the hand, a character enjoyable and meaningful especially if you think you can become friends with anyone under any circumstances.

Even two strangers who meet every morning from one bank of the river and on the other they can share without even having never met, a relationship of mutual affection. Just to quote a phrase from the movie not all links need an actual explanation, sorceress who dispenses advice bizarre and improbable spells, of course, in exchange. Perhaps the final accommodating and monologue with a few too many. The story seems to follow a bit too much more success in the cinema and internationally.

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Ekbar Bol
Anupam Roy
Je Kota Din (Duet)
Saptarshi Mukherjee; Shreya Ghoshal
Gobheere Jaao (Male)
Rupankar Bagchi
Ei Sraabon
Rupam Islam
Gobheere Jaao (Female)
Shreya Ghoshal

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