Bangla Ebooks

Download free Bangla eBooks in digital format for viewing and reading in electronic devices. Periodically I will be putting new ones to make more and more rich choice, and with the hope of making something pleasing to my visitors.

Some people prefer the good old book and its unmistakable scent of paper and ink, you know: the dispute between paper and electronic is always open and ardently. But, flying over the pros and cons of the new format of reading. All players in the industry are well aware that the smartphone, rather than the tablet , are two powerful tools which convey messages through highly customized so much more effective. However, as in all things, even here the main criterion that should guide us is that of non-intrusiveness, the balance of the cheap but good. Bombard users with messages and even more to do with messages less useful it is like throwing a boomerang without having the chance to escape once turned back at full speed.

If this is true in general for text messages, it is even more to the messages app that is in-app messaging, and it is mostly because we know that the use of mobile applications is now everyday life. But just because this is an opportunity not to be missed , to be able to communicate with users at any time of the day, for this, we said, is not to be wasted.

The first thing to do, it says, is to segment your target in order to avoid what could be more wrong you can do and not only in mobile app, that is to send the same message to everyone, without distinction.

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