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Shaandaar unveils its first official poster. It keep the blue background and heart cloud teaser poster, but this time our protagonists are wide awake! Again, alchemy is evident between Shahid and Alia, and displays is full of sweetness and romance. Directed by Vikas Bahl (Queen), Shaandaar is co-produced by Phantom, Dharma Productions and Fox Star Studio. If the movie was released in October, note that the trailer will be available from next Tuesday a good reason to stay tuned!

In a beautiful manor house, two families are about to close a deal of great financial significance. This is the marriage of their two offspring: Isha Arora (Sanah Kapoor) and Robin Fundwani (Vikas Verma). Isha's family, ruled by his terrible grandmother (Sushma Seth) is on the verge of bankruptcy and only an alliance with the Fundawani can save them from disaster.

This is not a problem for the lovely Isha who is in love with Robin, even if it is more interested in its own 8 pack and a half by his fiancée who is for him a fat cow. Meanwhile, her adopted sister Alia (Alia Bhatt) develops a romance with the wedding planner, Joginder (Shahid Kapoor). This last point is very far from pleasing Vipin (Pankaj Kapoor), the girls' father, who then enters a showdown with the young man.

The first results at the box office were very disappointing for the second film Vikas Bahl which much was expected after the success of Queen. So when we are faced with a sympathetic film, well made, with good actors and not suffering from major fault, how can we explain this debacle? The film would it be wrong target or would he misled the public about its content? The more the romantic comedy that the trailer left considered is a family comedy that we should expect.

Because ultimately, Alia and Jagjinder delight at first glance and the first part is almost enough to go around this romance. What the viewer more interested in the second part of the film is the marriage of Isha and what is around. The Isha weight, the origins of Alia, the secret of Bipin, none of this is really moving. Everything is treated lightly but rather precisely and with great kindness. Perhaps it is this absence of too strong emotions that is the weak point of  Shaandaar?

After all, comedy, there is still a notch located above Singh Bling is released a month earlier and has approached 100 crores. Among the comic elements of the film, there are many references to two Indian communities, Sindhis and Aroras. But the uninitiated may happen next to several jokes and must be content to figure some things. But be sure to discover the true origins of Michael Jackson, the terrible consequences of a vegetarian meals and much more. No, actually, I did not find any plausible explanation for this lack of enthusiasm from the public.

From the first seconds, Shaandaar transports us into a fantasy world where memories are animated films recalling some Hum Tum where dragonflies and ladybugs fabric come to life, where children never sleep (but not really) where pets are frogs. This original staging extends to some clips through the beautiful black and white poetic Nazdeekiyan and very flattering mustache Alia in Gulabo.

By cons here we touch on one of the disappointments of the film, his only same failure: music. No really memorable, perhaps apart Eena Meena Deeka that offers a sound came from another continent and another era. Gulaaboo and Shaam Shaandaar possible anyway to admire the dancing skills of dear Shahid.

Shahid Kapoor is like a good wine, it improves with time. Young was cute, now it is more attractive without having to play the 6 pack. It forms a pair with Alia that works well. The chemistry of the two actors had been rented from the first posters and the trailer had only confirmed what everyone sensed. The film does not contradict this assertion. Alia seems a bit young and could struggle to win against the father-son duel Pankaj / Shahid, she is doing at least correctly and confirms the good that we think of it.

The two men, they sometimes suggest that they are alone on stage so their rivalry works well. But that scores the most viewers is the tenderness of Jagjinder / Shahid when he looks Isha / Sanah especially when it is battered by what his fiance fool. The acting Shahid does not have to be the main culprit because Sanah is none other than the younger sister of the chocolate boy. She made ​​her screen debut in the film alongside his brother and his father. And it's a real shot in the heart.

On the rest of the cast, we note a cameo full of self-mockery of Karan Johar, producer of the film, playing himself. We will not fail to notice that over the years and a mustache, Sanjay Kapoor looks increasingly to his brother Anil. The absurd character of Mr. Fundwani fits like a glove. As usual, Sushma Seth is a perfect old cowhide. In Kal Ho Naa Ho, we wanted to take him for a walk along the cliff, here is a comic element more. And what a final it offers us laugh!

In conclusion, as sometimes happens, do not trust the Indian public has shunned Shaandaar is an inventive comedy and well served.

Shaandaar is an Indian romantic comedy film, starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt directed and co-produced by Vikas Bahl. under the banner of Phantom Films and Karan Johar's Dharma Productions. Shaandaar, the second film by Vikas Bahl after his incredible triumph Queen.

Meanwhile, the producers decided to unveil teaser poster to raise expectations. A picture full of sweetness and comfort, with a bonus call to travel, in the tradition of the sweet tranquility that made ​​the success of Queen . The chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt seems to perfectly. In short, we are left to wait impatiently for the poster is unveiled ... and we can obviously hope that the trailer is promptly put on line since the movie comes out in just two and a half months in rooms.

One year after the single event that was Queen, Vikas Bahl returns with a second embodiment solo. The cast include Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt and the film is co-produced by Dharma Productions and Phantom.

Between a first film at the historic triumph, a very popular and cast a big promotion, Vikas Bahl did everything that Shaandaar is one of the events of this season. And despite a slightly confused trailer and soundtrack which lacked a chartbuster, the buzz around the film has been very positive. The intensive promotion has paid off and it is impossible not to fall on Shaandaar surfing the sites of the Indian media. Add to that the last performance at the box office and Shahid Alia, that's what gives hope to a strong start for the film.

Considering the fact that the film has a release tomorrow with partial holiday related to a religious festival, analysts expect the best start of his career Shahid Kapoor. The Indicine analyst does not hesitate to announce a first date between 14-15 crores. If this is the case, it would be a purely great start! Obviously, in the long term is critical and word-of-mouth that will decide the fate of Shaandaar. Parisian friends, remember that Ed Night Films will release the film simultaneously in your rooms, all in vostfr. For those living in the provinces, it will take a little.

Vikas Bahl is part of this new generation of directors that challenge the codes established to initiate Bollywood tomorrow. With Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, he is one of the founders of Phantom Films production box is behind the critical success Lootera, NH10, Masaan and especially Queen, her latest achievement. Bahl The style is light comedy, sometimes bittersweet, but always contemporary. His new film, Shaandaar no exception to the rule and speaks of the wedding fashion abroad that is attracting more and more young Indians. The film is distributed in France from 23 October by our partner Movies Night ED.

Worn by Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor, who share the poster for the first time, Shaandaar is jointly produced by Phantom Films and Karan Johar's Dharma Productions. Besides supporting roles are held by Shahid Kapoor's dad, Pankaj Kapoor and Karan Johar himself, endorsing the opportunity for the double-cap producer-actor. The shooting took place in Yorkshire, in Leeds and the music was composed by Amit Trivedi, already responsible for the soundtracks of Dev D and Queen. Finally, the film should not disappoint visually, for this is the great Anil Mehta, classic cinematographer as Khamoshi: The Musical, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Lagaan or Veer-Zaara, which took care of the photo .

The alchemy of the main actors, music and photo assigned to cadors Bollywood, the beginnings to the screen Sanah Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor's sister, action film that takes place abroad and rather original topic are all strengths that should appeal to viewers who want a light film to laugh and have a good time


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