Macaroon Recipe

The macarons are delicious and exquisite pastries, nice to see and a pleasure for the palate, obtained from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour and sugar. There are many colors with chocolate brown, orange, orange, pistachio green and so on and with different varieties of soft fillings, from the most simple and classic, such as chocolate, coffee and raspberry to the most elaborate and sophisticated as those of the rose and lychee, red fruit tea at, or even foie gras.

The macaroons are considered the symbol of French pastry treats, the Favorites by Queen Marie Antoinette, although it is said that the origin of these famous pastries should be attributed to the Italian chefs led by Catherine de Medici in Paris on the occasion of his marriage to the Duke of Orleans. For a long time been regarded as a sweet elite consumed in the most high-ranking Parisian salons, returned to prominence in Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century and brought to fame by some of the most celebrated names in French pastries, such as La Durée, Le Nôtre and Hermé, are considered today stylish and refined.

The macaroon is a dessert made of meringue, Although predominantly considered a French confection, its origins have been much debated. Larousse Gastronomique cites the macaron as desserts created in 1791 in a convent near Cormery. Some, however, trace his French debut arrival of Catherine de Medici, who commissioned an dessert pastry chef who brought with him in 1533, when she married Henry II of France made from a mixture of egg whites and a pinch of salt, almond flour and powdered sugar. The macaron is commonly filled with ganache, jam or various creams and closed by two shells. In 1830, the macarons were served two by two with the addition of jams, liqueurs and spices.

The macaron as it is known today, was defined Gerbet or Paris macaron and was created in the early twentieth century by Pierre Desfontaines of French patisserie Ladurée, and is composed of two almond meringue discs filled with a layer of buttercream, jam or ganache.

Prep Time: 30 mins ♥ Cook Time: 50 mins ♥ Total Time: 1 hrs 20 mins ♥ Yield: 4 servings

Nutrition facts per 100 gms: 404 calories, 13 grams fat


4 egg whites
1 cup almond flour
4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp food coloring powder
1 tsp cocoa powder

Recipe Method:

Sift the almond flour and sugar and set aside.

Beat 2 eggs until frothy. Add little sugar while beating.

Heat a pan on the stove with 2 cups of water and sugar. Once it boils pour the syrup slowly into the mixing bowl along with the egg whites. Continue to beat until the mixture is cool. It should be shiny and firm.

Add the sifted almond flour and sugar, as well as the egg whites of the rest 2 eggs and food coloring. Gently fold the mixture using a spatula. It should be pliable and when you lift your spatula, it should fall down like a ribbon.

Use a sheet of baking paper. Dust cocoa powder to decorate your shells. Let them stand for 2 hours.

Preheat oven to 150 degrees celsius. Put the tray into the oven and leave them for 25 minutes.

Once they've cool down, put them in an air tight container and freeze them.

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