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8 Big Changes Coming in Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has built in a new browser feature that allows web sites to send a request for exception to the settings of Do Not Track. Internet Explorer 10 built into Windows 8 and also available for Windows 7, it was the first browser to default to activate the Do Not Track (DNT), the feature that prevents websites to track user navigation in order to display banners made ​​to measure. With Internet Explorer 11 , included with Windows 8.1, Microsoft has updated the DNT with the addition of the "exceptions". In this way, the Redmond company has tried to satisfy some of the demands of the advertising industry.

Download Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Internet Explorer 11 is the first browser to incorporate support for User-Exceptions Granted , part of the specification published by the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group. It is a kind of agreement between the user and the website that the latter are bound to respect. Webmasters can use specific APIs to ask users permission to be tracked. In practice, although the DNT is active for the other sites, a website can ask for an exception to the settings of Do Not Track . The user's response is stored by the user agent (for this site).

The functionality Do Not Track can be activated already during the setup procedure custom operating system image. The settings can be changed by the Privacy Settings panel (in the Charms bar) or in the Security menu of the desktop version of IE11. Microsoft continues to work with the W3C to create a standard that will be used by all browsers and will continue to listen to the demands of both users and industry advertising.

Internet Explorer 11 is the fastest browser for Windows, it is safe and is optimized for the touch interface.
One of the most important innovations of Build 2013 concerns the new version of the Internet Explorer browser .  As anticipated is faster, compatible with the latest web standards thanks to WebGL and has hardware acceleration of video streaming via MPEG Dash.

As pointed out by Microsoft , the first major change to which you are facing concerns the ' interface, optimized for touch devices . They are in fact introduced the animated tile , which act exactly like the ones built into Windows Phone and Windows 8 Start screen. Developers can build tile ad hoc pointing for example to the RSS feeds of a particular site, so you always have the updates under the eyes, and the users themselves can create icons related to their favorite sites. Microsoft has also added the function of automatic readjustment of the display when you open multiple browser windows.

Another significant innovation is the ability to open windows on different devices of the same browser . Taking a cue from the habit now consolidated its operations to alternate between computers, tablets and / or smartphones, Microsoft now allows you to identify the windows open on a product that you want to use with another device. In addition to the addresses of the sites are "ferried" also the browser history, favorites and settings for the Microsoft . Doing so ensures continuity in the navigation.

In essence, the new Internet Explorer 11 is a clear indication of the fact that Microsoft is increasingly projected towards mobility and the use of content on touch devices, which in fact is the great novelty introduced by Windows 8.

The desire to unify the use between multiple devices then implies the intention to gradually build up an ecosystem uniform across all Microsoft products  that push users towards a model of loyalty that Apple has already started for some time and is pushing ahead with iOS 7 and Mavericks.

There are also several interventions made ​​to increase the speed and safety . On the first point the browser uses the GPU to process gestures such as panning, zooming, scrolling and page rendering. In this way you have less power consumption and greater speed in the development of web pages, which remained with the CPU.

According to measurements with SunSpider circulating on the Net, Internet Explorer 11 is the fastest browser for Windows systems currently on the square .

It should be noted then the full support HTML5 video and WebGL . The latter was not built so far for "security-related concerns," said Dean Hachamovitch, vice president of Internet Explorer. The standard has undergone several updates and Microsoft has implemented a series of activities to identify upstream activities potentially hazardous to safety, as the technology Cross-Origin Request Support (CORS).

Even if they are used less and less, at least Internet Explorer remains the third most widely used browser in the world after Chrome and Firefox then Microsoft, with Windows 8.1 also introduced Internet Explorer 11, the new version of the historic browser in Windows.

By its nature, IE10 has been a big change at least in its version of the app for Windows 8 (because the desktop version did not have much change from IE9), but also had some limitations strange. Internet Explorer 10 is too tablet oriented and for touchscreens with web pages in full screen and the address bar that appears just pressing the right mouse button.

Moreover you can not manage favorites and you can only open a maximum of 10 sheets at once.
To make Internet Explorer 10 more usable by the PC , the app version in Windows 8.1 application is upgraded to IE11 that has some new features that are worth talking about.

1) Live Tiles on the Start screen for sites

IE10 on the Start screen allows you to save your bookmarks. In Internet Explorer 11 tiles of the sites set on the Start screen can also update and display the latest news published or maybe the last update.

2) permanent view of the tabs and the address bar One of the biggest problems of IE10 in Windows 8 is that the cards are not actually true cards and can not be select quickly, but first click with the right mouse button and then choose one to display. IE11 solves the problem and allows you to view which tabs are open in the address bar so you can quickly select and always have in the titles of sites opened. feature is activated in the settings of Internet Explorer 11 accessible from the button bar that appears to the right by moving the cursor to the upper right.

3) Support WebGL IE11 finally bring support WebGL and opens web applications with graphical 3D as this site.

4) IE11 supports HTML5 streaming video without external plugins and the quality of the transmission adapts to the speed of bandwidth cosiƬ to keep smooth playback.

5) Integration with other applications of Windows 8 If you click a link from 'Mail application by IE10 in Windows 8, you can go to the app Mail manually. With IE11, however, when you click a link from another app opens your browser to the side, next to the app you are using.

6 ) Infinite Cards IE10 allows users to open only 10 cards at a time. 11 In Internet Explorer you can open an unlimited number of tabs at once. This is perhaps the best feature of IE11 because according to Microsoft you can open up to 100 websites at once alone without computer slowdowns since the tabs are not displayed are put into "Pause" and unloaded from memory. A similar system memory optimization can be achieved through a number of Firefox and Chrome extensions: - 7 Firefox extensions to decrease the consumption RAM - Suspend inactive tabs Chrome to save memory

7) Navigation on two sites together on the screen next to each other . With Internet Explorer 11 you can open a website from one side of the screen and another next door.

8) Favorites Center In Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 you can manage your browser bookmarks, without having to open the desktop version of Internet Explorer. IE11, in App version, then becomes a real browser now and considering that is a fast fully integrated in Windows 8 will certainly become an option to consider to replace Firefox, Chrome or other browsers for the traditional desktop.

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