23rd March 1931: Shaheed

The Legend of Bhagat Singh appeared with 23rd March 1931: Shaheed equal even a big-budget biography about the life of India radical independence fighters.

As a boy Bhagat Singh has 1919 witnessed the massacre at Amritsar and is committed to henceforth at an early age for Indian independence. More and more bloody incidents make the Sikh as a young man ( Bobby Deol radical). From the peaceful methods of Gandhi Bhagat Singh keeps soon running out of and concurs with the HRA, which he makes for strong anti-British organization. To draw attention to their concerns, he puts in Parliament a bomb and can be arrested. He used the trial as a political platform. Up to his execution on March 23, 1931 Bhagat Singh travels henceforth several times in jail.

In the same year as Rajkumar Santoshi's The Legend of Bhagat Singh appeared with 23rd March 1931: Shaheed equal even a big-budget biography about the life of India radical independence fighters. Just to say which is better of the two films, I find it a bit difficult because I stupidly not seen that "23rd March" has no subtitles. Advantage: I knew the story and some dialogue was in English. Disadvantage: The film is very dialogue-heavy - any nuances escaped me as a non-Hindi-speaking viewers, of course.

Nevertheless, I venture the statement that the film directed by Guddu Dhanoa is worse than that of Rajkumar Santoshi. A few remarks: 23 March is indeed about 3 hours, but rarely manages to leave the biography appear all of a piece. An episode of Bhagat's life after the other - who is not familiar with it, has left behind. Played is "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" also better, because lead actor Bobby Deol is still relatively pale. His brother and co-star Sunny Deol confused even more often power with volume and shouts something very often. Of the actors convinced most likely Amrita Singh as Bhagat's mother. Singh returns after approximately 10 years break gloriously back to the canvas. The only one who can keep up, is Aishwarya Rai . Ash is unfortunately seen only in a song, but it brings a freshness to the film that otherwise lacks.

The dominant color is in the rest of the film that is black. Much takes place in darkness or shadow, just in case enters daylight, change the colors to brown and earth tones. That should give the work a nostalgic epic ambience, but this creates only sporadically. The music is nich convincingly applied because too thick. Therefore, the conclusion is rather negative: A patriotic epic-long. The only plus point compared to The Legend of Bhagat Singh: Mahatma Gandhi, who has played a dubious role in the sentencing of Singh certainly is not presented here as the culprit, as he appears in Santoshi film. In 23rd March Gandhi is practically non-existent.

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Memories in March an ode to love and loss, deals with human loss and is a way ahead for those bearing the tragedy is a Indian drama film stars Deepti Naval, Rajat Ganguly, Rituparno Ghosh and Raima Sen directed by Sanjoy Nag.

A new and sensitive representation of the theme of homosexual relations, a subject that is becoming popular in Indian cinema. But most of the film is not with delicacy, preferring a comedian or shocking content. Memories in March hit because it shows homosexuality as a normal fact of life. The film has an intelligent script by Rituparno Ghosh, a director Sanjoy Nag realistic and clean, as well as flawless performance, especially as regards Deepti Naval.

Rebuilding, to the delight of our eyes, the splendors a film in which the size and opulence charm but do not distract attention from the thoughts and details, sudden silences, images that speak for themselves. Yet the young can not get out of plagiarized and proves to have a strong personality and a brain that thinks, able to build their own principles. Despite being animated by constant ambition, never quite blinded by the power, this leads him to oppose the actions, leaving everyone surprised at the audacity.

In his code of honor there can be no justification, therefore, tries to realize his dream using alternative routes, such as the alliance, a marvelous figure, noble, but at the same time proud, stubborn and acute skillful, but his thoughts are always deeply spiritual and turned to peace. The merger between the two worlds gradually develops into mutual respect and gradual knowledge, their meeting is fictional, purely narrative packed with elements to make the flow of the fluid and engrossing magnificent epic blockbuster.

What is different stops scare when we approach it with a willingness to understand, then discovering it is much closer to us than we imagined. To summarize this, a scene from the film that is repeated in two stages and is starting to settle in the new space, at a certain point looks up and sees himself above the ceiling decorated with refined decoration of art. His look is a bit puzzled, has yet to become familiar with the different and get used to the idea that that image will be the first that will see waking up every morning.

The scene is repeated later on the contrary, and behold, before falling asleep glances at the ceiling, this time adorned with colorful motifs. In his eyes there is a strange smile. The other has become part of him and has learned to love him, he's not scary. The personal enrichment that comes from mutual understanding creates two individuals stronger and more complete.

The feature film brings together hundreds of different sensations. The duration of the film is great but the story does not slow down, includes powerful images, beautiful music, wonderful scenery. Hard to imagine that everything has been artificially reconstructed in the studio, the sumptuous were made ​​with a cure that look even more beautiful and grandiose of the originals.

The crew of artisans, architects and designers have been working for months on the project, creating backgrounds, indoor gardens, rooms, colonnades, and the monumental offers moments of great sweetness and a veiled eroticism pervades throughout the film, and, in the spectacular duel between the two, the breaths and looks have more capacity than any gait explicit physical contact appear in a state of grace, natural and beautiful, their great performance.


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