Ganer Opare

Gaaner Oparey aired on Star Jalsha bringing back the magic of Tagore, starring Arjun Chakraborty, as Gora, Mimi Chakraborty, as Pupe was a critically acclaimed Indian television serial.

Rabindra Sangeet compositions based on ragas of the Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore and throughout the mystical and popular bengali music. Its a selection of the most significant compositions of the main collections of poetry Indian author of noble birth and Bengali. He lived from 1861 to 1941, Calcutta was his hometown and the one where he died after a particularly intense life. Tagore was the author of poems, plays, essays, short stories, novels, and old he devoted himself to painting as well.

He founded an experimental school at Santiniketan with which to realize its interests and teaching philosophy. He has traveled extensively in Europe and America to think of merging Eastern and Western culture. And finally, it is involved in social work, in politics, it is exposed directly in emergency situations. In every circumstance has expressed his principles, his aspirations of man and author. The two aspects of his results are never split, the shares have not been separated by the thought: Tagore has always and everywhere followed a single road, the affirmation of the human person, his dignity and the promotion of its capabilities and moral and spiritual qualities.

Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, has not distinguished in its commitment, but above all in poetry has expressed its rich vitality, his power, his need to say the soul. In the verses he has succeeded better show it extended, spread to every part of creation, poetry was more congenial to those who sought everywhere, in plants, in water, in the clouds, in the wind, every element of nature, the sign of a thought, a feeling, for those who wanted to represent existence as one total, including idea and reality, human and divine.

The collection now contains published poems from The Golden Boat (1894), Baby (1903), Songs of supply (1910), The Gardener (1912), Flocks in the Sky (1916 ), Petals on the ashes (1917), A collection of songs of the fugitive (1920), Sparks (1945), Wings of Death (1960). And his whole life to be covered by this anthology. With it you have the ability to observe the poet Tagore before and after and see how those reasons are present from the beginning that will always return the love, the joy of participating in an immense life, lived to the whole universe and that not even death can not cancel because the end but only a transition it represents.

Tagore the poet, with his verses and verses of varying degrees, is more successful than most affected, the opera is its best condition since it allows him to enter into communication with the poetry that he believes to be his own life, to give voice and in this way rise to its universal dimension, eternal. He result, musicherĂ  many of his verses in order to extend what came from the voice of life, do come at other people, connect with his other cultures.

Will often say, in poems, to feel like a traveler without a goal and without ceasing, in search of places, moments that most of the other favoring those emotions, those feelings that they find nearby, together with different people and far, allowing them to live in one soul, to compose a single harmony. Of this immensity says the poetry of Tagore, of an infinite humanity feels he partaker of all the lives he lives his.

It can be said as an ode to love total, the total life, to love, to a life that includes and cancel any limit even that of death. A philosophy, a religion we can talk about in the case of Tagore and see its origin in the Indian culture formed on the prose and verse of the ancient Upanishads and anthemic to a condition of life where it is not possible to distinguish between the individual and the universal and pantheistic both the scattering atmosphere.

Remarkable is the finding that buying a similar poetic expression, its contents, if you think that at the same time in the West, and especially in Europe, it was lost in the cultural field, including endless exercises. It was the moment of the artistic avant-garde and the one for the shape seemed to have become the sole focus. And they were also the years of the First World War and those who were followed and a prelude to the second: two landscapes of death were the backdrop to a message of life!

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