Coorg: The Realm of Travel Fiction

From cultural trip to windsurfing, the Coorg region in Karnataka has something to offer, which one would not necessarily suspect. In this mountainous area with its lush greenery there are densely wooded nature reserves, huge rice fields, coffee and spice plantations, wild rivers and deep blue lakes. The mild climate of the relatively high region at about 900 m above sea level is also ideal for people, who do not like the hot temperature. We will give you some tips on what to do in the beautiful Coorg.

Adrenaline rush

Adventurous tourists will find their value for money in Coorg. Trekking, climbing and windsurfing are available at the Hyrige reservoir with the Coorg Adventure Club. At Keemalekad, Coorg Outdoors offers adventurous river crossings on foot or whitewater. You can go camping or kayaking in Coorg, snorkel through the jungle or do quad biking. For passionate anglers, a special challenge is waiting for you with the Mahseer, one of the largest freshwater fish of the world, found only in the Himalayan Ganges and here in the river Cauvery.

Discover waterfalls

The Coorg region is dotted with rivers and small streams and as it is very mountainous, there are some fantastic waterfalls like the Abbi Falls at Madikeri or the cataract at Karike. The waterfalls of Kotebetta, Somwarpet, Srimangala and Cheyandane are also very accessible. Deep in the jungle, however, lies the beautiful Sarathabbi waterfall, which is only truly for the adventure loving.

A guided tour on a coffee plantation

Although Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka, it is the largest coffee cultivation area in India. Join a couple of days at a beautiful resort at one of the coffee plantations with a guided tour of the plantage and experience the way of this delicious drink from the bean to the tree to the black gold in the cup. Usually spices such as cardamom or pepper are cultivated on the coffee plantations. If you are in Coorg, you should not miss to buy coffee, honey and spices directly on the spot. You cannot get better anywhere.

Golf in a charming setting

Golfing on Coorg's slightly hilly plains is a wonderful experience, especially when a gaur, a large Indian wild rind or a deer appears on the playing field edge. Mercara Downs in Madikeri is a challenge, and very popular are the places in Bittangala at Virajpet, the Pollibetta Golf Club and the Belur Club, where golfers of all ages play.

Feeding elephants, bathing and riding

In the Dubare Elephant Training Camp, you can have the opportunity to get in contact with the lovable pachyderms. In the early morning the elephants can be bathed in the nearby river Cauvery and finally fed. Afterwards there is a short ride in the jungle on the back of the gray giants. You will learn a lot about the Pachyderms. And if that is not enough, head to Nagarhole National Park for a safari. Here live the largest wild elephant populations of India.

Excursion to Thadiyandamol, Coorg's highest mountain

From Kakkabe you can walk on the mighty Tadiandamol. The ascent is worthwhile, because the view from the summit is breathtaking. On very clear days you should see the Arabian Sea on the horizon. But there are also some other mountains in Coorg that are worth a trip to the summit. The difficulty levels of the hikes range from moderate to difficult. Popular routes include Thalatha Mane and Nishani Motte at Madikeri, Kotebetta near Madapur, Pushpagiri at Somwarpet and the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary at Irpu.

The source of the holy Cauvery

In Bhagamandala stands a unique Trimurti shrine at the confluence of the Cauvery, Kannike and Sujyothi rivers. Further uphill is the source of the Cauvery, the most sacred river of South India. Here you can take some of the sacred water, climb the Brahmagiri Hill and enjoy the beautiful view.

Kodava cuisine and wine

Of course, you must also get to know the local cuisine. Coorg's comfort food is the Pandi curry (pork curry), which is usually served with kadambuttu (steamed rice balls) or try Noolputtu, a kind of pastry made from rice or wheat flour with kozhi curry (chicken curry), paputtu (steamed rice cake) with Erachi curry (lamb curry) or mutton pulao with Kaipuli Pajji (bitter lime chutney) or vegetable pachadi. Also vegetarians as everywhere in India are not too less. There are bamboo shoots, burgundy or pumpkin curry with Akki Otti (a rice flour fillet), ghee and honey. There is a perfect coffee or homemade wines with rice, orange, coffee, tea, banana, star fruit or betel flavor.

Cultural trip to Namdroling Golden temple in Bylakuppe

The three 10 m high Buddha, Amitayus and Padmasambhava statues in the Namdroling Golden Temple in Bylakuppe, India's largest branch of exile Tibetans, are impressive. The approximately 10,000 refugees built some monasteries and temples in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The place is dotted with stupas, prayer flags, typical hand-knotted carpets, prayer mills, flags and incense sticks, which could almost give you the impression that you are in Tibet.

Holidays in a Coorg Homestay

The hospitality of the people of this region is proverbial. The best way to get to know them is by staying one of the homestays, than a hotel. It would be almost like staying at home with a family. You will not have trouble finding a nice place to stay.

Coorg is still relatively unaffected by Indian or foreign tourists, but the land and its people are certainly worth a trip to this beautiful, flourishing and fertile region of India.

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