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Kolkata Book Fair 2017

Kolkata Book Fair images wallpaper

With over one million participants and proceeds of approximately two million rupees in books sold every day, the Kolkata Book Fair is the most important book fair in India. The event is held in January and February each year in Calcutta, the cultural capital of the Indian subcontinent, the home to major universities and a historic center of film production, with each issue is devoted to a host country.

Kolkata Book Fair isn't just with reference to books but as regards people, the quintessence of Calcutta in the midst of the sound of shehnai on the public address system, the grime all over the place stimulated up by the itinerant peregrinations of millions, the frayed tabloids soaring in the region in a midday whirlpool of air, the whiff of not long printed books and the sagacity of serene commotion all around.

Make no mistake the Kolkata Boi Mela is not just concerning books only and is an experience, with one of the major appeal of the fair is being able to actually leaf through the books, an experience we appear to be increasingly losing in the globe of Amazon and Barnes and Noble with the books that are perfect for leafing all the way through were those copiously photographed pricey picture books which you would certainly not glimpse anywhere else, the World War brochures, the National Geographic’s centenary compilations, collected works of best photos from Life magazine and furthermore sneakily going over a sheet or two over those illustrative erotic books.

Each year of course there is one puffed up, must do thing at the Book Fair in the enchantment of books in addition to the tress to endow with an air of intellectualism. On the other hand what is only one of its kinds at the Bookfair is the tiny booths who are the support of the experience utterly bereft of advertisement, put up for sale books nobody can perhaps vend in a reasonably practicable manner.

Then, there are the funny ones put up for sale like Yoga books by the Ironman of Bengal, where one can get weighed at no cost if one purchased one of their books with ultimately the foot soldiers of the fair, those selling Little Magazines in print editions of what we would these days dub blogs verses, essay, tiny tads of text, jokes, spoofs, tirades, all put up for sale at giveaway crypt worth.

What’s more the writers themselves retail it, connecting with you in a tête-à-tête that every now and then deliberately, as branch of their salesmanship shooting it up to an animated deliberation and then requesting with no persuading you to purchase the Little Magazine for little value.

Every so often the enchantment of the book fair rest in parking yourself on the ground and just watching the public for the reason that those who worship books are as captivating as the books themselves from the youthful academic bearded, one to the struggling artist marketing his depictions and tiny figurines, the bald headed, fat schooner bibliophile wending his way to booths that vend uncommon, out-of-print books, the families out for a late afternoon of excitement with the sachet of shrimp purchased from the fish stand, a faction of seminary kids chit chat and expressing amusement to a pair embracing, lost in themselves.

However in that reclines the splendour of it, the loveliness of passion, the exquisiteness of reverie and the Calcutta Book Fair is where you come across them.

Kolkata Book Fair 2017 Date: January 25 to February 5


lovely post's been years when I last visited the book back those fond memories of childhood :-)
My idea of a day well spent, how I'd love to have visited here.
Kala said…
Looks to be a fascinating event. I have not visited a book fair in recent memory. Your post makes me want to!
sheril benedict said…
I visited lots and lots of book fairs with my dad ..
Max Coutinho said…
Hi Kalyan,

I love book fairs and I have visited my share of them.
I also adore the smell of books and how they feel in my hands - one of the reasons why I am against e-books and kindles...

Calcutta book fair seems gorgeous and I like the way they have organised the space (by what your pictures show us). I wish it all the success in the world, in a sense that it will encourage Indians (and tourists) to read more and more :D.

Ash said…
Reminds me, the last time I went to a book fair was two years ago :-(

Totally love them!
venus66 said…
Nice post. I love book fair. Spend hours there.:)

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