Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ravi (Shashi Kapoor) are two brothers who live small scams. After being imprisoned by their police older brother (Sunil Dutt), they decide to settle down. When their older brother is murdered by the henchmen of the infamous Shakal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) both swear reprisals, with the help of Rakesh (Shatrughan Sinha) which itself wants to avenge the death of his wife.

Shaan is known as the second collaboration between Amitabh Bachchan and Ramesh Sippy, five years after the reference Sholay. And even if it is nowhere near it is still a film that still exudes the charm of the 70s. The charismatic Amitabh, which needs no introduction, is not for nothing, although they may prefer him in his darkest roles of "angry young man" ( Zanjeer , Deewaar ). The rest of the cast is made ​​up of many faces almost ubiquitous Hindi cinema of the time and, good or less good actors (we are so used to these old friends that it seems that they all played ten times together), add to the nostalgic pleasure one feels when watching this pure masala of casual action.

Besides the familiar and effeminate features Shashi Kapoor who despite popular films like Deewaar and Kabhi Kabhie to his record, has never been the best partner Amitabh (the same year as Shaan , however, they turned the lower Do Aur Do Paanch , with even more easy comedy scenes), we must mention the presence of Kulbhushan Kharbanda in the role of megalomaniac villain: true, he refined his game since ( Lagaan , Monsoon Of Marriage ), but it is when even in crisp character based on Blofeld, the evil leader of SPECTRE shaved head who wants to be master of the world in the first James Bond.

Amusingly, generous nods to the film franchise also includes the headquarters of the wicked (domestic "art deco" and their angular geometric forms reminiscent of We Do What Lives Twice , in which Donald Pleasance embodied Blofeld) and the opening credits (pseudo-sophisticated music to overloaded electronic orchestrations, film images projected on the moving body of a woman). And if Shaan is clearly not James Bond, especially for action scenes (the British series was still in the 80s, to the international forefront in this area), it is obviously much higher than the French attempts the kind of guy "The Tiger" and other OSS 117 (old course).

Humor, action, songs, and above all friendly players and band are, despite some lengths and chatter, a masala to the ambience "seventies" quite entertaining, a little slice of pop culture Hindi which should please fans.

Note that the team Shaan , including Amitabh, Sippy and the duo Salim-Javed screenwriters, will be found in almost complete in 1982 to Shakti , another famous film early 80 As for the duo Shashi Kapoor / Amitabh It also rempilera two years later with Namak Halaal .

Shaandaar is an Indian romantic comedy film, starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt directed and co-produced by Vikas Bahl. under the banner of Phantom Films and Karan Johar's Dharma Productions.

Shah Rukh Khan to host India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun will be aired on &TV from 2 March produced by Big Synergy.

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