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Ragini MMS 2 Movie Review

Ragini MMS 2 starring Sunny Leone, Divya Dutta, Parvin Dabas, Anita Hassanandani, Sandhya Mridul co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment directed by Bhushan Patel is a Bollywood horror-thriller 3D film.

Ragini MMS experimentation continues going much further touches a thorny topic, it only shows new faces and uses disorienting camera techniques. The Indian critics unanimously welcomed him enthusiastically. The plot is divided into three parts, linked together by a tenuous bond that unites all the characters in one short scene, and an interesting thematic thread the voracity of sex on the part of readers, viewers, users network, and the role played by the widespread digital technology, which allows you to not only watch but also produce non-professional movies and share them.

The writers do not merely represent cases of crime they humanize investigating what happened before. The three specimens story is told with emotional involvement but without moralizing or rhetoric.

Especially in the second episode, this device is highly impersonal. It feeds the impression of looking really, indeed, to spy on what the fixed camera has accidentally caught and not what the director intends to show. In form and substance are closely intertwined. Can not make it alive on the screen to the subject matter of the film with traditional cinema systems and get the same disruptive effect.

The shape is entirely functional to the message to be transmitted. The actors become cameramen recovering together in a film that explores how digital technology has changed our world, the film made ​​with the same technology on which it intends to investigate. Original and unusual found some analogy with the intriguing sex, lies and video, Soderbergh, albeit with perhaps for the first time a Hindi movie than in the western model innovation and creativity that inspires.

Ragini MMS freezes and stabs the spectators. Are we not to commit crimes such as those narrated in the film, but our voyeurism somehow makes us complicit  makes us uncomfortable. It makes us feel dirty. It is not a film that you fall in love but it sure will not forget. Standing ovation for the director for the brilliant idea for the realization rough but effective, for the courage to accuse the viewer caught red-handed in the act of spying on what happens on the screen. A round of applause also to the cast all new faces, stolen from the theater or absolute beginners, all fresh and compelling.

The unexpected end of the first episode. It remains on for days like a shadow unhealthy. If you want something Ragini MMS new look, why not offer anything that you have already seen in a film desi . But beware the film to be savored dropping all your old certainties about what the commercial cinema should or should not be need for a new vision to understand how a race of intelligent young professionals and are determined to go as far as to the extreme limits of the Bollywood tradition, language and devise a bold and completely new.

Unlike the others, these tireless filmmakers believe that creativity is not just a matter of profits. There is a whole new world that extends beyond the beaten path. The question is: will we let these creative addentrino in a no man's land or do we insist in calling for a commercial product? One suggestion: How about a game of balancing between cinema and entertainment that intelligent and innovative, to look at when you are bored of the blah-blah Bollywood?

Ragini MMS not only dares to stage the malpractice screamed from the headlines of Indian newspapers, but also seeks to tell it in a different way that becomes an integral character of the story the entire plot is told through her ​​intimate shots, bouncing, and uneven. And the director of photography allows you to be always in the front row, like real voyeur-VIP. From a thematic point of view the film is a hammer. You will find shades of all the scandals of a criminal nature, emotional or sexual violence that have followed closely in recent years.

Congratulations to the writers for having avoided any judgment. The revulsion, the pathos and the hypocrisy of middle-class morality of our bleed naturally, through a narrative measured. The other innovation Ragini MMS is its casting. Cast actors still in its raw state has proven to be a bonus for the film and added a note of realism. Do not expect a pastime. Think over and see how Ekta Kapoor has reinvented itself as a producer of the first film's experimental contemporary Indian cinema.

Ragini MMS offers actors who do not seem to be so rough and images, without ornaments film. Its a film by dogma, the cultural movement that began in Europe in the mid-nineties, in response to the emptiness and artificiality of the big commercial successes in Hollywood. The Danish director Lars von Trier is still the most refined exponent: his Dancer in the Dark 2000 should be included in the list of the 50 best films of all time. There are many other examples. In India I remember the brilliant Let's talk (2002) by Ram Madhvani, which marked the debut of Boman Irani.

Now add Ragini MMS, where everything seems real and not just a representation of events. The actions and primitive emotions are captured by a digital camera, laptop and CCTV cameras. Ragini MMS is effectively prevented and the disturbing underbelly of the Indian middle class. The art tries to reflect humanity. A film like this does so without any delicacy: minimalism in acting, filming, art direction in addition distressing premise, and gives the final blow.

I felt quite shaken. If it was not for the resume of the director, and for the courageous and unusual producer Ekta Kapoor, Ragini MMS was not distributed with the same resonance. Its ideally the kind of film that turns out not to be burdened with a load of expectations. If any Bollywood film without a hero danceable and singing can boast of being different, then Ragini MMS, from the point of view of the spectator, is definitely an experiment.


Shruti said…
3rd class movie X-(
watch english movie Paranormal activities instead of this !

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