Jamai Sasthi: Banquet for Son in Law

Jamai Sashti is celebrated mainly in Bengal when the sasuri maa or mother-in-law pampers her the son-in-law no end with delicious traditional foods, sweets along with an assortment of traditional Bengali dishes and fresh ripe fruits of the season especially the jackfruits and the mangoes.

Jamai means son-in-law and Shasti is the sixth day in a fortnight in a traditional Hindu calendar and falls on the sixth day after amavasya (new moon) in the month of jyeshta (June) and for Bengalis it is a very memorable day. On this day son in laws are invited at sasurbari, the places of their in-laws and treated with maximum honour. It is also the day when the married girl gets ready for the occasional and rare visit to her parents place.

These few days she is totally away from her usual household chores and enjoy the time whirling away with her friends and parents. A spirit of gaiety hangs around everywhere with the brothers and sisters or cousins trying out all kinds of fun with their married sister and her husband. The whole forenoon is spent in fun, frolic and lots of food.

People wound up their work and head for their in-law's house with pots of rosogolla and other sweets in hand. Not only son-in-laws but women too leave their work to prepare an elaborate meal for their favourite son-in-law who does not want to miss this once in a year opportunity of being pampered by their mother-in-law.
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